Love on a Rooftop – E68

Do-Jin and Dae-Ho get the bright idea of taking Mi-Ja’s mother’s ashes and burying it. When she finds out that her urn is gone, Mi-Ja loses it.


In the morning, Sang-Man and Mi-Ja discuss the possibility of Se-Ryung actually making Mi-Ja do all the work once she gets married. Mi-Ja declares that she won’t do it but… Who knows?


Seung-Hye wakes Se-Ryung up for breakfast. Wide eyes and dazed, Se-Ryung wakes up and asks why Do-Jin is not there but Seung-Hye is.

Seung-Hye pours herself some soup for breakfast and explains that Se-Ryung came over drunk. Since Se-Ryung was in no state to move, Do-Jin left.

Afterwards, Seung-Hye gets a call from her mother and lies that she slept at Kyung-Tae’s place with Dae-Shil. Dong-Sook orders that Seung-Hye bring all of Dae-Shil’s used side dish containers so Seung-Hye ends up stopping there before going home.


Dae-Shil tells Seung-Hye that she needs this resolved soon. Seung-Hye agrees but then comes over to ask Dae-Shil for some advice about whether or not she should be allowed to continue to be selfish about love. Dae-Shil tells her that it is normal to be selfish in love and reassures her.


Meanwhile, Dae-Ho visits Do-Jin at his cafe. He explains that he still remembers Mi-Ja’s younger image and wants to bury Mi-Ja’s mother’s ashes somewhere nice.


Do-Jin accepts Dae-Ho’s offer and gets help from Sang-Man. Handing over the urn, Sang-Man tells Do-Jin that this is the only time he will betray Mi-Ja because it’s for her better good. Do-Jin takes the urn and goes with Dae-Ho…


Sang-Man goes to tell Mi-Ja who slaps him for betraying her. She tells him to leave her and never show up in front of her eyes again when she hears that Do-Jin went with Dae-Ho.


Dae-Ho has found a place for the urn in a cemetery and the two pay their respects.


At the same time, Mi-Ja barges into Dong Rak Dang and yells for Dae-Ho. She even grabs Dong-Sook’s dress with one hand and pulls her to the side yelling for Dae-Ho to come out.

Soon-Im asks why Mi-Ja is making such a ruckus. Mi-Ja answers that Dae-Ho took her mother’s ashes, which were supposed to be buried at Dong Rak Dang as she loved the place so much. Hearing that it’s about Mi-Ja’s mother’s ashes, Soon-Im turns around to go back inside. She tells Mi-Ja that it’s all one’s destiny.


Mi-Ja sobs to her mother that she wanted to fulfill her mother’s last wish…and faints in the courtyard. The women bring Mi-Ja into Seung-Hye’s room and let her rest.

As the men walk away from the grave, they tell each other that they are feeling the same thing. Both men thank each other for accompanying them on this day..

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Do-Jin brings up his dating Seung-Hye. Dae-Ho tells him that he personally likes Do-Jin but, he wants Mi-Ja to stop being hurt by his family. He thinks that it’s best for Mi-Ja to stop getting involved with his family and he believes that would be achieved by Do-Jin and Seung-Hye breaking up… Additionally, he notes that Mi-Ja does not like Seung-Hye.

Dae-Ho walks off first and Do-Jin runs to catch him before he gets in the car, which would end the conversation. Do-Jin asks Dae-Ho to be on his side if he can convince Mi-Ja.

Smiling at Do-Jin’s request, Dae-Ho responds that by taking Do-Jin’s side, he would have to be against Dong-Sook and Soon-Im.

Do-Jin responds that if Dae-Ho were truly on his side, he would convince Dong-Sook and Soon-Im to be on Do-Jin’s side as well.


Dae-Ho laughs about Do-Jin smart remark and they turn on their phones to find that they missed a bunch of calls. Realizing that something must have happened, they rush home to find Mi-Ja hooked up to an IV in Seung-Hye’s room. Kyung-Tae also sees to Soon-Im and preens that he’s useful to the family.


Dong-Sook smiles that Kyung-Tae is useful but so is EQ as EQ helped with Dae-Ho’s back and Seung-Ah’s ankle.


At the same time, EQ checks on Seung-Ah’s ankle and Sun-Sook tells him off for glancing at Seung-Ah. He smiles that he has no ill intentions and thinks of Seung-Ah as a younger sister.

Still smarting from Yunho’s answer, Seung-Ah snaps that she hates hearing that she’s like a little sister the most!

EQ looks at her and then bashfully asks if she would rather hear that she’s like a “girlfriend.”

Realizing that the other option is girlfriend instead of little sister, Seung-Ah pulls her leg away quickly and backs up closer to her aunt.

Back at home, Seung-Hye tells Do-Jin to understand his mother who was not ready to lose her own mother. Do-Jin sighs that he knows but did not expect her to react in this way.

Seung-Hye tells him that she is fine as she’s strong and worries about how Mi-Ja will react to Do-Jin. Do-Jin jokes back that Seung-Hye can protect him.


As they finish talking, Mi-Ja comes out and tells them that she’s leaving with Do-Jin following.


Seung-Hye tells her mom who snaps that Mi-Ja is rude for leaving with saying anything and reminds Seung-Hye that she does not approve of thing their house to Mi-Ja…


When Mi-Ja arrives at home, she yells at Do-Jin for taking her mother’s ashes. Do-Jin promises that he left her somewhere respectful and Mi-Ja glares that he better show her where he buried her mother’s ashes.


The next day, Seung-Hye sneaks out when her mom is gone. At the same time, Dae-Ho visits Mi-Ja to apologize for everything… He reassures her that he buried her mother in a good place and hopes that she can also move on now that her mother is buried.

Mi-Ja jumps up and yells at him. She tells him that there is no reason that she has to move on just so Dae-Ho and Soon-Im can feel more comfortable. She tells him to leave immediately.


Seung-Hye is at Do-Jin’s cafe where she tells him she understands his mother needs more time. Then they talk about Seung-Hye’s great new idea which is to sell tea shaved ice.

Se-Ryung calls and Do-Jin does not answer. Seeing the phone, Seung-Hye encourages him to pick up the phone as the two people have things to resolve. When he does, she leaves to give them some privacy.


Hmmmm, why do I feel bad for Mi-Ja in this episode? I know that she is basically a manipulative witch but I don’t think it helps anyone to find closure and move on to be forced to let go of something… I think both Do-Jin and Dae-Ho did not really think this one through….

On another note… Anyone feeling the possible hints at a Seung-Ah/EQ pairing? Considering how he almost forced himself on Dae-Shil and he’s old enough to be paired with Dae-Shil…. I’m a bit uncomfortable about this pairing…

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