Make a Woman Cry – E20

Hong-Ran gets kicked out to the curb when the whole family turns against her.  T_T  Meanwhile, Yunseo gets himself kidnapped.



Hong-Ran stares back at Eunseo triumphantly and she falls back down to the couch.  The father-in-law turns to his son to demand what Hong-Ran is talking about.  Hong-Ran tries to explain and he silences her.  He demands that Jin-Myung answer himself.

Not looking up, Jin-Myung answers that he could have saved his brother who had fallen into the water…but, he did not.

Eunseo looks on Jin-Myung sorrowfully.

The father-in-law looks at Jin-Myung to ask why he did it.  Hong-Ran tries to answer but gets silenced again.  Jin-Myung embraces Eunseo again and answers that he did it out of a desire to take over the company…The father and mother seem to buy this lie.


The father-in-law asks how Jin-Myung could do this and  gasps for breath.  He has to get help from his wife and Eunseo…before, he goes into his room, he shouts, “how could you do this to your brother and still call me your father?!”

The mother brings her husband in before he can have a heart attack and Hong-Ran explodes at hwo Jin-Myung could try to protect Eunseo even at this moment.  The mother-in-law tells Eunseo to grab some water and medicine while Hong-Ran goes for a beer herself.


Hong-Ran growls that Eunseo must have been moved by Jin-Myung covering for her until the end.  Hong-Ran tells Eunseo that she will end it all for Eunseo.

Eunseo asks how Hong-Ran can think about doing that.

Hong-Ran answers that she will tell the in-laws that Jin-Myung did it for love and Eunseo chose the older Kang sibling for money.  When the older sibling died, she seduced Jin-Myung.

Eunseo snaps back that Hong-Ran can try…If she does, Eunseo will not stand by quietly either.  She tells Hong-Ran that she will make sure that Hong-Ran gets committed in an insane asylum for having such delusions.  She warns Hong-Ran not to try anything stupid.


Hong-Ran runs to her husband to ask how he could start all this by promising to give the company to Hyunseo.  Jin-Myung snaps back that he could never her because he does not care about what he can see.  Even if Hong-Ran is beautiful, he does not care about the outside as much as the inside.  However, Hong-Ran has nothing on the inside and sometimes felt like she was like empty snake skin.  All she ever wanted was for him to focus on her without ever trying to see how he would feel…he has been trying to protect Eunseo and Hyunseo from the beginning because he is the reason his brother could not be there to do the same…

Calming down, Jin-Myung tells her that he is sorry…He tried to love her because he married her but he could not.  He knows that there are many men out there who would love a woman like Hong-Ran and tells her to go find one of them.


Eunseo goes in to ask how her mother-in-law and father-in-law are doing.  The father-in-law has fallen asleep but the mother-in-law sighs sorrowfully that Jin-Myung is also their son…If a son has committed a sin, it is also a sin of the parents as well.

Eunseo notes that Jin-Myung was also young at the time…The mother-in-law sighs that she understands how Jin-Myung could have been jealous of the brother who monopolized his father’s love…She also worries how her husband would react when he wakes up.  She tells Eunseo to check on Jin-Myung.


Eunseo checks on Jin-Myung and tells him that there will be a way out of this as well with a smile.  As she turns around, Jin-Myung tells her to stop as well…He is not the youth that he was of 24 years old…And she looks so tired.

Eunseo leaves as Jin-Myung remembers his wife’s words about how manipulative Eunseo is for not telling their father-in-law who would just bring Jinwoo into the picture and Eunseo would lose everything. Looks like one less person is caught in Eunseo’s web.

Hong-Ran comes out to see Eunseo walk out of Jin-Myung’s study and asks if they are planning how to put her into an insane asylum. Eunseo snarls back that she can start thinking about it now.  She turns to walk back downstairs after muttering that Hong-Ran should stop trying to eat cake that is too big for her.

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Hong-Ran tries to run after Eunseo but her mother-in-law comes up to yell at Hong-Ran.  She tells Hong-Ran to leave for her family’s house early in the morning since they are going to get divorced anyways.  She asks how a wife could tell on her husband like this.

Left alone in the hallway, Hong-Ran cries that she is the door mat that everyone can dump things on…She kind of is, which is sad since she has the most access to the public…she definitely could have had a much more respected role in the family had she played her cards right.

Meanwhile, Yunseo comes in to try to undress his father.  After a feeble and half-hearted attempt, he leaves.  In the morning, Jinwoo has to cook himself some soup for his epic hangover and Yunseo comes out smirking.


Jinwoo tells Yunseo to eat before leaving.  Yunseo asks if Jinwoo is going crazy because he hates Yunseo.

Jinwoo responds that no matter how much he hates Yunseo, he cannot let his son starve.

Yunseo suggests that Jinwoo just send him off to his mother’s family as he won’t starve.

Jinwoo refuses without a thought.  He tells Yunseo that if they start to live apart, their relationship will end.  Yunseo asks if that scares Jinwoo and Jinwoo just tells him to sit and eat.


At the same time, the Hwang family eats breakfast while Deok-In tells her mother-in-law that she’s going to leave without having breakfast. The siblings cautiously tell Deok-In to have a good day while Kyung-Cheol yells at his mother to keep a closer eye on Deok-In.

After Kyung-Tae and Kyung-Ah leave, Bok-Rye asks Kyung-Soo what the new guy looks like.  Kyung-Soo answers that he was responsible and dependable looking.  Kyung-Cheol snaps that he looks like a shaman; he looks like feminine.  Kyung-Soo interrupts that the man is good-looking.


Bok-Rye asks what the new man’s occupation is and Kyung-Soo answers that he’s a teacher.  Bok-Rye notes that she wants to meet him.

Kyung-Cheol glares at his mother to ask how she could meet with the man when her own son is still alive.  Bok-Rye answers that Deok-In is not just a daughter-in-law to her…If the man is decent, she is willing to let her go. >.< Omg, I think I just teared up.  I take everything back that I said about Bok-Rye if she actually becomes decent instead of just saying this to spur Kyung-Cheol on.

Kyung-Cheol comes into the kitchen while Bok-Rye and Kyung-Soo wash the dishes to tell Bok-Rye not to meet the man or tell Deok-In anything.  He knows that the only reason that Deok-In has not left is because of Bok-Rye.

Bok-Rye sighs that Kyung-Cheol is her son but she cannot understand how audacious he could be and leaves.  Kyung-Cheol does not seem fazed and looks at Kyung-Soo to demand to know why he’s so supportive of Deok-In.  Kyung-Soo answers contemptuously that he’s always been on Deok-In’s side. (Ok, I’ve decided! THIS IS THE TYPE OF PERSON THAT THE KOREAN GOVERNMENT SHOULD HIRE AS A SOCIAL WORKER.  You get a stable job with a great pension.  I think it’d be perfect for Kyung-Soo TT_TT Am I too attached to these characters? Probably.)


Back at the Kang house, everyone waits for the father-in-law for breakfast.  He sits down and tells Jin-Myung to leave as he does not want to eat at the same table as Jin-Myung.  Without a fight, Jin-Myung gets up first and Eunseo shoots a glare at Hong-Ran.

Realizing the tense atmosphere, the mother-in-law dismisses Hyunseo and Minseo.  Then she turns to Hong-Ran to tell her to leave for her family’s house now.  Hong-Ran turns to her father-in-law for help but he just answers that he has no interest in any matter that has to do with Jin-Myung.

The father-in-law leaves as the mother-in-law reminds Hong-Ran to pack up today.  Eunseo looks up to ask Hong-Ran if she’s satisfied after getting herself kicked out just because she could not think things through.  She smirks that she gets to see Hong-Ran getting kicked out of the house before the in-laws pass away.

The adults get ready for Jin-Myung and the father-in-law to leave.  When he comes out, the father-in-law tells Jin-Myung that he does not need to come out to the company anymore.  Jin-Myung offers to train his replacement but his father answers that a dead person cannot train his replacement.  He leaves.


After Jin-Myung walks upstairs, the mother-in-law mutters how this is all Hong-Ran’s fault.  She tells Hong-Ran to leave after ruining her son’s life.  Hong-Ran turns to her mother-in-law and exclaims that it’s Eunseo’s fault for tearing their relationship apart.

The mother-in-law answers that Hong-Ran must really need psychological treatment.  Even though Eunseo is a widow, she’s not the age where she needs to be hearing such words just because Hong-Ran is not suited to be a wife.  She tells Hong-Ran to leave immediately and returns to her room.

Eunseo turns to Hong-Ran and gloats telling her that she warned Hong-Ran not to make any accusations without proof… Hong-Ran  cries that her head is about to burst and she goes up to her room to hide in bed.

Jin-Myung comes up to ask Hong-Ran if she wants to leave or if he should.  Hong-Ran asks how the whole family could be so heartless to her and Jin-Myung responds that it would be awkward for them to continue to live together.  He offers to leave until she’s done with her filming but Hong-Ran gets up instead shouting that she will leave.


With her bags packed, Hong-Ran comes down in full make-up in heels.  She finds Eunseo waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs.  She tells Hong-Ran to call before she comes back for the rest of her stuff and Hong-Ran mutters that Eunseo can toss the rest of her stuff…


Eunseo calls out for the mother-in-law that Hong-Ran is leaving.  The mother-in-law calls out that Hong-Ran should leave quietly.  Eunseo smiles and comments that not even Jin-Myung came down to see Hong-Ran leave so Hong-Ran has to be seen out by Eunseo.  She tells Hong-Ran to go well and turns around…And so, Hong-Ran leaves the Kang residence in disgrace because she could not plan over Eunseo.

After Hong-Ran leaves, the mother-in-law comes out to see if Hong-Ran actually left.  She wonders how Hong-Ran could just leave just because she was told to leave.  Eunseo looks surprised and pretends to be a bit lonely as well.

Jin-Myung walks back into the empty room and looks around to see the space that Hong-Ran had filled up….which, is basically 80% of the room.  He finds the box that housed the pearl necklace on the floor and puts it back on the dresser with a heavy hand.

When he walks out, he finds Eunseo waiting for him and she asks if he wants breakfast.  Jin-Myung curtly answers that she does not need to worry about him and goes into his study.  Eunseo follows him into his office and tells him to think about it as a vacation…He can leave the rest to Eunseo.


Without turning around, Jin-Myung tells her to stop.

Eunseo explodes that she cannot let it be…”There are lives that cannot afford a single mistake and must be planned.”  She continues to explain that she has committed so many sins that she cannot let things be…She became a widowed single mother with just a building…her son asks why he was born and now Jin-Myung has been cornered like this…(Er…She has a building in Korea… I don’t understand what is so hard about her life?)

Jin-Myung begs her to please stop everything that she’s planning and find some peace.  However, Eunseo turns back and tells him that it’s not in her control for her to stop.

Daddy Kang tells Jinwoo to come into the company as Jin-Myung has decided to resign.  When Jinwoo asks what happened, his father just tells him to talk to Jin-Myung directly.


Jinwoo goes to ask Jin-Myung why his older brother let his father know…They both know that the oldest son had been their father’s favorite…They knew that the father would stop seeing Jin-Myung if he knew.

Jin-Myung tells Jinwoo that he could not control it and apologizes for letting their father find out even though Jinwoo suffered to keep it a secret.  Jinwoo sighs that he has something much more important their company to worry about right now.  Looking surprised, Jin-Myung asks Jinwoo what happened and Jinwoo promises to tell him later.


After brooding a little longer, Jinwoo comes in to tell Deok-In that he cannot eat the soup of the day.  He just tells her that he’s sorry before leaving again.  He walks out and pauses in front of the window and looks in…before wandering off.

Her regulars come running in happily and Deok-In serves the two before asking if anything is happening at school.  The regulars tell Deok-In that things have quieted down and no one really cares about Yunseo these days.

At the same time, Yunseo tells his minions that he is going to go some place since his father is involved in an affair and no one at the school respects him.  Looks like the focus returns to the school?


Deok-In goes home and fondles her cell phone as she remembers his endearing text messages.  Yet, no text message comes.  Kyung-Cheol interrupts her thoughts to plant doubts.  He smiles that Kyung-Cheol is no longer messaging her “good night” because the family probably disapproves.

Deok-In leaves the room but Kyung-Cheol follows.  He tells Deok-In that Jinwoo was just playing with her and he said all those pretty words because he knew he would leave… Deok-In tells him that she needs some time alone and returns to her room and locks the door.

Gloating that he must have won, Kyung-Cheol starts to wonder about Jinhee again.  He calls her to see if she went home yet… In fact, Jinhee is still staying at the studio and picks up the phone in shock.

screenshot_2015-07-12-18-24-16-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-12-18-24-39-resized-640

Kyung-Cheol smiles that he had no idea that Jinhee would still be at the studio.  Happy that his wife cannot go to Jinwoo and Jinhee is still waiting for him, he decides to return to the studio the next day. OMG SOMEONE THROW THIS GUY OUT THE WINDOW!

Jinwoo tries calling his son but finds Yunseo’s phone off…

The next day, her regulars tell Deok-In that Yunseo has not come to school in four days…Deok-In sees Jinwoo walk by worriedly and finds out that Yunseo has not even gone home in the past four days…

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Deok-In calls in her past faithful students to ask them to look into what happened with Yunseo.

At the Kang residence, Hyunseo yells at his mother for not telling him why Hong-Ran and Jin-Myung seemed to be separated.  Eunseo responds that she will tell her son if he needs to know.

Hyunseo snaps that he likes Hong-Ran because she does not think about everything over and over again.  Eunseo snaps back that Hong-Ran doesn’t think…


However, the day is not over for Hyunseo.  Hyojung comes over bearing a gift for him and his family because his family cooked some seasoned grabs. Eunseo tells Hyojung to follow her into the kitchen where Eunseo tries the sauce.  She finds that they used cider and dumps the whole box full of crabs into the sink in front of Hyojung.

When Hyojung gets off of work, she finds Kyung-Tae waiting for her.  He tells her that he’s willing to give everything up for her.  Hyojung does not turn back around and tells Kyung-Tae that she’s moved on.

Deok-In’s regulars come back with information. Yunseo got involved with a real gang, which found out that Yunseo must belong to a rich family.  They’re worried that they’re holding Yunseo hostage and Yunseo is refusing to call his family for ransom.

screenshot_2015-07-12-18-26-08-resized-640 screenshot_2015-07-12-18-28-18-resized-640

Deok-In goes to check with her detective underlying and gets some more information about where the gang hangs out.  Deciding that she needs to step in, she brings out a borrowed? motorcycle and barges into an abandoned warehouse full of thugs.  (Thank goodness that Korea bans guns so that Deok-In can even attempt this!)

Major fighting ensues as Deok-In beats up everyone in sight…Then the thugs wise up and start to gang up on her and she ends up harboring a wound.  She runs in to find Yunseo bleeding in another room…Just as a bunch of ugly thugs converge.


ROAR!  Omg, they’re too much.  As much as I agree that Hong-Ran is out of her depths in this powerplay with Eunseo, treating her like that and kicking her out was infuriating!  I don’t know why but I find her inability to keep her thoughts to herself refreshing.  At least you know that Hong-Ran would never betray you, you get full warning when she’s about to turn on you…

A part of me hopes that Hong-Ran decides to get revenge on the family who kicked her out like this…And since she’s a beloved top star anyways, she uses her access to the media to start staging a counter attack.  It wouldn’t be difficult for her to arrive at all of the company’s official events or to let it slip with important business people about the discussions to make her son the heir… There are many ways that Hong-Ran can bring the company down with her if it decides to turn its back on her.  As her fan, I say go for it.

Yunseo’s kidnapping? What the random?!  I guess it’s the plot device that will make Yunseo warm up to Deok-In and then leave the angst in her court.  However, it just felt really random.

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