Make a Woman Cry – E18

Daddy Kang turns out to be the coolest rich chaebol dad even if he’s doing it with an ulterior motive when he accepts Deok-In even though he knows that she’s Kyung-Cheol’s wife. Realizing that he lost the fight, Kyung-Cheol returns home and everyone realizes that Deok-In also has a way out of the family. In light of all of this, Bok-Rye’s true colors come out.


Without an invitation Kyung-Cheol barges in with his head held up high. He tells everyone that he has something to say…

Hong-Ran announces that they were about to eat and only prepared enough for the expected guests. It is clear whose side she’s on and I for one like her spunk. ^^

Jinhee glares that Hong-Ran is being so rude to her boyfriend but her father takes Hong-Ran’s side and agrees that the people who agreed to eat should eat.


Kyung-Cheol responds that he isn’t here because he is starving and Hong-Ran retorts that Kyung-Cheol sure talks sweetly. Tensions increase as Kyung-Cheol insists that he only needs to say one thing before he leaves when Jin-Myung offers to have a drink separately. Kyung-Cheol insists that hr needs to speak with everyone and Jin-Myung loses his calm. He yells, “Kyung-Cheol Hwang, I will not allow you to treat my sister like this!”

But the damage has been done. The father tells everyone that if Kyung-Cheol is set, he wants to hear Kyung-Cheol’s news since he’s now curious.

So everyone sits down… The father starts off by asking Kyung-Cheol what he wants to say.

Kyung-Cheol pauses and begins, “Honestly…”

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The father cuts in, “In reality, Kyung-Cheol Hwang and Deok-In Jung are legally a married couple. Is that what you wanted to announce? Did you think I would not do any research before deciding that Deok-In was acceptable as my daughter-in-law?”

He looks at Kyung-Cheol while everyone looks at him in shock. Jinhee looks like she’s been betrayed and Kyung-Cheol physically deflates. Meanwhile, Deok-In and Jinwoo appear dazed that the father knew… However, the most shocked is the mother-in-law who looks like she’s been told that Deok-In is a felon…

The father continues, “how could you treat your own wife like that and still consider yourself a man?”

Kyung-Cheol looks up in surprise and asks how the father could trust Deok-In like this.

He answers, “Because Deok-In believes in the world. Even though she only makes a few dollars per meal, she still tells her students that she trusts them. She has them put in the meal fare by themselves into open boxes…she is too good for you. Let her go and give up.”

With that, the father in law walks into the dining room. Jinwoo looks at Kyung-Cheol disdainfully now that his father knows after and still chose to approve of Deok-In.

After huffing, Kyung-Cheol pushes past Jinhee and runs out. Jinhee jumps up to run after him but her mother yells at her to stop and go into the master bedroom.


Hong-Ran acts like a dutiful sister-in-law and pulls Jinhee away from the door as Jinwoo walks out into the garden. He finds Kyung-Cheol screaming that everyone is crazy.

Jinwoo tells him to stop falling any lower. Instead, he encourages Kyung-Cheol to give up so that Deok-In feels less embarrassed for choosing a man like Kyung-Cheol.

Kyung-Cheol turns around and tells Jinwoo that he won’t give up easily… The two cannot do anything if he does not give up.

Jinwoo answers that Kyung-Cheol can do whatever he wants but the two of them will continue to love each other and worry about each other.

Kyung-Cheol continues to fall apart. He yells that Jinwoo and Deok-In will stay an affair and he can go to the school making it public that they’re involved in an affair. When he sees that Jinwoo’s expression does not change, he grabs Jinwoo’s collar and demands that Jinwoo give up Deok-In.

Jinwoo just sighs and tells Kyung-Cheol that no matter if the whole world condemns him, he will free Deok-In from Kyung-Cheol. He pulls away and leaves as Kyung-Cheol starts to tell and sob for Deok-In to come out immediately.


Hearing the ruckus, Deok-In gets up to leave. Before she gets far, Hong-Ran and the father comes out to tell her to leave after eating.

Kyung-Cheol continues to throw a tantrum like a caught bug in the garden while the mother yells at Jinhee to wake up. Jinhee yells back that she feels sorry for Kyung-Cheol.

Jinhee walks out and threatens her brother; she tells him that she will return everything to Deok-In.

The mother-in-law comes to the kitchen and asks Deok-In if her husband’s words are true.

Bowing her head, Deok-In apologizes for not being able to tell the truth earlier.

In return, the mother-in-law announces that she cannot sit down and join everyone for dinner since she finds the whole situation preposterous. Surprising everyone, the father-in-law dismisses her and tells her that Deok-In is his guest. He notes that his wife can eat after them if she is not hungry at this point and she leaves in a huff.

Deok-In apologizes to the father for not telling the truth earlier. He answers charitably that he knows she didn’t tell the truth sooner because she had no chance…After all, she’s the type of person who would be beaten up to help an unfortunate student. He explains that he also asked around her neighborhood and they told him all about how she took care of her husband’s family. Finishing off, he tells her that he knows that connections are not decided by humans but he hopes that they can continue to be in touch.

Hong-Ran gushes that her father-in-law is cool to be so understanding and invites Deok-In to take golfing lessons with her. ^^ Meanwhile, Eunseo goes to her mother-in-law who sulks that everyone knew about Deok-In but her.

After the meal, Deok-In exclaims how beautiful the garden is and tells Jinwoo that the family is surprisingly nice. Hong-Ran interrupts to tell Jinwoo that his father is calling. She sits down and asks excitedly if Deok-In is doing this to get revenge on Kyung-Cheol.


Deok-In answers that she is not. Hong-Ran tells Deok-In that she wants to get closer and then warns Deok-In that the one person she should be careful about is Eunseo…who is smarter and more manipulative than she looks.


Eunseo comes over with some tea at this moment and yells at Hong-Ran who runs off. Eunseo offers to help Deok-In out if she needs her help. She also tells Deok-In that there is only one thing she expects from Deok-In…Deok-In should be careful about her words…She should also know the times when she should just listen and when she should talk. Smiling Eunseo sips her tea and wonders how Deok-In can be so bright when she’s been through so much.


The father tells Jinwoo to come back into the company…even his sister-in-law did not seem like she would have financial ambitions but harbored them once she entered the family. He warns Jinwoo that people change once they become part of the family and new things become possible.

Deok-In apologizes for all of the chaos she caused before she leaves. The mother-in-law immediately goes to yell at her husband. She asks how her husband could do this to their daughter. He just smiles that after he researched everything, he realized that there is no girl like Deok-In; she would be an asset to their family.


Jinwoo and Deok-In go to a rooftop cafe to discuss. He confesses that his past wife wanted him to join the company and he would be willing to return if Deok-In wanted it.

Deok-In snaps back that they are not young children in love…He does not have to give up his life for love. Jinwoo snaps back jokingly that he might have to go back into the company anyways so he wanted her input.

Deok-In answers him reassuringly that she does not care. Jinwoo asks Deok-In how she found his sisters. Deok-In answers that she did not have a chance to really think much.

Jinwoo leans back and muses that one of the main issues that his past wife had was being torn in half between the two sister-in-laws. He knows that the younger sister-in-law can be off-putting but he finds the older sister-in-law angelic and pitiful…Except, he notes that his ex-wife had more difficulty with the younger one… (Ya DON’T THINK!? Wow. Hahaha, sorry but I have my own issues with really passive aggressive people who manage to show the world one face while showing you another face when you’re alone.)

Deok-In just murmurs that she does not really know yet.

Kyung-Cheol runs straight home to tell his brother and mother that Deok-In is off meeting the potential in-laws. Bok-Rye tells Kyung-Cheol that he must be mistaken.

Kyung-Soo tells his brother to let Deok-In go. Kyung-Cheol roars that his brother knew and Kyung-Soo yells back that he actually hoped Deok-In would do well! Bok-Rye yells at both of them to be quiet.

After the conversation, Kyung-Soo tells his mother that she should let Deok-In go … Deok-In has already done so much for the family. Bok-Rye agrees that if she were a rich family, she would not want a son-in-law like Kyung-Cheol…


Deok-In comes home to find Bok-Rye in a sulky mood. Deok-In follows her mother-in-law into her room to ask if anything is wrong. Bok-Rye pretends that nothing is wrong but then grabs Deok-In’s arm. She asks Deok-In if she would still not divorce Kyung-Cheol if Bok-Rye does not approve. Deok-In does not answer but tells her mother-in-law to rest.

Deok-In goes into the kitchen to ask Kyung-Soo if Kyung-Cheol came home and said anything. Kyung-Soo answers that he confirmed to his mother that Deok-In is seeing someone. He also adds that she should not feel bad to anyone.

However, Deok-In immediately runs into Bok-Rye’s room to tell her mother-in-law herself…Except, her mother-in-law is still the mother of Kyung-Cheol first…and mother-in-law to Deok-In only so far as it would help the family by supporting Kyung-Cheol.

Deok-In tries to tell Bok-Rye that she is seeing someone when Bok-Rye cuts in. She tells Deok-In to “shut up” and to leave her as she’s tired. She even adds that she knew that Deok-In had been less considerate of her mother-in-law these days but assumed it was because Deok-In had found her biological mother. She dismisses Deok-In by saying that she does not want to hear anything. (WOW. Just WOW.)


In the garden of musing, Eunseo finds Jin-Myung reflecting on the bench again. She remembers Jin-Myung’s confession and accusation as her own eyes get bright. Slowly, she walks over. Jin-Myung hears her footsteps and looks up. He does not say anything and walks past her.

Eunseo calls out by calling Jin-Myung, “brother-in-law” as usual and tells him to let her go since there is nothing that could be between the two of them.

Eunseo returns to the kitchen to find Hong-Ran about to leave. Hong-Ran asks Eunseo what she talked about with Jin-Myung in the garden. Eunseo answers that they should just ignore it from now on…She will not think about who let who die anymore and Hong-Ran should forget about it as well.


Hong-Ran goes to Jin-Myung’s office and muses that they really are star-crossed lovers. One person let his brother die due to love and another person needs to forgive the person who killed her husband due to love.


Jin-Myung leaves to go speak with Hyunseo. He tells Hyunseo that Hyunseo should focus on his health. When he gets healthy, Hyunseo will join the company…and when Hyunseo gets older, he should inherit what is his. He also tells Hyunseo to keep it a secret from Hong-Ran.

Hyunseo tells his mother and agrees to work hard if she would accept Hyojung. She thanks Jin-Myung in the hall way but he does not respond. Then she walks into the kitchen to find Hong-Ran preparing a late night snack for Minseo who is studying. She knows that Jin-Myung has not told Hong-Ran and stays silent as she watches Hong-Ran continue to dream of her son inheriting the company.

The next day, Deok-In looks for her mother but finds that she stopped working in the restaurant and has moved.


Meanwhile, Jinwoo tells his father that he does not want to return to the company…He just wants to stay in school and Deok-In does not seem to care as well. Eunseo overhears this exchange and pauses for a second at this new threat to her son’s inheritance.

The next day, Daddy Kang starts moving. He calls Deok-In to his office and asks her to help convince Jinwoo to return to the company. He laughs that Jinwoo looks like he would do anything that Deok-In wants.

He also called Eunseo and Hong-Ran. Hong-Ran preens in front of the restaurant that Eunseo must be jealous since Eunseo used to be Daddy Kang’s favorite. After the meal, Hong-Ran asks his permission to take some time to have tea together.



Hong-Ran asks what Deok-In likes to do for a hobby and she responds that she does not really have a hobby. Hong-Ran passes over a beautiful bracelet and tells Deok-In to treasure it as Hong-Ran bought it over in Italy. Deok-In returns it saying that she does not wear jewelry. Hong-Ran sniffs that Deok-In is hard to get close to Deok-In…Deok-In takes back her words and takes the bracelet.

Then angelic Eunseo goes on the attack. She asks Deok-In what the father wanted to speak about. Deok-In responds that she wants to be careful about her words and Eunseo continues to pry. She smiles that it must be important if Deok-In believes that it’s important to keep from teh other sister-in-laws…She asks if it was about the company and Deok-In’s eyes widen.

Peacefully, Eunseo asks if Daddy Kang asked Deok-In to convince Jinwoo to return to the company. Deok-In looks back with her mouth agape and ends up confirming. She smiles that they will keep it a secret from the father and she does not have to worry. However, in the lobby of the restaurant, Hong-Ran worries about whether or not this would affect their sons’ abilities to inherit if Deok-In joins the family and has a son…

In a farther off part of the city, Kyung-Cheol quickly packs his bags while ignoring Jinhee’s pleas for him to stay. He returns home telling Jinhee that everything is over and he no longer loves her.


Bok-Rye welcomes Kyung-Cheol home with a slap yelling at him for making a mess of things. He brings his bags into his room and then tells Deok-In that he wants to start over again. Deok-In asks if Kyung-Cheol wants her to leave the house by behaving in this manner…

Kyung-Cheol answers by yelling back that he loves her. He finds it stupid but he loves her.

Kyung-Soo comes in and pulls his little brother out of the room. He yells at Kyung-Cheol to just stop and let Deok-In go. >.< AWWWWW SOMEONE HIRE THIS GUY AND PUT HIM IN MANAGEMENT!

Everyone awkwardly holds vigil tensely with Kyung-Cheol in the house…Kyung-Cheol is the only one who manages to fall asleep easily in his own room even though Kyung-Soo offers to sleep with Kyung-Cheol. Deok-In walks in and starts to back a weekender bag with her necessities.


Determined, she carries the bag out and finds Kyung-Soo in the living room. He asks her if she has anywhere to go… Instead, he tells her to kick Kyung-Cheol out of the room but Deok-In kneels in front of her mother-in-law’s room and sighs that she is sorry for not being able to say goodbye.

Bok-Rye runs out and holds Deok-In’s hands sobbing. She confesses that since Kyung-Cheol is her son, she cannot let Deok-In go…She sobs that she is sorry over and over again.

The next day, Jinwoo hears about Kyung-Cheol coming home and yells at Deok-In to leave the house immediately. Walking by, Yunseo overhears this and pauses.

That evening, Jinwoo tells Yunseo to sit down as he has something to say. Jinwoo tells Yunseo that if he marries Deok-In, she will be his mother. He adds that Deok-In has already met the in-laws.


Yunseo smirks that even if he accepted Deok-In, Deok-In would never marry Jinwoo…He killed her son. Jinwoo asks his son what Yunseo is talking about. Yunseo continues to smile. He explains that in junior high, he bullied Deok-In’s son who ran away from a beating and got hit by a car…It was not a simple hit and run.

Shocked, Jinwoo grabs his son’s collar and demands to know what is going on. Jinwoo just laughs that Deok-In would never want to marry the father of the person who killed her own son.


Woa, woa, woa. Who says that a mother-in-law has to be rich to be a total witch? Bok-Rye may wear the costume of the world’s most understanding mother-in-law but she’s actually the same as any other scheming and greedy mother-in-law who only cares about her son. In this case, her own first-born is telling her to let Deok-In go. Instead, she runs out and sobs to Deok-In that she hopes that Deok-In will accept the lying cheating husband who treated her like dirt and verbally abused her at any chance he got…

My words may seem harsh but I was just completely turned off in the scene where Bok-Rye told Deok-In to shut up because she’s tired and she feels betrayed. I don’t know how Bok-Rye could continue to behave in this manner even though she saw how Kyung-Cheol treated Deok-In in front of his own mistress. At this point, I understand trying to pull Kyung-Cheol back if Deok-In wished to stay with him. However, if Deok-In has moved on and they don’t even have any children who would be traumatized by a divorce, it seems like the only sensible solution would be to let the girl move on. She knows that Deok-In considers herself like a surrogate mother and she’s using it to keep Deok-In chained in a toxic relation. Not cool Bok-Rye, not cool at all. Would you want Kyung-Ah to be in the same type of relationship?

In the royal family-esq politicking, I love Hong-Ran. She’s s clear about her intentions and does not have the patience to really be manipulative. Coming from left field was Daddy’s Kang’s manipulations. He did not approve of Deok-In just because she is such an angelic person…Rather, he saw Deok-In as his youngest son’s weakness and decided to kill two birds with one stone. Accept Deok-In, get in the good graces of his son AND have a supporter in trying to get Jinwoo into the corporate world. Major points on the smooth politicking. Eunseo, you’ve met your match. While, you were his favorite while your husband was still alive and Hyunseo could be healthy…Now that there is a way to salvage his own youngest son, I don’t think Daddy Kang has to be tied to any daughter-in-law.

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