Make a Woman Cry – E19

THEY WENT THERE! THEY REALLY WENT THERE AGAIN! Cornered by Eunseo’s scheming and Jin-Myung’s lovesickness, Hong-Ran declares that she wants a divorce because her husband let his brother die.  Meanwhile, Bok-Rye begins to play the mother-in-law-theresa to keep Deok-In in the family.



Jinwoo jumps up to grab his smirking son in shock. However, Yunseo just yells back with a smile that his father has no chance since no woman would want to marry the father of her own son’s murderer. Jinwoo lets Yunseo go and falls back into a couch yelling at Yunseo for not telling him sooner.


Yunseo smiles that he was waiting for the time that would hurt Jinwoo the most. He starts to walk into his room victoriously when Jinwoo stops him. Jinwoo asks his son to let his father tell Deok-In himself. Then with heavy steps, he walks over to Deok-In’s cafe repeating his own son’s confession in his head over and over again.


Stopping a few feet away, he watches Deok-In close up shop but does not walk closer. He sighs just watching her and she sees him first. As she smiles and calls out to him, Jinwoo walks over and hugs her. Wetting his lips and sighing, Jinwoo murmurs, “I have not been able to tell you how much I love you as much as I wanted…I have not been able to tell you everything in my heart…”

Deok-In pulls away to ask if he heard something from his family. In a way, this is true and Jinwoo looks away. Deok-In asks if it was Jinwoo’s mother.

Jinwoo just replies, “No matter what happens, will you believe that I love you? Please answer me.”

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Deok-In smiles and nods. Jinwoo pulls her into another hug and tells her, “Our poor Deok-In…I wanted to make you happy and make you live a life worth smiling.”


Deok-In pulls out so that Jinwoo would see him. She smiles, “I am happy to even be loved by you. I would be happy to die knowing that I have been loved by you. What is the difference between loving for one day and loving for over a decade. It’s still a love worth treasuring. So, no matter what happens, don’t cry because of me. Even if we have to live as strangers ignoring each other, never forget that I love you. You came into my life full of scars and embraced me. I will never forget it even if I die.”


Deok-In’s own eyes tear up to match Jinwoo’s bright eyes. He holders her arms and leans in for a kiss. Deok-In stiffens but she does not pull away and Jinwoo goes in for the peck.

At the same time, Kyung-Cheol comes home with some meat. He drops the meat off on their dining table making his mother happy. During dinner, Kyung-Cheol announces to everyone that they should eat meat more often.

Bok-Rye asks if Kyung-Cheol finds meat delicious. He answers that he does and she tells him to eat his fill even though he’s just lost his wife. She also tells him to move his stuff to the boys’ room so that Deok-In can be more comfortable.


Deok-In comes home to find Kyung-Cheol happily eating. He invites her to sit down and join them for dinner. Deok-In greets her mother-in-law politely and warmly before telling Kyung-Cheol that she’s already eaten.

Deok-In still comes out to help wash the dishes with her mother-in-law who happily chirps that this is why family should live together. Deok-In just answers that Kyung-Cheol will return to his normal ways if time passes.


True to her words, Kyung-Cheol turns into his selfish self in their room. Deok-In asks Kyung-Cheol to return to his own studio since Jinhee has probably moved out…She has no confidence in living with him now that he’s hurt her and she no longer loves him. Kyung-Cheol yells back that she should return to him while he’s being nice; he will continue being nice to her so she should be satisfied.

Deok-In does not back off and tells him that the most important thing is gone. She no longer loves him. Kyung-Cheol continues to threaten Deok-In by pulling her by her sweater. He snarls that he can do everything that Jinwoo did to her.


Bok-Rye enters at this point and pulls Kyung-Cheol away. She snaps at him for almost hitting his own wife and yells that she cannot keep holding on to Deok-In if he acts like such a weasel. Kyung-Cheol leaves in a huff while Deok-In’s legs finally lose their strength. Now that Kyung-Cheol is gone, she lets herself cry and she tells Bok-Rye that she would rather her mother-in-law be rude to her and treat her like a woman who got into an affair because her hsuband cheated on her…but, she just cannot live with Kyung-Cheol anymore. Bok-Rye falls next to her and apologizes that she cannot do anything.

At the same time, Jinwoo turns to alcohol as he tries to figure out what to do about his monster of a son. He’s not the only one musing. Eunseo pauses while making coffee as she realizes that she was so close to getting her wish with Jin-Myung promising to let Hyunseo take over the company when her father-in-law decided to get involved.

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Jin-Myung also feels pangs of guilt for betraying his wife and son so he takes Hong-Ran out to a nice dinner and gives her a pearl necklace.  Opening up the box, Hong-Ran’s first reaction is to ask if Jin-Myung is sick. Once he confirms that he’s healthy, Hong-Ran squeals in excitement and tells Jin-Myung that she loves him.  Jin-Myung answers by thanking her and she tells him she would rather hear, “I love you, too.”  Jin-Myung does not answer but Hong-Ran’s willing to take  what she gets.

Hong-Ran wears the necklace into the kitchen to gloat and wonders when Eunseo does not seem jealous.  Eunseo peacefully tells her that she’s getting older and is past the age where she would get jealous of a jewelry present to Hong-Ran.  Bursting with joy, Hong-Ran tells Eunseo that she will get something nice for Eunseo as well.


Hong-Ran then goes to Jin-Myung to ask if they can go on a trip after her current shooting wraps up.  He agrees to go to the Maldives with Hong-Ran as she asked.  Hong-Ran lights up and promises to be nice to Jin-Myung in the future.


She then goes straight downstairs to gloat to Eunseo.  She also declares that she’s going to be nice to Eunseo since this is all thanks to Eunseo forgiving Jin-Myung instead of telling their father-in-law.  Eunseo plays along but it’s unclear what she’s really thinking.

Deok-In makes dumplings for lunch and finds Jinwoo standing outside her shop again.  He walks in when their eyes meet but he still appears low on energy.  Deok-In asks if something is up and Jinwoo dismisses his past words as nothing.

Deok-In tells him that Kyung-Cheol sleeps with her brother-in-laws and hands over a delicious looking bowl of dumpling soup.  Jinwoo takes a sip and announces that it is delicious before asking about Deok-In’s son.  She tells him that her son’s name was “Jung Hoon Hwang.”


Jinwoo asks if she still misses her son a lot and Deok-In smiles that she is not afraid of dying now because it would just mean she can meet her son again sooner.  After lunch, they go to the park again and Jinwoo asks if Deok-In what would she do if she found out the person who caused her son’s death.

Deok-In cuts him off and tells him that it was an accident…Her son ran into the street when he was not supposed to and there were witnesses…However, she adds that if it was not an accident she would never forgive the aggressor and ask the person to kill her as well.


Deok-In come back to find Hong-Ran walking out of a flashy car in a brilliant red outfit.  She invites Hong-Ran into the shop and Hong-Ran declares that Deok-In has a pretty smiling face, which she loves…She hates it when people seem to be smiling or not smiling.

Deok-In offers her dumpling soup and her regulars come in…to be shocked to see a top star.  ^^ They turn into fanboys instantly and get ready to take a picture.

Jinwoo wanders around aimlessly remembering Deok-In’s words…


Hong-Ran takes Deok-In to a cafe and asks Deok-In if she has talked to Jinwoo yet.  Deok-In answers that she has not even though it was a request by their father because she wants Jinwoo to make his own decision.  Hong-Ran sighs that Deok-In really is different.  She goes home to tell Eunseo and both agree that Deok-In knows how to get a man’s love.

Deok-In reports back to Daddy Kang by apologizing.  He accepts her apology and tells her to let him know if Jinwoo ever changes his mind.

Over dinner, Hyunseo declares to everyone that his mother has decided to approve of Hyojung so he’s dating her officially.  Everyone congratulates Hyunseo while Eunseo looks like she chewed on some rocks.

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After the meal, Hong-Ran comes out to pester Eunseo who’s in a gloomy mood.  When Hyojung comes over for her inspection, Eunseo directly ignores Hyojung to her face.  Then she has Hyojung sit down before going up.  She tells Hyojung that her makeup is too thick, she has thin lips and should not shyly smile all the time, and also stop smiling with her eyes because she’s not cute.  Hyojung answers cautiously that she will try her best.

Eunseo snaps back that “trying her best” is not enough.  She warns Hyojung not to call Hyunseo out more than once a week as his health is not at is best.  She notes that she may have approved of their dating but now it’s up to Hyojung to deal with Eunseo.

Hyojung agrees and walks up to his room with her head fallen down…She tells Hyunseo that she’s really scared.


After Hyojung leaves, Hyunseo comes down to tell his mother that he has something to say.  In his room, he asks what she said to Hyojung and Eunseo explodes.  She yells that it took less than an hour for Hyojung to come running back to Hyunseo for nothing.

Hyunseo tries to threaten that he will not go out to the company if his mother continues to act unreasonably.  But, Eunseo is not willing to accept this threat.  She tells him that he does not need to go out to the company if he does not want to since she fulfilled her part of the bargain, she allowed him to date Hyojung.  She even notes that there is a reason that Jin-Myung promised to give the company to Hyunseo but he’s not in the mood to hear any of it.

Hyunseo walks out on his mother straight into Hong-Ran, who is standing in the hallway heaing everything.  Hong-Ran asks Eunseo if her husband promised to give the company to Hyunseo and Eunseo runs away realizing that she just let her rival find out her best advantage.

At that Hwang residence, Bok-Rye tells Kyung-Cheol to go back to his studio and give Deok-In some space.  Kyung-Cheol refuses and complains about Deok-In not being home yet.

Meanwhile, Deok-In checks by her mother’s restaurant to find that Hasoon has still not come out.  She returns to her restaurant and calls her mother-in-law to let her know that she’s safe.  Bok-Rye answers happily and tells Deok-In not to worry; she understands that Deok-In does not want to come home early to see Kyung-Cheol’s face.  She then asks Deok-In where she is and if she’s alone.  Deok-In answers that she’s at her own restaurant and alone, and Bok-Rye smiles that she loves Deok-In.


Kyung-Cheol overhears the whole conversation and gets up but his mother tells him to stop…At times like this, it’s best to pretend to fall for any lies and give them space.

Yet, Deok-In was not dying.  She has a drink by herself looking at the picture that she took with her mother.  At the same time, Jinwoo stumbles over drunkenly remembering how Deok-In told him that she loved him as well.  He makes it to the door of her restaurant but falls down near the entrance.

Deok-In hears the thump and comes out to ask Jinwoo if he is okay.  Jinwoo is almost unconscious and  falls on Deok-In.

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Kyung-Cheol sees this and pulls Jinwoo away and throws Jinwoo to the ground.  Deok-In refuses to leave the drunk Jinwoo on the ground and Kyung-Cheol ends up carrying Jinwoo on his back until Deok-In calls Yunseo.  She remembers Jinwoo asking her to pretend not to know that Yunseo is his son, so she has Kyung-Cheol speak with Yunseo instead.


Once they get Jinwoo’s address from Yunseo, they put him in a cab.  Yunseo has the decency to come down for his father and carries him up to his room.  He pauses before he leaves, noticing how much pain his father is in.

Kyung-Cheol and Deok-In come home together.  Bok-Rye welcomes them home happily but Kyung-Cheol announces that Deok-In was with Jinwoo and orders that she quit her restaurant immediately.  Hearing this, Bok-Rye glares at Deok-In and returns to her room.


All is not well at the Kang residence as well.  Jin-Myung comes home to find Hong-Ran furious.  She pulls her necklace off her neck and asks if he’s trying to joke around with her.  She follows Jin-Myung up to their room and yells at him for making a fool out of her; playing at love with Eunseo and promising to give the company to Hyunseo while Minseo studies his butt off.  Jin-Myung just repeats that he is going to give the company to Hyunseo and Hong-Ran agrees that she’s fine.  She does not need the shell of man in love with another woman.


Hong-Ran goes to Eunseo next to demand to know how Eunseo could not tell her about this promise.  Eunseo answers honestly that Hong-Ran should not try to manipulate others because she will always lose.  She explains that the only reason this was possible was because Hong-Ran encouraged Hyunseo who decided to gather his courage and try for the company so that he can date Hyojung.


In a rage, Hong-Ran calls both Jin-Myung and Eunseo out into the garden.  She demands to know once more if Jin-Myung will not change his mind.  When he confirms, she tears into Eunseo that she knows Eunseo is smart.  Eunseo did not forgive Jin-Myung because she loved him…Rather, she forgave him because she knew he would give the company to Hyunseo to compensate.

She warns the other two that she’s not Eunseo who can calmly scheme from behind the scenes.  She stomps into the house and calls for her mother-in-law and father-in-law.  Her father in law comes out and sits down and Hong-Ran announces that she wants a divorce.


Jin-Myung tells his father to ignore it.  The father-in-law announces that divorce is not a light subject.

Hong-Ran announces that Jin-Myung decided to give the company to Hyunseo.  The mother-in-law snaps at Hong-Ran for wanting a divorce just because her son does not inherit and Hong-Ran replies back that if Jin-Myung had objectively chosen Hyunseo, she would not be so furious.  However, she explains that she cannot accept Jin-Myung’s reason.

The father-in-law asks what the reason is and Eunseo stands up to stop Hong-Ran.  Ignoring Eunseo, Hong-Ran continues that Jin-Myung made this decision out of guilt…He could have saved his brother but did not.


I’ll admit it.  I started this series to watch Kim Jung-Eun and Song Chang-Eui’s love line and to see how the JH/KC v. JW/DI would work out.  However, the best part of this episode was the last ten minutes.  I LOVED how it seemed like the biggest threat to Eunseo’s plan for Hyunseo inheriting the company was Jinwoo…when in reality, they did not realize that they have a ticking time-bomb in Hong-Ran.

It really fits her personality.  Now that Jin-Myung has decided to give the company to Minseo, she has nothing to live for.  Sure, she loves Jin-Myung but knowing that he gave the company to the son of his first love will always be a constant reminder that he is not hers.  So loving the fact that Hong-Ran is not a noble idiot and will go straight to where the powers that be are…the parents and declare to everyone what’s going on.

This is a double-edged sword because this pretty much kills any chance that Minseo would have of inheriting since Minseo’s only claim was through his father.  However, this is the ultimate stab to Eunseo’s facade as an angel.  Now the parents know that Eunseo KNEW her husband could have been saved by Jin-Myung.  Yet, she FORGAVE him without any repercussions because he promised to give the company to Hyunseo.  Even an angel of forgiveness would not have been able to act like nothing had happened if one knew that one’s loved one was killed by another…Eunseo’s actions show that she’s a true-bred sociopath, she will do anything for her goal and the parents should know that she’s not that much more angelic than Hong-Ran who wears her weaknesses on her sleeve.

I feel like I’ve harped on this enough in the other episode recaps so I won’t say much more than the fact that Bok-Rye continues to disappoint me.

Finally, the Yunseo connection with Jung Hoon’s death was a shocker.  If the writer meant to do this from the beginning, bravo! I was completely caught unawares.  I have no idea how Deok-In will react in finding out this truth.  It makes it worse that Yunseo went off to keep bullying other people and Deok-In knows that Jinwoo has not really reprimanded his monster of a son…

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