Love on a Rooftop – E69

Seung-Hye continues to meet Do-Jin despite her mother’s wishes and Dae-Ho finds out that Mi-Ja had been pregnant when she was kicked out of Dong Rak Dang.



Do-Jin finally meets with Se-Ryung in an attempt to give her closure.  Sitting in a peaceful park, Se-Ryung sighs that it’s been over ten years since they knew each other.  Do-Jin tries to interrupt Se-Ryung from using emotionally blackmailing him but Se-Ryung continues.

Se-Ryung tells him that it was raining when he saw that she was sitting in the rain due to a sprained ankle.  He had repeatedly told her not to sit in the rain and she had determined that night to only be shielded from the rain by him…She asks him to return  home.


Do-Jin gets up and tells her that he cannot accept her request.  He turns to walk off and Se-Ryung follows.  She stops him and tells him that the next day is her birthday…she asks him to be with her on that day at least.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye wonders if she should tell her parents about going to the orphanage…


At the same time, Dong-Sook looks at a picture of Seung-Hye looking at the tree and smiles.  It turns out Yunho’s information was not some private investigator but Dong-Sook herself…She had told him that Seung-Ah told her that he knows about Seung-Hye’s adoption.  Knowing that Seung-Hye thinks about her biological mother these days, she asks Yunho to take Seung-Hye to the orphanage.


Sang-Man worries about Mi-Ja not answering her phone at Joon-Bae’s restaurant because he has no friends other than Mi-Ja and Joon-Bae…Joon-Bae tells Sang-Man to stop worrying about such an evil woman and Sang-Man angrily bursts out that Mi-Ja is pitiful.  She had to watch her mother die in front of her.

Joon-Bae mutters back that Soon-Im did not directly kill Mi-Ja’s mother and Mi-Ja was at fault for trying to seduce Dae-Ho even though he was not interested.  Glaring at Joon-Bae Sang-Man yells that Mi-Ja was not harboring an one-sided crush, she even had a child!

At that moment, Dae-Ho walks in and asks what the two are talking about…Mi-Ja’s child?


At Se-Ryung’s company, Dae-Shil submits her new proposal and Se-Ryung asks her if she did not copy it from something else.  Then she dismisses Dae-Shil telling her that she understands that Dae-Shil wants to have a comfortable lifestyle.  Dae-Shil snaps back that she is serious about her work.

Meanwhile, Joon-Bae tells Dae-Ho to pretend that he never found out…


Beom-Seok and Yunho also wonder about Se-Ryung.  Beom-Seok tells Yunho that he plans to invite Mi-Ja and Do-Jin over to celebrate Se-Ryung’s birthday…

That night, Dae-Ho checks on Soon-Im sleeping and thinks to himself that he was the one who caused both of them so much pain…


The next day, Seung-Ah and Dong-Sook try Seung-Hye’s new shaved ice dish and agree that it’s tasty.


Seung-Jae has a call with someone where he tells the caller that he needs to consider a full employment contract.  He quickly hangs up when Seung-Hye brings him some shaved ice.  As he tries a bite, she asks if he has quit modeling and he coughs.


At Beom-Seok’s wishes, Yunho invites Do-Jin to Beom-Seok’s place for Se-Ryung’s birthday.  He answers that he does not find it the proper place for him to go.  Yunho expresses his disappointment in Do-Jin and then gets up to answer a call from Dong-Sook.

He answers out loud so that Do-Jin knows that Dong-Sook is inviting Yunho over to Dong Rak Dang to try Seung-Hye’s new shaved ice.  Seung-Hye calls Do-Jin to tell him about her new shaved ice and Do-Jin complains that he’s jealous about Dong-Sook inviting Yunho over to try the shaved ice before Do-Jin.

Seung-Hye offers to bring some shaved ice over to the cafe for Do-Jin and he declines.  He tells her to make a delicious shaved ice for Yunho because if Yunho likes it, everyone else would.


Seung-Hye insists on going to the cafe and goes to tell Seung-Ah for help.  Seung-Ah agrees to stall Yunho.  In a happy mood, she also convinces Seung-Hye that she will do her makeup.

Seung-Hye gets all dolled up, hides from Yunho and sneaks over to Do-Jin’s cafe.  Do-Jin looks up in surprise at Seung-Hye with makeup.  Instead of complimenting her immediately, he just tells her that he’s not used to seeing Seung-Hye like this.


Feeling insecure about herself, Seung-Hye grumps that she cannot tell if he’s complimenting her or not.  Do-Jin quickly adds that he means that she’s pretty but it’s too late…Seung-Hye drops off her shaved ice in a huff.


Poor Yunho drops by Dong Rak Dang to find Seung-Ah waiting for him.  Seung-Ah informs him that Dong-Sook left for an errand and Seung-Hye snuck out as well.

Yunho asks her to stop calling Do-Jin “brother-in-law” and Seung-Ah agrees to do so if Yunho will stop calling her “sister” and try “girlfriend.”


Beom-Seok does not leave it to Do-Jin and invites Mi-Ja to his house that night for Se-Ryung’s birthday.  She agrees to come and call Do-Jin as well.


Dong-Sook decides that she cannot leave everything to her daughters.  She calls Seung-Ah to confirm that she is with Yunho and Seung-Hye.  Not content to hear Seung-Ah promise that Seung-Hye is with them, Dong-Sook tells Yunho to have Seung-Hye call her mother after coming out of the bathroom.

Afterwards, Dong-Sook sighs about how they have to do Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae’s laundry.  Soon-Im answers that Dae-Shil is pregnant and needs to stay stable.


Seung-Hye watches the part-time employee try her shaved ice.  Then she pulls Do-Jin aside to mention that the girl is too pretty causing Do-Jin to laugh.  Before she can say anything else, Seung-Ah calls to tell her sister to come immediately or she will get in trouble…Her mother threatened to cut off all of Seung-Ah’s hair if she was lying.


Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye to go and make sure Seung-Ah does not get in trouble.  When Seung-Hye asks why Do-Jin is not jealous, Do-Jin answers that he has decided to trust Seung-Hye continue to mindfully ignore his jealousy.  He tells her not to worry about the part-time employee as well.


So, Seung-Hye runs off to the mall and calls her mother.  Dong-Sook tells Seung-Hye that she can take her time and even grab dinner before coming back.  Since Seung-Ah had to run off to a photoshoot, Yunho asks Seung-Hye to help pick out a present for Se-Ryung.


Commence Seung-Hye trying on a bunch of random clothes!


Hmmm, today’s episode was much lighter fair.  Felt like something nice to watch while having a meal or just zoning out.  Yet, there was not much substance?  I guess, it’s good to have some happy go-lucky episodes in between and the flirting scenes were really adorable.

The preview was MUCH more interesting.  Looks like Se-Ryung will toss herself in front of danger to save Do-Jin.

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