[KOSSIP!] Make a Woman Cry Hits 23% – New Record!




Although, it’s Wednesday, cheer up Readers! According to Naver’s XSports News, MAWC hit 23% on this past weekend! Woohoo!!!  Additionally, according to Nielsen, It came in second on Saturday and Sunday (July 11-12, 2015) to Blue Bird’s House. As a treat short spoilers below while recaps are still a-coming. ^.~



1. [+902, -94] KJE deserves the top star award or the daesang at the end of this year…even the action scenes…best acting…

2. [+780, -70]  Ha Hee Ra [Eunseo]…f*cking hate her…

3.  [+730, -70] KJE’s acting deserves a daesang and Lee Tae Ran’s [Hong-Ran] acting is so natural. Ha Hee Ra acts like a newbie and it looks like she’s reading from an elementary book.

5.  [+497, -60] This is more fun than Legendary Witches!

6. [+466, -63] KJE and Ha Hee Ra are the best~~

7. [+200, -5] At least, it much more fun than Blue Bird’s House.










This weekend, Hong-Ran goes to Deok-In’s restaurant at Daddy Kang’s request.   However, she finds Deok-In’s restaurant closed…and nearby?  Eunseo’s dead husband Jinhan Kang! What?!  Jinhan is selling pastries on the street and when Hong-Ran tells him that he looks familiar, answers that it is the first time he’s seeing her.  Not, convinced Hong-Ran looks for Jinhan’s younger pictures and realizes the uncanny resemblance.  She does her usual Hong-Ran in celebrating before doing anything as she determines that she might have a way to obtain revenge on both Jin-Myung and Eunseo.

Credits:  Naver

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