Make a Woman Cry – E15

Deok-In meets with Hasoon and Jinwoo tells his family that he’s found a woman he loves…Due to some good intentions, complications are introduced as the father-in-law and mother-in-law are lead to believe that Deok-In is divorced.


Barely holding in her tears, Deok-In asks if her mother wants to meet her daughter… Her mother harshly answers that she never had a daughter or a son and hangs up. As the phone hangs up, Deok-In loses herself to her sobs.


Her mother also sits back down and remembers giving up her baby to the orphanage… Of hiding in the background watching her daughter play by herself… Of coming back to watch her daughter play with other kids as she’s grown a little older… In the past, she had turned around crying…

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In the present, she presses the number but is unable to press call. With shaking fingers, she saves the number to her phone under the name Deok-In and then starts to sob silently. Holding her phone close to her heart, she continues to whimper as she chokes back her sobs.

At the same time, Yunseo asks if Jinwoo has told Deok-In about him. Jinwoo answers that he has not but will soon. Glaring back, Yunseo threatens to commit suicide if Jinwoo tells Deok-In about him.

Jinhee also yells at Kyung-Cheol for his stupidity but Kyung-Cheol looks back defiantly.


At the main house, the mother talks to Jin-Myung about how she has no idea about how she will tell her husband. Jin-Myung suggests that they call Jinwoo home and discuss it over dinner.

Kyung-Tae has sprung back up. He gets prepared in a suit bought by Hyunseo and happily goes to work as Hong-Ran’s road manager.

As the day goes on, Jinwoo stops by Deok-In’s restaurant. Deok-In asks him if it is not difficult at school as the kids all look inside and walk by… Jinwoo sighs that he does not care if he loses it all.


He then tells Deok-In that he has one thing to confess. They go back to the park where Jinwoo tells Deok-In about how the foundation supporting the school is his family’s company.

Deok-In’s eyes widen as she connects the dots.

Jinwoo continues to tell her that only the teachers know about the connection because Yunseo had threatened to quit school if the other children found out. He tells her that Yunseo threatened to die if he told Deok-In… And he asks her to keep it a secret until the time is right.

Deok-In puts her hand on Jinwoo’s and tells him that she understands. She too had a child. She understands that he tried his best for the victim students.


After the conversation, Deok-In tells Jinwoo that she called her mother and asked her if she wanted to meet her daughter. She tells him how her mother had denied having a child.

Jinwoo tells her that she must have been hurt but Deok-In answers that everything is fine.

Back in her restaurant, the two regulars are the only customers. They tell her that they trust her and she smiles back at them, telling them to eat. She has to run out when she gets a call from her mother who asks to meet.


Jinwoo meets with Jin-Myung and tells Jin-Myung that Deok-In is in a bad relationship with her husband; even if her husband does not let Deok-In go, he will wait for her.

Jin-Myung tells Jinwoo that he knows how reliable Jinwoo is since Jinwoo kept the secret about the accident for so long. He tells Jinwoo to lie to their father and tell him that Deok-In is divorced or their father will likely disapprove from the beginning… Since he is so sensitive about Jinhee’s situation.

Deok-In’s mother goes to a neighborhood salon and asks the lady to make her look elegant… She sighs that her face looks so cheap.

With a new elegant and calmer hairdo, she nervously goes to the hotel cafe. She walks in and looks around to see Deok-In at the cafe… She runs over happily to ask if Deok-In is here to meet someone.

Deok-In tells her mother to sit… She is Deok-In.

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Sipping some coffee, her mother asks Deok-In if she has gotten married in honorific. Deok-In tells her to use normal words but her mother sighs that it is too hard…

Deok-In confirms that she does not have any children and her husband is an accountant. Her mother sniffles that she is relieved that her daughter has turned out so well… She sighs that she didn’t have the right to worry but she could not help wondering…

Deok-In tells her that she does not have to worry anymore.

Hearing that, her mother forces a smile. She tells her daughter that she is also living well… With her eyes focused on the table, Hasoon tells Deok-In that she only works at the restaurant to make some extra money as she has a husband, two children, and a house… Yet, her smile falters and her eyes are bright.

Deok-In returns a weary smile even as she remembers the report that said Hasoon has no family and lives alone in a rooftop apartment.

Meanwhile, Jinwoo gets prepared to face the music. He walks in with a smile to find his mother ream into him that she has not been able to sleep at all. She demands to know if it is the truth or libel.


Jinwoo answers that it is not libel but tells her that he will tell everyone after dinner… After dinner, he tells everyone. Hong-Ran starts laughing as soon as she hears it asking how anyone could accuse Jinwoo about such a preposterous thing.

Jinwoo tells his family that the rumor is not completely baseless as he had have feelings for the woman. His father asks how Jinwoo could do the same thing as Jinhee.

Jinwoo cannot correct his older brother in front of his father and holds his tongue uncomfortably.

However, his father is satisfied that Jinwoo found another person and tells Jinwoo to bring the woman home. His mother asks what the woman’s family does and his father tells her to let it be… Since it won’t be Jinwoo’s first marriage, they don’t need to be so selective.

Jinwoo tells the family that the woman runs a restaurant in front of the school. Hong-Ran smiles and surmises that it must have been through meals that Jinwoo fell for her… Then basically thinking aloud, she asks if it’s not the wife of the man Jinhee is dating since Jinwoo had talked about the same woman before.

Jinwoo pauses and Jin-Myung interrupts to reminds everyone that Jinhee’s husband has not divorced yet. His father repeats that Jinwoo should bring her over soon and if she is decent, they can hold the wedding quickly as well.


After the meeting, Jin-Myung brings Jinwoo to the study to speak alone. Jinwoo confirms that Hong-Ran was correct and tells Jin-Myung that he is not going to give up on her. Hong-Ran also gets confirmation when she brings in drinks and runs off to tell Eunseo.

At the same time, Deok-In has dinner with her mother. Hasoon explains that she wanted to raise Deok-In herself… However, it was too hard for her. So she ended up giving little Deok-In up.

Afterwards, whenever she saw a child or… Later, whenever she saw a woman in her twenties on television… She would wonder.


Deok-In asks about her father. Hasoon answers quietly that she has an idea but she is not certain about Deok-In’s father… She asks if Deok-In is disappointed in her and promises not to burden Deok-In.

Deok-In tells her that it is not important. She just changes the conversation to ask Hasoon why she drinks. Hasoon answers that she drinks just for fun. Deok-In knows that this is another lie and asks if Hasoon wants a drink. Hasoon denies it but quickly accepts.


After the meal, Deok-In walks toward the garage but her mother calls her name. Deok-In turns around to see her mother telling her to get in safely. The two women separate with heavy hearts and heavy steps.

While at the Kang house, Hong-Ran sits in Jin-Myung’s office gossiping about Jin-Myung’s siblings. She wonders how all of Jin-Myung’s siblings all go after people that are inappropriate. She then hopes that the woman is less of a manipulative fox than Eunseo as Hong-Ran would be stuck between two foxes…

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Jinwoo drinks alone in the study brooding when Eunseo enters. She tells him that she heard and asks if he is determined to go against Jinhee. Jinwoo answers that he is determined not to give up and gets up to leave.

Eunseo stops him and asks him if something happened the night that her fiancé died… Jinwoo answers that he knows as much as Jin-Myung and runs away…to Jin-Myung.

After Jin-Myung hears that Eunseo is researching the incident again, he goes out into the garden to clear his head and finds Eunseo waiting for him. She smiles but her words hide an edge. She notes how Jinwoo had said he remembered nothing but still felt like he had to go tell Jin-Myung.


Jin-Myung excuses himself and Eunseo asks if he did not come out to cool his head.

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Hasoon has difficulty sleeping and calls Deok-In. Deok-In wakes up in surprise to ask if something happened. Hasoon answers that nothing happened; she just wanted to make sure that Deok-In got in safely.

Deok-In invites Hasoon to meet again so that they can take a picture together. Hasoon agrees happily… But, the music turns weird…?


Jinwoo goes to eat at Deok-In’s restaurant and updates her that the family decided to believe in him. He invites her to a company party as his father ordered. Deok-In pauses and reminds him that she should not go to a place like that but Jinwoo convinces her that it’s a simple event.

Meanwhile at home, the mother-in-law tells Eunseo that she arranged with the hospital so that Hyojung comes to take care of Hyunseo again. Just as they speak, Kyung-Tae brings Hong-Ran home and accepts her invitation to eat. Hyojung ignores him and walks in.

When the two meet in front of Hyunseo’s room, Hyojung tells him that she won’t tell the family for not that they are not related. She tells him that there’s nothing else they need to talk about and leaves.


Hyunseo confesses to Hyojung in his room that he had asked his grandmother to arrange for Hyojung to be his supervising nurse again as he finds it hard to leave the house a lot. He asks her why she is down but Hyojung does not answer.


Downstairs, Kyung-Tae accepts the meal and invites Eunseo to eat with them. She declines coldly and Kyung-Tae asks if Eunseo has princess syndrome. Hong-Ran answers that Eunseo has dowager syndrome as she knows she will not be able to be queen so she wants to be queen dowager… The mother-in-law’s entrance cuts the gossiping and Kyung-Tae leaves.

He waits outside for Hyojung and asks her for coffee… But, she brushes him off.


In a dress shop, Deok-In tries on a beautiful white gown that looks like a wedding dress. She looks stunning and Jinwoo gets up in amazement,telling her that she looks beautiful. He murmurs that he did not realize how beautiful she was…

Deok-In asks him if she is not normally pretty. Knowing that he walked into the common trap, Jinwoo back pedals and tells her that she is always pretty but… A restaurant owner is only so pretty… After all, if the restaurant owner is beautiful people would not come to eat… They would come to stare.

Deok-In laughs and tells him that she’s going to ask her detective friend to do a background check on Jinwoo to see how much of a player he was. She starts to walk off.


Jinwoo stops be and asks to hug her just once. He softly grabs her hand and goes around her to give her a back hug.

Deok-In gets embarrassed and tries to get out of his embrace. But Jinwoo holds firm with his arms and tells her to just hold still because she’s so beautiful that he just wants to hug her or else. Deok-In awkwardly holds still and mutters what Jinwoo is talking about when he speaks of “or else.” It’s left to our imagination as Jinwoo doesn’t explain.


Then the scene changes to the company party. The family waits in anticipation to meet Jinwoo’s girl and (for the younger generation) Kyung-Cheol’s wife. To everyone’s surprise Jinhee shows up in a loud red wrap dress with Kyung-Cheol in tow. The family stiffens but the couple makes their way over and everyone exchanges strained pleasantries.

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Hong-Ran and the family does not need to wait long as soon Jinwoo walks in completely dapper in a tuxedo with Deok-In in her white gown. Jin-Hee’s expression freezes and Kyung-Cheol frowns. Jinwoo and Deok-In begin to walk in toward the family in the middle when they realize that they are not the only guests.


The show-down! YES! What is a drama that appeals to the masses of Korea without some kind of Pretty Woman-esq pampering of the main character with shopping and redressing the main character in some expensive beautiful clothes?  In this case, it’s perfect because it’s an actual event instead of just a date with Jinwoo.  Personally loving the whole, they can be down to earth for most of the time and still have the opportunity to dress up due to company functions situation here.  Also, I felt it was particularly cathartic because it equalizes the dueling field between Deok-In/Kyung-Cheol and Deok-In/Jinhee.  After all, Jinhee dresses in splendor due to her father’s sponsorship – she did not work for that money.  I have some suspicions that as an accountant, Kyung-Cheol would not be able to afford luxuries as well.  In Korea, the salaries of employees in even the largest corporations are still very middle-income until you reach management.  I’m sure that Kyung-Cheol has benefited from the bank of Jinhee’s daddy as well.  If the baddie couple is going to look down upon Deok-In for not “fitting in” or being on “their level” due to shallow metrics of appearance, it’s great to see that Deok-In can outshine them when she has access to the same financial aid as well.  It helps that Deok-In was given a black-tie length gown while Jinhee’s character wears the more modern cocktail dress to the affair.  A ball length gown always looks more formal and elegant than the shorter sexier cocktail dresses.

One thing that I thought was interesting was how both Deok-In and Eunseo were wearing white to this function.  Eunseo’s white dress looked less like a wedding dress due to the length.  Yet, it caught my eye because it was the same color as Deok-In’s dress.  I wonder if it was a mis-coordination on the stylists or if there’s some subtle messaging going on that Deok-In/Eunseo will be paired up as a team in the future episodes?  Maybe I am reading too much into this?

Finally, Deok-In mother!  HAHAHAHAHA, LOVED the scene when Hasoon tells the hairstylist to make her look like an elegant woman from a drama…and the stylist basically just straightens her perm and pulls it back in a loose ponytail.  ^^ With that change and some more “formal” looking clothes Hasoon suddenly changes into the rich mother in Marriage Not Dating.  The limited number of talented veteran actresses and actors in the industry provides good fodder for meta puns.

I love Kim Hae-Sook by the way.  Her range of acting is amazing and natural.  It was a naturally jarring experience, seeing her image from the more ritzy characters that she played adorned with the garish makeup and her very specific speech pattern.  In Korea, the way you speak also implies your upbringing.  Usually, the people of a lower socio-economic background that work as helpers in restaurants or bars have this playful intonation and valley-girl-like rhythm in their speech, which is kept in Hae-Sook’s characters speech even after Hasoon’s transformation reminding us that Hasoon’s character here is not the elegant and sheltered woman.  Amazing acting!

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