Love on a Rooftop – E62

Dae-Shil’s family meets with Mi-Ja how comes out as Kyung-Tae’s relative to plan the upcoming wedding. All things fall apart as expected.


Seung-Ah shows the new season’s concept to Dae-Shil and Seung-Jae who reviews it. Afterwards, Seung-Jae tells Se-Ryung that the concept is too similar for it not be a case of copying Dae-Shil’s idea.


Se-Ryung answers that she cannot say anything without consulting their legal team. Seung-Jae accepts this and agrees to wait for the legal team’s internal review.


At the same time, Do-Jin meets with Dae-Ho in Joon-Bae’s shop. Do-Jin asks Dae-Ho if he knows about the incident with Mi-Ja’s mother.  Dae-Ho answers that to Mi-Ja, both Soon-Im and himself are enemies so Do-Jin should give up on Seung-Hye.

Dae-Shil finds Seung-Hye in a daze at home and happily glomps that Seung-Jae looks cool when speaking about the law.  She wonders if the the children are fortune tokens.


Soon-Im calls Dae-Shil inside to discuss an official meeting of the parents. Dae-Shil tells her mother that she plans on forgoing the bride gift and honeymoon. She calls Kyung-Tae who agrees that Dae-Shil does not need to worry about anything.


Next, the family and Kyung-Tae gather at a restaurant for the official meeting of the parents. Everything goes well until Mi-Ja shows up as the family on Kyung-Tae’s side.

At the same time, Do-Jin does some investigating and opens the safe in his mother’s room to find Mi-Ja’s mother’s urn.

Tensions increase as Mi-Ja starts spitting out barbs once she sits down such as that she feels like Kyung-Tae has been doused with dirty water. She notes how even though Kyung-Tae does not have parents, she is like a mother to Kyung-Tae and will look over all of the details so Kyung-Tae had a proper wedding.  She explains that since Kyung-Tae is a doctor, she expects that the family will provide an adequate amount of gifts for Kyung-Tae…including an apartment in Kangnam and some Rolex watches.

Kyung-Tae awkwardly stutters at Mi-Ja who turns to ask Seung-Hye what she thinks. Seung-Hye awkwardly calls her “mother”  and does not answer the question.

Dong-Sook angrily tells Mi-Ja that they will prepare a proper wedding and expect the same from her side. Soon-Im also gets up to leave and Dae-Ho drags Mi-Ja out.

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Mi-Ja tells Dae-Ho that she acted extremely because she did not want to meet with the family over another official family meeting again. After all, Dae-Ho does not want to become in-laws with Mi-Ja as well.

Dae-Ho tells Mi-Ja that he spoke with Do-Jin the other day about Mi-Ja’s mother’s urn… She looks worried and goes home.


She walks in as Do-Jin is about to read the letter kept with the urn. Do-Jin tells his mother that he does not think this or obsessing about the past is healthy. He also notes that he does not think Mi-Ja’s mother would want her to live like this. Mi-Ja tells Do-Jin that he would not understand  and he cannot betray her by falling for Seung-Hye.


Dae-Ho also finds Seung-Hye waiting for him outside the house. She asks her father what he talked to Mi-Ja about. Dae-Ho tells her that he confirmed that Seung-Hye and Do-Jin cannot be together.

Seung-Hye refuses to accept this as Mi-Ja told her that she accepts Seung-Hye. Dae-Ho sighs that had Mi-Ja accepted her, she would not have acted so rudely at the official meeting between the parents.


Meanwhile, Soon-Im tells Dong-Sook to repay whatever loan she got from Mi-Ja even if it means taking a reverse mortgage on the house. She also tells Dong-Sook to take out some extra money for Dae-Shil’s wedding. Dong-Sook hears this with some relief as they had already taken out the money to repay Mi-Ja…)

Kyung-Tae yells at Do-Jin that Mi-Ja ruined the meeting. Do-Jin apologizes for his mother’s behavior and Kyung-Tae sighs that Mi-Ja did it on purpose so that Seung-Hye’s family knew that Mi-Ja did not approve of Seung-Hye.


Seung-Hye arrives and Kyung-Tae leaves to give them some privacy. Seung-Hye asks if her suspicions are true and Mi-Ja only pretended to accept her so that Do-Jin would return to the hospital.

Do-Jin confirms it and apologizes for not telling her previously. He promises to tell her earlier from now on.

Se-Ryung yells at her employee for not developing the concept and just copying Dae-Shil’s. She sighs and dismisses him before calling Seung-Jae.


Se-Ryung apologizes that a misunderstanding must have happened. Seung-Jae answers that it’s fine if Dae-Shil will be treated like a regular contest winner.


Dae-Shil tells this to Kyung-Tae who tells Dae-Shil that he does not support Dae-Shil joining Se-Ryung’s company and working during her pregnancy.  He tells her that due to her age, she needs to be extra careful.

Dae-Shil gets angry that Kyung-Tae is calling her old. She runs out leaving Kyung-Tae confused.


Dae-Shil goes to Sun-Sook to complain. Sun-Sook completely agrees that Kyung-Tae was wrong since it is not dangerous for a pregnant woman to work… Additionally, men should be nicer when their women are pregnant. She warns Dae-Shil to be careful as if you get angry at your man during pregnancy, the anger never goes away. To explain, she tells Dae-Shil about how she wanted this one squid bread but Joon-Bae bought her red bean paste bread shaped like fish instead!


Kyung-Tae commiserate with Joon-Bae when Dae-Shil also calls about craving the squid bread. As soon as he overhears, Joon-Bae tells Kyung-Tae that whatever happens… During pregnancy, you have to agree to all requests. He explains that he helped with all of Sun-Sook’s cravings except one and she never forgot about it.

As a result, he even bought the tools to cook the squid bread in the future. He gives it to Kyung-Tae.

Kyung-Tae brings the stuff home and proudly tells Seung-Hye and Do-Jin that he’s going to bake. Except he gets called away by a patient going into labor and he asks Do-Jin to handle it for him.

Seung-Hye agrees and Do-Jin suggests that they cook at Seung-Hye’s place.


Looks like Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook are safe now that Soon-Im agreed to getting a reverse mortgage on the house. I hope that another financial crisis doesn’t come along that forces them to lose the house. Although, as a running complaint, I have no idea where the rooftop house is supposed to come in.

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