Love on a Rooftop – E67

Seung-Hye and Do-Jin enjoy a nice date in a long time and Se-Ryung goes crazy ^^



Dong-Sook opens her fridge to find that all of the side dishes are gone. She turns around in irritation to find Soon-Im smiling apologetically. Soon-Im answers that they say daughters are “pretty robbers.” Dong-Sook mumbles that she told Dae-Shil to learn how to cook but she never did and Soon-Im tells her that she’s waiting for Seung-Hye and Seung-Ah to get married to see how Dong-Sook acts.

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A call to Dae-Shil tells us that some time has past. Dae-Shil got married quietly by just taking wedding pictures and not actually holding a wedding because she did not want to burden the family. So, now she lives with Kyung-Tae.



Sun-Sook tells EQ who starts sobbing in the toast restaurant. Seung-Ah comes to visit her aunt and trips when EQ tries to sob on her. EQ stops crying and lifts Seung-Ah up to take her to his eastern medicine hospital leaving Sun-Sook stunned.


At the same time, Dae-Ho creates a new spicy chicken dish at Joon-Bae’s restaurant, which everyone agrees is a good idea. Joon-Bae offers to put it on his menu and split the profits in half. They gossip and we learn that Kyung-Tae agreed to postpone even the honeymoon until after Dae-Shil gives birth.


Meanwhile, Yunho tries to reason with Se-Ryung to come back home. She refuses saying that she cannot give up on Do-Jin.

Yunho tells her to give up since Do-Jin said that the best he can do for Se-Ryung is to ignore her at this point… Even after hearing this, Se-Ryung just frowns and stares away.

Seung-Jae looks at his modeling pictures again musingly until Seung-Ah comes in to invite him to look at the wedding pictures with the family. Soon-Im is extremely happy while Dong-Sook remarks that Dae-Shil still looks older.


Dong-Sook sighs that she is just jealous because she never wore a wedding dress since they did a traditional wedding. Her children encourage her to take pictures with Dae-Ho but he declines… Probably due to the cost and Soon-Im agrees making Dong-Sook snap again.


After the family bonds, Seung-Jae gives some money to Seung-Hye telling her that he wants to help with the family finances. He saved some apart from what he gave to his mother.

Seung-Hye worries that it would detract from his studies and Seung-Jae reassures her that he will just focus harder. She relents and Seung-Jae asks her to be nicer to Dong-Sook who is stressed about Seung-Hye’s relationship with Do-Jin.

Seung-Hye sighs that she knows but she still cannot convince herself to stop.

Seung-Jae accepts her explanation and looks away awkwardly to see the picture of the tree from the orphanage framed. He realizes that it’s new and asks her innocently about it. However, Seung-Hye reacts by overreacting and kicking him out of the room to study.


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja comes out to find the kitchen a mess to her irritation. Se-Ryung continues to annoy Mi-Ja by coming out to ask Mi-Ja to drop clothes off at the dry cleaners since Se-Ryung is not used to the neighborhood…

Mi-Ja grits her teeth and agrees but asks Se-Ryung to clean up. Se-Ryung answers by feigning surprise as she thought the housekeeper would come today. In compromise, she promises to have her home’s housekeeper come over and do the dishes and leaves.

Mi-Ja enters her room and sulks that Se-Ryung is not giving her the respect that a mother-in-law deserves. Taking deep breaths she determines to keep quiet until Se-Ryung and Do-Jin get married to fix Se-Ryung’s attitude.

Then spurred to help the wedding, she calls Do-Jin and invites him home saying that she has something to talk about. Do-Jin agrees.


Right after, he goes off to fulfill his own plan. He meets with Seung-Ah and gives her two tickets to the trendy musical playing and tells her to go with her mother. Seung-Ah realizes that Do-Jin wants time to have a date with Seung-Hye and agrees like a supportive younger sister-in-law.

The date begins with a walk in the park where they see a young couple with their children. Do-Jin reminds Seung-Hye of her declaration that she wants two sons and two daughters. Pulling her around, he gets close to her face before Seung-Hye slaps his hand out of embarrassment and runs away.

Do-Jin follows and cryptically tells her that love is all about timing. Grabbing her hand, he pulls her to the water fountain area and counts down. In five counts, the water shoots up and they play among the fountains with the children.

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After getting soaked, Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that he cannot let her go home like this. Seung-Hye tenses at the implication and Do-Jin laughs that he can’t sent her home with her clothes soaking. He tells her to drop by his new apartment to dry her clothes first.


At the same time, Se-Ryung comes home to Mi-Ja’s apartment to find the living room completely decorated for a romantic night. Sang-Man stands by and tells her that unfortunately Mi-Ja has a lot of work and might not even make it home tonight but she hopes that Se-Ryung and Do-Jin will have a wonderful night together. Se-Ryung gets the idea immediately and smiles like a cat in front of a bowl of salmon.

Like the perfect secretary, Sang-Man goes to report back to Mi-Ja who asks if Se-Ryung got the hint. Sang-Man answers that he believes she did but confesses his uneasiness about whether or not Do-Jin will show up.

Mi-Ja responds that there should not be a problem since she told Do-Jin she has something to say to him…

However, night comes and Se-Ryung is found drinking a whole bottle of wine on her own… With only the cake and candles as her companion….


When Mi-Ja gets curious and calls her son, Do-Jin answers that something unexpectedly came up and he won’t be able to attend before hanging up on his mom because the something unexpected comes into the living room.

It’s Seung-Hye, dwarfed in Do-Jin’s clothes and he laughs at how cute she looks. Wanting to take a picture to remember the moment, the two have a love fight with Do-Jin trying to take a picture and Seung-Hye trying to stop him.


The doorbell interrupts and Do-Jin goes to see who rang… It turns out to be Se-Ryung who literally falls on Do-Jin when he comes out.  He tries to support her as he figures out the situation and Seung-Hye comes out right after.  The nurse and nice girl in her comes out as she suggests to Do-Jin that he brings Se-Ryung inside.


Thus, Seung-Hye and Do-Jin bring Se-Ryung inside and lay her on the bed.  Seung-Hye then tells Do-Jin that  sending Se-Ryung back home to either her father or Mi-Ja in this state would only worry the adults…So offers to stay with Do-Jin and asks that he leaves so that the girls can sleep in peace.

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Do-Jin ends up sleeping in his trusty car again as Seung-Hye tries to change Se-Ryung’s clothes into more comfortable ones.  Se-Ryung wakes up and begins to throw a tantrum that it’s Seung-Hye instead of Do-Jin undressing her…BUT, Seung-Hye fights back and tells Se-Ryung to just sleep…She’s tired, too.


Woo Hoo! FINALLY! I loved how Seung-Hye basically just shut Se-Ryung’s tantrum down in this episode.  She wasn’t harsh but she was clear that Se-Ryung’s wishes and feelings did not dictate her life.  (Although, if we really think about it, Seung-Hye decides to spend the night at Do-Jin’s place instead of going home because of Se-Ryung…) However, going with the flow, we realize that this is an amazing episode of character growth.  Seung-Hye basically tells another character to deal with her own feelings so that both of them can get some rest. ^___________^ AMAZING!  >.<

On another note…Seung-Ah is not going to end up with EQ, right? That was really awkward when he liked picked her up and carried her out of the hopsital….Anyone else’s drama radar ping?

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