[TEASER] Midnight Diner

As a treat for wandering minds, here are teasers to the weekend drama with a mysterious aura.  Midnight Diner is the Korean adaptation of a Japanese manga which I have not read.  It has already been adapted into a live action and a movie in Japan.  Kim Seung Woo is a veteran in both dramas and movies, where he appeared in Iris 2AthenaIrisHow to Meet a Perfect NeighborHotelier etc.  He was also in numerous movies almost a couple per year.  Enough rambling, please enjoy the teasers which were beautifully shot and arranged to background music to make you feel like you are entering a friend’s shop after a long day’s work.





The words stream, to the you who is tired from another day, is there a taste you miss?

Kim Seung Woo’s voice then states that his day starts as exhausted people come home from work.

The words come up again that it’s a special dish made just for you.

A female customer opens the door as the chef turns around.


Kim Seung Woo’s voice again explains that his day begins when people give up on their work for the day.

The words stream: On a late night, a warm dish…a special moment…

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