Love on a Rooftop – E64

Back to family fun antics. Dong-Sook’s main job in life now is to watch Seung-Hye so tha she does not see Do-Jin. This makes every meeting between the two precious even if for only a few minutes.



Dae-Shil visits Kyung-Tae in the hospital for her periodic check up and tears up when she hears her babies’ heartbeats. Emotional Kyung-Tae also begins to sniff. The mood changes when Dae-Shil gets the news that Seung-Hye successfully obtained her barista’s license.


Yunho drops by at night with flowers to congratulate her. Seung-Hye invites him in to try her brewed coffee and Yunho holds out his hand to Seung-Hye again, reminscent of when he first offered his hand to Seung-Hye after hiring her. All of the family members comment about how much Soon-Im has changed allowing for coffee to be brewed in the house. She stays a little through the festivities and then leaves telling everyone to hurry and drink it up as the smell will affect the tea.


Randomly, Soon-Im goes to drink water and sees some of the leftover brew in the kitchen. She pours a little bit into her water and then tries i.t She finds the taste much to bitter for her liking but drinks it up to hide the evidence by the time that Seung-Hye walks in.

Seung-Hye calls Do-Jin who tells her that he was busy. She tells him that she has some good news but Do-Jin answers that he’s not really curious. Seung-Hye gets worried and demands to meet right now and Do-Jin tells her that he’s tired. However, when Seung-Hye insists, he invites her to meet.


Seung-Hye walks into an empty and dark cafe, which turns out to be Do-Jin’s second attempt. Do-Jin holds out his hand and asks her to help him again.

Seung-Hye looks around and wonders how Do-Jin was able to prepare everything without telling her. She tells him that she’s a bit saddened that he never told her. Do-Jin hugs her and tells her that he wanted to tell her but held back so that she could focus on preparing for the barista exam. He congratulate Seung-Hye as he had already heard about the good news.

Seung-Hye smiles and hugs Do-Jin back.

Unaware of this, Dong-Sook gloats at night that Seung-Hye seems to have grown distant from Do-Jin while preparing for the barista exam. She also smiles that Seung-Hye happily took Yunho’s hand as well and announces that she’s going to sleep well at night.


In the morning, Dong-Sook somehow knows that Seung-Hye is going out to meet Do-Jin and grounds her. She even takes Seung-Hye’s shoes.

Seung-Ah also complains in Seung-Jae’s room that the director keeps asking about Seung-Jae more than Seung-Ah. Seung-Jae tells Seung-Ah that he’s not interested, but his tone changes when Seung-Ah hands over his pay for subbing in.


Seung-Hye drinks a glass of water but feels something strange. When she turns around, she sees Dong-Sook watching, who tells her not to think of anything funny…since Dong-Sook will always be watching her. Dong-Sook also asks Seung-Hye to check on Yunho since she’s curious about what he’s doing.

Seung-Ah arrives at that moment and barges in yelling at her mother. Dong-Sook tells Seung-Ah to back off since Seung-Hye looks better with Yunho and Seung-Ah can find another guy who would be head over hells for her…Seung-Ah yells back that she will make Yunho fall for her so mother just needs to wait.


Beom-Seok mentions to Yunho that he heard about Seung-Hye obtaining her barista license. He nonchalantly suggests that they hire Seung-Hye as a manager of one of their cafes. Yunho asks Beom-Seok if he wants ot separate Seung-Hye from Do-Jin that badly and Beom-Seok sighs that he does not know how he’s changed so much…Yunho agrees to think about it.


Seung-Hye calls Do-Jin to apologize that she will not be able to sneak out as Dong-Sook prepares vegetables in the courtyard. Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye not to worry as they can figure out a way for Seung-Hye to help at home. Dong-Sook grabs the phone at the last minute and tells Do-Jin not to expect anything as Seung-Hye won’t be helping.

Seung-Ah braces herself before ringing the doorbell at Yunho’s place. She determines to win his heart before Yunho can fall more for Seung-Hye. When he opens the door, Seung-Ah tells him that Dong-Sook wanted some of Yunho’s coffee.

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Then she confirms that no one else is home before telling him that she has an audition later on in the day. Turning on a song and begins to dance seductively around Yunho. Yunho watches with a smile and then turns the song off. Putting her jacket back on her shoulders, he tells her that if he would have fallen for Seung-Ah’s dance routine, he would have fallen in love at the pool…He knows all of the guys were watching Seung-Ah but he had the same thoughts as Seung-Jae.


Dae-Shil happily shows up for work, where Se-Ryung explains to Dae-Shil that she does not need to come to work every day since Dae-Shil is a freelancer. She also tells Dae-Shil that Dae-Shil can leave after the explanation but Dae-Shil asks to take a tour of all of the branches so that Dae-Shil can develop a new marketing proposal, which is Dae-Shil’s role as the winner of the contest. Se-Ryung reluctantly agrees and takes Dae-Shil to a branch shop…after which, she tells Dae-Shil to leave and not to overexert herself…But Dae-Shil insists on touring all of the shops.

Afterwards, Dae-Shil goes to see Kyung-Tae who massages her legs and then gives Dae-Shil his home-cooked squid bread. As he’s about to take a bite, he gags and runs to the bathroom.


Seung-Hye tries to sneak out and gets caught by her mother. Luckily, Soon-Im calls for Dong-Sook and Seung-Hye takes hte opportunity to meet with Do-Jin in the street. He tells her that he’s happy to be able to see her face and hugs her before telling her to return before Dong-Sook realizes that she’s gone. Joon-Bae sees the scene of the torn lovers and muses about it.

Dae-Ho brings chicken for Dae-Shil who accepts the box ecstatically. Smelling the chicken, Seung-Ah comes in and takes the box of chicken and runs. The women end up in the living room where Seung-Ah and Dae-Shil eat.


Dae-Shil states that she’s always hungry even if she has just eaten. Soon-Im comments that Dae-Shil takes after her as she was the same way. Dong-Sook tells Seung-Ah that she does not have to worry since Dong-Sook had severe morning sickness…So, Seung-Ah will probably have the same morning sickness.

Seung-Ah happily eats some of the chicken and tells Seung-Hye that she’s lucky. Since she is not Dong-Sook’s biological daughter, she won’t have to deal with the morning sickness. Dong-Sook tsks Seung-Ah, but she continues telling everyone that they should be able to talk about it now that everyone knows. She asks Seung-Hye if she is ever curious about her biological parents.

Seung-Hye pauses. Before she answers, Dong-Sook gets a call from Sun-Sook. Seung-Hye leaves take the folded laundry into each person’s room at Dong-Sook’s request instead of answering and Dae-Shil lightly hits Seung-Ah on her head for lacking tact.


Meanwhile, Sang-Man finds Mi-Ja with her urn in her office. She sees him frown and asks if he thinks she’s weird for holding on to her mother’s urn. Sang-Man answers that he was the one who told Do-Jin about Mi-Ja keeping the urn…He tells her that if she is not going to bury her mother’s ashes in Dong Rak Dang, she should properly bury the ashes some where else.

Mi-Ja tells him that even though Dae-Ho refused her request to bury Mi-Ja’s mother’s ashes, she just needs to make it so that Dae-Ho cannot refuse. Sang-Man asks if she’s going to use bloodline as a threat…and he tells her to please give it up. He explains that while he has supported Mi-Ja in everything she wanted to do until now…He hopes that Mi-Ja would listen to him just this once.


YAY! Looks like we will get to explore Seung-Hye’s background. I was slightly worried that the series would finish without really exploring it and assuming that Seung-Hye and Seung-Jae’s parents are deceased. Since Seung-Hye has found complete acceptance from her family, it is true that she would probably not proactively look for her biological mother. Yet, I think it is Seung-Hye’s right to know about her biological parents if she has any interest in them. Additionally, Seung-Jae will probably have a bit of an emotional journey when he finds out that he’s actually not biologically related to the family as well. Up until now, he has been fully accepted as the next heir to Dong Rak Dang. Even when the adults get together to discuss serious issues like Dae-Shil’s pregnancy, they include Seung-Jae because he’s the heir even if they don’t include Seung-Hye who is the eldest child. As being the heir to Dong Rak Dang is part of his identity, the truth about his adoption will likely affect him quite a bit.

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