Make a Woman Cry – E22

Jinwoo goes on a soul searching journey, at the end of which, he returns to propose to Deok-In.


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Jinwoo turns around to face Deok-In who asks him if he had been watching her from hiding every night. He doesn’t answer and begins to walk by.

Deok-In asks why he’s doing this… He had been the one who had said that he wants to love her even if it cannot be fulfilled. She had been willing to accept that his heart changed… But, why is he watching her from hiding like an idiot?

Jinwoo answers that he missed her even if it’s just him. He wants to remember her even if she forgets him one day. Then he begins to confess… He tells her that he has no right to love her or ask her to love him… Yet, since he cannot stop his heart, he wants to love her.

Deok-In’s tears stop as she’s confused by Jinwoo’s not answer and Jinwoo walks on…leaving her to think maybe it is his family that he’s talking about.


At home, Jinwoo broods in the living room and even cries. Coming out for the bathroom, Yun-seo sees this and stands there.

The next morning, Jinwoo prepares breakfast for his son again. He tells Yunseo to eat since he will be in the living room.


Suddenly, Yunseo tells him that the only people who know about the incident are him, Hyunjin and Jungsoo. Since both of them currently think of Deok-In like a mother, they wouldn’t tell her and he won’t tell Deok-In as well.


The scheming continues at the Kang house as the sister-in-laws get angry about how the father-in-law favors Deok-In. He even tells everyone to prepare an official engagement party. The current sister-in-laws sigh about how unfortunate it is that their children are not healthy and smart. Hong-Ran also worries that Deok-In is healthy having been a detective and is likely to have children.

At the Hwang house, Deok-In tells everyone about Jinhee going to study abroad and insists that her mother leaves. Her mother promises to leave so that Deok-In goes out.

Then she goes to Bok-Rye to ask about a sauna. Bok-Rye worries about Hasoon having no place to stay and she tells Bok-Rye to insist that she stays. Worried, Bok-Rye tells Hasoon to stay until she finds a place and Hasoon agrees happily.


Deok-In goes to check on Kyung-Soo who’s working hard. He tells her that she does not have to worry about him anymore.

Meanwhile, Hasoon goes to Kyung-Ah’s hair salon and distributes snacks asking everyone to be nice to Kyung-Ah. Hence, she’s still at the house when Deok-In comes home.


Bok-Rye tells Deok-In not to worry as its better to keep Hasoon at home where they can see her. Plus, she tells Deok-In that they would be happy to keep Hasoon around after all that Deok-In has done for them.


The next day, the mother calls Jinwoo home to tell him to set a date for the engagement. Everyone is shocked when Jinwoo has no idea that Deok-In divorced. Realizing that he needs to protect his little brother, Jin-Myung calls Jinwoo into the study.


Jinwoo hesitates and then confesses that Deok-In’s son died because of Yunseo’s bullying… So, he has no right to tell Deok-In that he loves her. Jinwoo adds that he is so scared of fate… How could anyone know that such a horrible connection would be between them?

Jin-Myung confirms everyone who knows. He then tells Jinwoo to keep it a secret. After all, Deok-In suffered with Kyung-Cheol. Telling the truth may not always be the right answer… If Jinwoo can make Deok-In happy, he can hide the truth and try to make Deok-In happy… Enduring the guilt as if it is atonement.


With a confused and heavy heart, Jinwoo goes on a backpacking trip leaving his son alone to fend for himself… ^^;;;;; Jinwoo!


Meanwhile, Hong-Ran tells his father-in-law that Jinwoo broke up with Deok-In. Surprised that Jinwoo is not planning on joining the company, he goes to demand that Jin-Myung tell him what they talked about.

Protecting his younger brother, Jin-Myung stays silent even though his father accuses him of hiding the truth out of greed for the company. Finally, the mother stands up and yells at her husband that Jin-Myung is their son as well and treating him less than a human won’t bring their dead son back.

The father does not give up and calls Deok-In into his office to ask her what happened. She tells him that she had no idea and comes back to find Hong-Ran waiting.


Hong-Ran complains that she has no idea if Deok-In is putting on a show. But, she gets convinced and goes to tell Eunseo. Hearing this, Eunseo still worries since there’s no place for Jinwoo to go even if he breaks up with Deok-In except for the company.


She walks out to run into Hyojung who asks to have a word. Eunseo reluctantly comes to sit down in living room but continues to look away. Hyojung carefully asks Eunseo what she does not like about Hyojung. Eunseo snaps around to call Hyojung vain for even asking as if Hyojung is implying that there is nothing to not like about herself. Trying again, Hyojung asks if Eunseo is worried that Hyojung only likes Hyunseo because of his wealthy background. She quietly explains that she felt bad for Hyunseo’s sincerity since he cares about her so much.

Eunseo narrows her eyes and asks if Hyojung is as worried about any of the other pitiful patients at Hyojung’s hospital. Laughing she asks Hyojung if she lies to her own self. Hyojung cries that she finds Eunseo scary and Eunseo answers flippantly that Hyojung should just leave. Hyojung exclaims that she can’t since Hyunseo is sick but Eunseo spits back that then it’s Hyunseo’s fate to die…Unless Hyojung is implying that Eunseo should stop making a big deal out of a sick son.

Overhearing this, Kyung-Tae rushes in and yells at Hyojung for staying there and listening to Eunseo’s verbal abuse like an idiot. He tells her to leave but Hyojung just walks up to Hyunseo’s room.


Kyung-Tae stops her in the hallway to tell her to quit everything and to start over again, implying that he wants to start over again with her. Hyojung tells him that it’s too late and it’s better to like Hyunseo than a man who would love someone for money alone. Their conversation gets interrupted by Hong-Ran who comes out to ask about the ruckus and comment that they fight unusually for siblings. She asks Kyung-Tae if he’s really Hyojung brother and he leaves without answering.


On a beach far away, a middle aged man wakes Jinwoo away on the beach. Handing him a warm cup of coffee, he warns Jinwoo that the tide is coming in. Jinwoo wakes up and we see him walking on the street…to another peach? With a bunch of seagulls for company he looks out to the water and remembers his time with Deok-In. Biking, playing with flour…kissing. Notably, he does not seemed worried about Yunseo? I presume he told his son that he would take some time off because ya know… Yunseo is still a minor, granted that you won’t starve in Korea since you can deliver everything but it’s the thought that counts?

Luckily for Jinwoo, Deok-In is still madly in love and she’s thinking about him as well. She pauses in cleaning and sits down as she remembers how Jinwoo told her that he came to watch her close up because he missed her. Feeling something, she looks out to find an unshaven Jinwoo at her door. He announces that he’s hungry and asks for food.

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Deok-In immediately starts to nag Jinwoo for the state that he’s in and tells him that his family is worried.


Jinwoo answers with a question…why didn’t she tell him about her divorce? Was she worried that he would be burdened? He hugs her and tells her that he missed her except Deok-In sniffles that Jinwoo sounds so sad…she ends up shedding a tear.

Resident idiot sighs away while drinking at a snazzy bar as if his family could not use the money he’s currently spending? ^^ I’ll stop. So, remembering Jinhee’s words that she waited just so that he would divorce, Kyung-Cheol takes another gulp of alcohol and laughs.


Jinwoo comes home to find his whole family waiting for him. Jin-Myung worriedly notes that Jinwoo looks pretty beaten up. Jinwoo answers that he had a lot to think about but he’s decided to continue with the engagement.

Daddy Kang jumps back to Jinwoo joining the company and he responds that he’s not ready to return yet. The mother has to jump in and note that Daddy Kang is being too rude to Jin-Myung. However, Jin-Myung just smiles that he’s fine. He wishes Jinwoo well before going back upstairs.


After the meeting, the two schemers go to the kitchen where Eunseo wonders about why Jinwoo wanted to break up with Deok-In. She explains for the slower Hong-Ran that this reason is extremely important to their cause…It was serious enough that Jinwoo did not tell Deok-In but felt that he had to end the relationship. Therefore, it has a chance of breaking them up again if she finds out. She tasks Hong-Ran on checking with Deok-In to see if Jinwoo told her.

Hong-Ran does as she’s told and confirms to Eunseo that Deok-In does not know. Eunseo moves on to her knight. She yells at Jin-Myung to tell her what Jinwoo’s reason is since it might be the only way to protect Hyunseo and Jin-Myung. She explains in a fit of hysterics that Jinwoo is like his older brother, he would not have remarried unless he was certain that Deok-In was the one for him…if he marries Deok-In and has a child, Hyunseo would lose any chance of inheriting the company and he’s already sick…

Jin-Myung responds that Hyunseo does not seem to have an interest in inheriting but Eunseo stands firm in her beliefs. She spits back that Hyunseo does not know what he wants.


Eunseo changes her tactic. She pleads with Jin-Myung to tell her if he loves her. Jin-Myung tells her to please stop as there are things that he cannot tell her even if he loves her…especially if she plans to use the information to stop Jinwoo’s wedding.

Eunseo declares that she will find out whether or not Jin-Myung tells her and starts to think out loud noting that Jinwoo quit his job at the school even though he did not plan on joining the company. She jumps to the guess that it must be connected with Yunseo. Jin-Myung flinches when Eunseo guesses. He quickly denies it before running away.


She tells Hong-Ran and they put their plan in motion. Like a scheming black widow, Eunseo goes to ask their mother-in-law whether or not they should call the school to inquire about how Yunseo has been these days… After all, Eunseo sighs that Yunseo has to be sensitive about getting a new mother.


The mother-in-law agrees and sighs that there is no one who cares about the family more than Eunseo… Hearing this, Hong-Ran bursts into laughter and murmurs that Eunseo should be an actress… One glare quiets her and she coughs that she’s worried about Yunseo as well.

The mother-in-law calls the school and finds out that Yunseo is quiet at school ad well… The two out their heads together after this new information. Out of silence, Eunseo tells Hong-Ran to watch and learn.


Eunseo asks Hong-Ran about the reason why Deok-In’s child died. Hong-Ran answers that it was an accident and Eunseo follows up whether or not it was a suicide. Hong-Ran insists that it was an accident but Eunseo has a feeling. She instructs Hong-Ran to find out what school the child attended.

Jin-Myung walks by and calls Hong-Ran out to ask about what the two women are planning. Hong-Ran refuses to answer and Jin-Myung asks her to stop Eunseo.


Bursting with happiness at the change in attitude, Hong-Ran gloats that Jin-Myung cannot stop Eunseo once she has set her mind. She asks him if he even knows how she suffered all these years.

Then, like the naive child that she is, she declares that she’s going to watch Eunseo break Jinwoo and Deok-In up. Then she’s going to tell Daddy Kang about Eunseo’s role.

Meanwhile, Jinwoo takes Deok-In to a nice restaurant. She pauses to note that they can eat at a cheaper place. Jinwoo tells her that he has stuff to say so why not at a nice place?

They pour wine and Deok-In asks him why he quit the school… She also notes that she knows the family did not disapprove of her and his feelings did not change… So why did he break up?

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Jinwoo remarks that she truly is a detective. When Deok-In persists with her questions, Jinwoo blurts out that the family wants to hold an official engagement party and pulls out a diamond ring. He puts it in the table and Deok-In loses her train of thought… Asking if it’s a real diamond.

Jinwoo sighs that he should have put on a better event. However, he still hopes that she would accept him.

Deok-In smiles that she does not need an event. Jinwoo smiles and takes the ring out of its box and slips it on Deok-In’s finger.

With the changing music, Deok-In stares at Jinwoo and asks if she can really accept the ring and be happy.

Jinwoo looks away at her words… Tearing up and not answering.

Deok-In sees this and asks why Jinwoo looks so sad.

Jinwoo responds, “No matter what kind of sorrow comes, I will always love you. I love you Deok-In.”


We went from annoying noble idiot to proposing in one episode? Bravo writer! I love the pace!

Jin-Myung’s suggestion to Jinwoo highlighted a whole new side to Jin-Myung that I had not realized while watching this drama… I love it! The writer totally planned it and spun the story so that you don’t expect the brother who kept his mouth shut for his sinning brother to end up needing the same favor… The nice and clean-cut teacher decides that he cannot test whether his relationship would survive his son’s sins and ends up lying to the woman he loves… A lie about the thing that she cares about the most – her son’s death. What a twist! ^°^

Additionally, it explained a lot about Jin-Myung’s current obsession with Eunseo. If he believed that he was keeping it a secret and bearing the guilt so that he can keep Eunseo happy… Then it’s inevitable for his obsession to only grow. He’s writing his own makjang love story. Hong-Ran never had a chance.

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