Make a Woman Cry – E17

Dun. Dun. Dun.  The tensions boil  near bust but manages to simmer down as Eunseo, Hong-Ran and Jin-Myung address the fact that everyone is stuck in on a crashing train.  Meanwhile, Deok-In realizes what it feels like to have someone completely on your side that it’s not rational.


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Eunseo shrieks to Jin-Myung how he could let his older brother die when Jin-Myung could have saved him. She asked him how he could just watch by as he saw Eunseo and Hyunseo living the way they did, having to feel like they were living off of the gratitude of the family.

Jin-Myung apologizes and tells her that he does not know why he let his brother die as well…

Eunseo falls to sobs and asks…”How…could…you…let…him…die…when…you…said…you…loved…me…so…much…you…could…die…?”

Jin-Myung tells her that he does not have an answer for her and will not ask her for her to understand or forgive him. He walks out to find Hong-Ran standing outside silently. He leaves to walk into the garden. Eunseo comes out next and glares at Hong-Ran before retiring to her room.


Back at Deok-In’s place, Hasoon declares that she enjoyed dinner so much and feels tired now. Bok-Rye invites Hasoon to lay down in Deok-In’s room. Hasoon declines saying she cannot lay down in Deok-In’s in-law’s house…

Kyung-Ah and the others bring out fruit and Hasoon starts to eat as Deok-In offers up a piece to Bok-Rye. Bok-Rye declines saying that her teeth are sensitive.

Hasoon sighs that even though Kyung-Cheol succeeded as an accountant, he must not have had the time to pay for Bok-Rye to get her teeth treated. Everyone stiffens at these words but Hasoon doesn’t notice. Instead, she continues on to wonder why Kyung-Cheol has not arrived yet and muses that in these days, people are so busy trying to make a living, they don’t have the time to teach their children properly.


Bok-Rye stiffens and Deok-In pulls her mother into her room. She tells Hasoon to please be careful about what she says in front of the in-laws and they return to the living room. Hasoon apologizes flippantly that she does not know any better and apologizes for hurting Bok-Rye’s feelings.

Bok-Rye tells Hasoon that she does not need an apology. Rather, she wants to thank Hasoon for having such a beautiful daughter. She adds that Deok-In sufferred by getting married early and then caring for the family of her in-law family.

Hasoon bows her head and thanks Bok-Rye for taking Deok-In as a member of the family even though Deok-In does not have a father.


Bok-Rye invites Hasoon to lay down for a bit and Hasoon agrees. While, Bok-Rye tells her children that Hasoon is completely rude, Kyung-Ah brings Hasoon some fruit. Hasoon looks at Kyung-Ah and sighs that it’s a relief that Kyung-Ah has a pretty face.

Kyung-Ah pauses and does not know how to answer. She finally smiles and thanks Hasoon before telling her to rest and leaving the room to give them some time together.

After Kyung-Ah leaves, Hasoon tells Deok-In that she’s never been treated so well in the past…and it’s thanks to having a daughter like Deok-In. Deok-In’s anger melts away when she hears her mother’s confession.

Hasoon lays down to take a nap and Deok-In goes out to apologize to Bok-Rye. Bok-Rye tells Deok-In that it does not matter since the circumstances are so particular that she does not think it would be appropriate to demand that everything occurs by the rules…She sniffs that Kyung-Cheol never even showed up.

Kyung-Cheol arrives at that moment and surprises everyone.


Deok-In wakes up Hasoon and everyone reconvenes in the living room. Kyung-Cheol bows to Hasoon and the meeting starts. Hasoon comments that Kyung-Cheol’s hair part is a bit too much…It makes him looks like an officer in the North Korean army.

Kyung-Cheol glares back at her and Hasoon laughs that she’s just obsessed with hair. She then compliments Kyung-Ah for her hair and asks where she got it done. Kyung-Ah answers that she did it herself as she’s training to be a hair stylist. Hasoon looks impressed and declares that she will come to Kyung-Ah for all of her hair needs in the future.

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Having no respect for anyone other than himself, Kyung-Cheol declares that he needs to leave. Hasoon stops him. Pulling a notepad from her bag, she asks him to write down his office address and number so she can visit when she’s nearby and get some free meals on him. Kyung-Cheol pauses for less than a minute before flippantly telling Hasoon that they are living apart and will divorce soon. He leaves as the rest of the family winces.

Deok-In brings her mother into her room and tells her to stop making a fuss and leave as she has no reason to be acting this way. Hasoon snaps that the family is treating her like this because Deok-In was an orphan.

Deok-In brings her mother out but she stops in the living room to demand to know if Kyung-Cheol is having an affair. She yells at Bok-Rye for letting such an atrocious thing to happen.

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Deok-In pulls her mother out of the house and tells her to leave. She asks her mother what she had expected… If her own mother would toss her away, how can she expected anyone else to treat her with respect? She starts to yell in frustration asking how her mother could have abandoned her as a child saying that a child is not something you hold when you are comfortable and you toss when life gets hard…

Hasoon starts to cry and apologizes…she tells Deok-In that she knows that she wronged Deok-In and will die for Deok-In. She leaves after promising never to show up in front of Deok-In again.


The next morning, Jin-Myung stays in bed during breakfast and Hong-Ran lies that Jin-Myung seems to be sick. She also notes that she pushed off a filming so she could stay home while looking at Eunseo.

After breakfast, she goes to whimper her apology to Jin-Myung that she is sorry… Jin-Myung does not even look at her but dismisses her as it is not her fault.

The in laws discuss how CEO Hong is demanding for basically only offering to engage his granddaughter to Minseo if he’s the heir to the company. Yet, even among their anger they sigh that they are not in a position where they can push back…

Hong-Ran finds Eunseo in the kitchen cooking and asks her to bring the porridge up herself as Jin-Myung refuses to even open his eyes to look at her. Eunseo refuses explaining that she can’t handfeed the man who ruined her life.

Hong-Ran pauses to ask if Eunseo is going to tell their father-in-law. She reminds Hong-Ran that their father-in-law would kill Jin-Myung as everyone knows what their father-in-law thought of the dead sibling.

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Hong-Ran confronts Eunseo again in the garden. Eunseo begins by telling Hong-Ran that she and Hyunseo lived like they were living off of the family… Mostly because of Hong-Ran.

Hong-Ran yells back that Eunseo is at fault too… She reminds Eunseo that Eunseo started this all by picking Jin-Myung’s older brother when she knew how Jin-Myung felt about her… She asks pointedly if Eunseo didn’t make the choice because she knew that Jin-Myung had no corporate ambitions. She adds that Eunseo never thought about what Jin-Myung would have felt watching the woman he loved live with his brother…

Eunseo fist shakes and she begins to cry again but does not deny Hong-Ran’s accusations. She does, however, tell Hong-Ran that even if she is at fault her son is not… And Hong-Ran should understand her feelings as a mother.

Meanwhile, Jin-Myung remembers Hong-Ran’s words. She had told him that Eunseo remembered that Jin-Myung does not like regular soy sauce and used soup soy sauce to season the porridge. She had asked him to think of Eunseo and eat the porridge.


At the normal bench, Deok-In relies on Jinwoo. She confesses that she had thought of her mother-in-law like her mother… Yet, her heart never hurt this much before. Seeing her mother leave crying, she felt horrible.

Jinwoo comforts Deok-In by telling her that parents are different. No matter what the children do, they forget it and forgive. He reminds her that his own son’s goal in life is to make Jinwoo’s life miserable and, yet, he finds that he cannot stay angry at Yunseo for longer than an hour.

Deok-In mutters that her mother is different… She threw her own child alway.

Jinwoo answers that Hasoon was young herself when she had Deok-In. Instead of dwelling on the past, he tells her to remember how Hasoon told her that she could die for Deok-In and to know that those words were not said lightly.

Deok-In smiles that Jinwoo seems so wise sometimes… Jinwoo laughs back that it’s all thanks to having a problem child like Yunseo.


As they walk back to the restaurant, Jinwoo invites Deok-In to dine with his father. Deok-In pauses and tells him that she cannot accept since they lied to his parents.

Jinwoo sighs but accepts, telling her that he won’t make her feel uncomfortable because of his feelings.

That evening, Eunseo asks Hong-Ran one more time whether she has to engage Minseo to CEO Hong’s daughter right now. Hong-Ran turns and walks up to her room.

The adults return to the living room to hear Eunseo’s decision. Before she can answer, Jin-Myung begins by saying he wants to retire from the company…he suggests that they have the current company manager take over.

The father-in-law snaps that he knows Jin-Myung does not like the job but he is not completely talentless.

Jin-Myung continues that he never had the right to hold the position… He stops and then says, “I… Could… BROTHER… SA-”

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Eunseo interrupts and apologizes for interrupting. She pulls Jin-Myung out to talk and asks Hong-Ran to stay with the parents.

In the garden, Jin-Myung tells Eunseo that he wants it all to end… When the incident happened and his brother had been lost to the waters, Jinwoo had seen it… From then until now for over twenty five years, Jinwoo had never spoken to him again… He knows Jinwoo stayed silent because he thought it would be best for the family. He adds that he has not been able to even laugh freely since that incident…he had to watch Eunseo live alone while raising his brother’s son…

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Then walking toward Eunseo, he raises his own voice asking, “You said you knew how I felt… So, how could you choose my brother? I have no wishes in life… Let me get off this train that won’t stop.”

He starts to walk back and Eunseo grabs his arm sobbing. She manages to tell him that she is also at fault… If he tells everything, she and Hong-Ran would also be affected… How could they continue on?

Eunseo must have convinced him as Eunseo walks in by herself. She tells her father-in-law that she wants to leave the decision to Hong-Ran as its her child.


Hong-Ran looks at Eunseo and then looks down. Without pulling her eyes from the floor, she tells her father-in-law that he should not rush the engagement, which would make Eunseo and Hyunseo sad. She asks him to tell CEO Hong before she changes her mind and goes to her room.

The mother-in-law also sniffs that CEO Hong went overboard trying to influence the inheritance decision of their family and goes to her room too.

Once alone, the father-in-law asks Eunseo what is going on… He knows that Eunseo must have something on Hong-Ran if she is willing to give up her own son’s engagement.

Eunseo apologizes but tells him not to worry… If it were something he needed to know, she would have told him. However, it’s something that would make him hurt if he knew… But he won’t be able to do anything about.

And, so, each of the entangled members brood that night.


The next day, the father-in-law visits Deok-In at her restaurant explaining that he came since she declined his own initiation. She invites him in and he just asks for whatever she would serve normally.

Deok-In makes him a meal and explains that she only has one menu per day to save on ingredients. The father-in-law tries the food and smiles that it’s fresh. He also compliments her on having a knack for business before continuing to eat.

Jinwoo walks out to eat and gets surprised to see his father’s car and driver in front of the restaurant. He goes in and yells at his father for coming unannounced.

His father sniffs that Jinwoo should quit teaching soon and come into the company since his older brother no longer wants to work in the company. He also comments that Deok-In has a talent for business and kicks Jinwoo on the shins jokingly as a reward for having an eye for people.

He leaves with the invitation to Deok-In to join him for dinner. Deok-In tries to tell him that she cannot because of the lie but he cuts her off every time she tries to explain.

The mother-in-law tells Jinhee that they invited Deok-In to dinner and tells her to come as well. Jinhee gets angry at her mother for letting such a baseless woman come into their house and her mother answers that she’s the only one who needs to see sense.

Jinhee must have called Kyung-Cheol because he comes running home to Deok-In. They go to a nearby river where Kyung-Cheol demands to know if Deok-In is actually going to go to Jinhee’s house.

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Deok-In smirks that he must be worried if he ran all the way here. She answers that she is planning to go to Jinwoo’s house because Kyung-Cheol overstepped the line when he acted rudely to her mother. She explains it clearly to him. She saw with her own eyes how Jinwoo’s father ignored Kyung-Cheol and thinks that it’s horrible that Kyung-Cheol would then disrespect her mother.

Kyung-Cheol snarls back that he did not want Deok-In’s cheap mother coming near his company to embarrass him. He laughs that this is why people find backgrounds so important… After all, even Deok-In is showing her bloodline by having an affair with another man just like her mother loved men.

Deok-In has had enough and pushes Kyung-Cheol in the nose. She glares at him unapologetic when Kyung-Cheol stares back in shock. He then tells her that her action of punching her husband just supports his point that she’s a background less daughter of a bar woman and Deok-In narrows her eyes. She asks him if he wants to get hit again and finally Kyung-Cheol slinks away.


That evening, Jinwoo accompanies Deok-In to his house. Deok-In worries right outside the house as she feels guilty coming over while they haven’t told the truth. Jinwoo convinces her that it would be ride to not come after the invite.

She walks in to find all of the family members waiting for her… Just as Kyung-Cheol and Jinhee arrive. Jinhee stops Kyung-Cheol and warns him that if he tells everyone about their relationship, they will have to end theirs as well.

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Kyung-Cheol laughs. He tells her that their relationship is over already. If he divorces Deok-In, she would go straight to Jinwoo. So, he is going to say what he needs to.

He barges into the house and tells everyone that he has something to say.


Wow, what a charged scene between the two mothers! Understandably, both mothers come from a bias and the circumstances warrant that each mother is playing with a handicap. However, it was refreshing to see the exchange. Bok-Rye never argues back because in the end, her child has committed the bigger sin… But, interestingly, the family members actually have the ability to get irritated by Hasoon’s behavior.

I know they say blood is thicker than water. But, it’s true that in many cases of affairs in Korea that the family of the perpetrators actually do not give the victims the support they need… Rather, they are quick to judge and blame the victims. It’s good that this drama touched upon the irony subtly. It wasn’t played as if the Kang family is rude or evil. Rather, they are the ones trying to be polite in the face of Hasoon’s rudeness… Yet, with the background of Kyung-Cheol’s deeds… One can only wonder if the family has a right to be insulted.

On another note, this was a nice episode into Jin-Myung’s character. When he yelled back at Eunseo, it finally answered my question of whether or not he, too, realizes that he’s been betrayed by Eunseo’s ambitions. When he yells at her for betraying him, you realize that he has been obsessing about Eunseo and helping Hyunseo even though he knows she chose money over him.  It kind of makes you wonder if Jin-Myung’s character is the manifestation of the guy completely in love in novels…except, when you see a man so in love with a faulted character in live-action, it feels weird.

Finally, I want to say that I loved Hasoon’s irrationality because it showed how a mother’s love is irrational.  It doesn’t matter to Hasoon that she had to give Deok-In up for adoption.  To her, Deok-In is completely wonderful and Kyung-Cheol’s family wronged her.  Even without knowing Kyung-Cheol’s infidelity, the best part was Hasoon was NOT satisfied.  Why should she be?  She felt that Deok-In deserved better than suffering on behalf of her husband; Deok-In deserved to be pampered.  That perspective is a mother’s perspective and it’s amazing ^^

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