Love on a Rooftop – E66

Dong-Sook starts to have suspicions about Dae-Ho’s and Mi-Ja’s relationship.  Se-Ryung goes to live with Mi-Ja and dries Do-Jin’s patience up.  Having had enough Do-Jin treats Se-Ryung coldly with Beom-Seok and Yunho watching…drawing lines between allies.



In the middle of cleaning, Dong-Sook pauses and lightly calls her husband, “Dae-Ho oppa.” Without missing a best Dae-Ho turns around and answers, “yes, Mi-Ja” in an endearing way.

Dong-Sook narrows her eyes and Dae-Ho explains that Mi-Ja was the only one who ever called him that. Getting a call, he runs out to avoid explaining any more.

Dong-Sook goes to ask her mother-in-law whether there was something between Dae-Ho and Mi-Ja as her husband’s tone was suspicious… Soon-Im snaps at her for playing such a trick and tells Dong-Sook to clean out the teas from the kitchen so that Do-Jin cannot receive any of their teas.


Se-Ryung packs her clothes as Seung-Hye starts blending teas in her room. Seung-Ah comes in to tell her sister that they are on the same boat… Both having difficulties with their love lives. Seung-Ah gets distracted when Yunho sends Seung-Hye a text picture of the tree her parents had planted. Seung-Ah asks about the picture suspiciously but Seung-Hye reassures her that she drew a clear line with Yunho. Feeling relieved, Seung-Ah flounce out.


Then we enter into Joon-Bae’s daydream. In Beom-Seok’s house, Joon-Bae enters wearing a white casual suit and calls his son, “his heir.” Pulling something in his back, Joon-Bae calls for his steward, who turns out to be Beom-Seok. Joon-Bae tells Beom-Seok off for not regulating Dong-Goo’s diet and Beom-Seok falls to his knees begging Joon-Bae… To fire him so that he can be with Sun-Sook.

In real life, Sun-Sook finds Joon-Bae daydreaming. She wakes him up and he whines that his tiring dreams are all her fault for falling for some weird old man when she’s already old. Sun-Sook yells at him back for ruining her life and hands over food for Dong-Goo when he comes over after school.

That evening, Do-Jin receives the picture of the tree and smiles to himself as he stares at it. Kyung-Tae comes out and asks about the picture before asking Do-Jin what he’s going to do now that Kyung-Tae is engaged and Dae-Shil will move in soon.

Do-Jin tells Kyung-Tae not to worry and calls Seung-Hye. Kyung-Tae leaves the room to give Do-Jin space to be lovey dovey and Do-Jin meets Seung-Hye at his cafe.


Seung-Hye tells him that she went to her orphanage the day before. There, she could see the tree that her biological parents had planted and found out that her parents had died on the way back from volunteering there.

Do-Jin tells her that she should have gone with him. Seung-Hye averts her eyes and confesses that she went with Yunho.

Do-Jin tells her that he’s not happy about it but he’s fine…he does tell her to tell him next time since he worries.


Seung-Hye leans over and rests her head on Do-Jin’s shoulder. Nestling in, she tells him that seeing the tree helped strengthen her resolve.


Meanwhile, Se-Ryung tells Mi-Ja about how her father wants her to go abroad so that she would get over Do-Jin. Hearing this, Mi-Ja agrees to allow Se-Ryung to stay at her apartment.

The next morning, Dae-Shil sneaks out and Dong-Sook checks on Seung-Hye to find her fast asleep with the blanket covering her face.


However, Seung-Hye is off at the cafe delivering tea to Do-Jin and Seung-Ah is the one under the blanket. ^^ Little sis to the rescue!

Do-Jin tries the tea and starts to say that he’s disappointed that this is it.

Seung-Hye gets disappointed and tries to explain that she’s not her grandmother but Do-Jin cuts in. He tells her to make more next time and Seung-Hye yells at him.


A foreshadowing of Seung-Jae’s future conflict is shown. He looks at the money he received for modeling and thinks to himself that he will give it to the family. He quickly hides it when his sister comes in and gives him some tea to try.

Seung-Hye watches him try her tea and thinks to herself that Seung-Jae does not remember the their biological parents. Her eyes get a little watery and Seung-Jae sees it. He stops drinking and asks anxiously if something is wrong. Seung-Hye tells him that it’s nothing and leaves.


As expected, Se-Ryung and Mi-Ja are on course to drive each other crazy. Over breakfast, Se-Ryung tells Mi-Ja that her dishes are salty, which is bad for dieting and one’s health. She asks that Mi-Ja take care that future dishes do not come out so salty. Without realizing that Mi-Ja is barely holding on to her temper, Se-Ryung also asks that Mi-Ja prepares a bath for her with water hot enough but not hotter than 40 degrees Celsius.

Her mouth narrowed to a thin line, Mi-Ja barely agrees though her thoughts tell us that she’s starting to get annoyed that Se-Ryung is such a demanding guest.

After her bath, Se-Ryung finds that Do-Jin has come home with his bags. He sees that Se-Ryung is still in her bathrobe and tells her to change. However, Mi-Ja supports Se-Ryung saying that she finds Se-Ryung looks sexy and should be comfortable.


Do-Jin asks the two women if Se-Ryung is planning to stay at Mi-Ja’s when Beom-Seok must be worried sick about her. Mi-Ja tells Do-Jin that Se-Ryung is her guest because Se-Ryung had to leave her house due to her affections to Do-Jin.


Do-Jin responds that he cannot stay at the house then and gets up to leave. Se-Ryung jumps up and grabs his arm, begging him to give her another chance. Do-Jin answers that her behavior is making him tired of her and walks out.


In the lobby, Se-Ryung stops Do-Jin again. She cries that she’s willing to do anything if Do-Jin will just give her another chance.

Timing would have it that Beom-Seok and Yunho arrived to bring Se-Ryung home at that moment. Yunho pulls Beom-Seok back. He tells the older man that Se-Ryung’s remaining pride would be destroyed if Beom-Seok goes in right now so they just watch in silence.


Do-Jin pulls out of Se-Ryung’s grasp and walks out to his car where Yunho waits. Yunho punches Do-Jin in the nose and tells him that Do-Jin is the worst…Do-Jin is the type of person who is weak to those stronger than him and strong to those weaker than him…Since Se-Ryung obviously likes Do-Jin more than he likes her…she is clearly the weaker person and Do-Jin has not shown any consideration of that power imbalance. He also declares that he will never let Seung-Hye go to a man like Do-Jin and leaves.


At the same time, Beom-Seok tells Mi-Ja that he came to bring Se-Ryung home. However, Se-Ryung refuses to go with her father. She tells him that she will continue to go to work from Mi-Ja’s place and goes into her room.

So, Beom-Seok agrees to leave Se-Ryung with Mi-Ja but warns Mi-Ja that he will not stand by watching Do-Jin treating Se-Ryung badly.


What do you guys think?  Do you agree with Yunho that Do-Jin is being especially cruel to Se-Ryung?

I think that Se-Ryung has crossed the line when she decided to move in with Mi-Ja knowing that Do-Jin would have to return.  It probably would have been better strategically if Se-Ryung had rented an apartment in the same building or on the same street on a temporary basis so that she could “call” Do-Jin over whenever she “needed him” because she is now living alone and is “scared.”  While Do-Jin would have felt uncomfortable, I doubt that he would have left Se-Ryung alone if she called him crying that she heard sounds outside and Seung-Hye would not be the type of person who tells Do-Jin from the beginning that he cannot go to Se-Ryung just to help.  Opportunity to be a scheming manipulator lost. 😛

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