Make a Woman Cry – E21

Deok-In saves Yunseo just as Jinwoo quits his school and fades away from Deok-In’s life. Thinking that he won, Kyung-Cheol divorces Deok-In and Jinhee has the last slap, leaving Kyung-Cheol to study abroad.



Deok-In pats Yunseo to try to get him to wake him up. When that does not work, she pours water on him.

Yunseo painfully gains consciousness and she throws him over her shoulder to walk out together. They meet a bunch of the thugs on their way and Deok-In fights beautifully even as she starts to sustain some serious injuries. Finally, Deok-In narrows it down to just the head boss and two others… She gets thrown back down and Deok-In throws sawdust in the thugs’ faces before they throw themselves out the window. Some containers and trash bags buffer their fall and Deok-In hands over her motorcycle key to Yunseo and tells him to run for it.


She buys him time by throwing containers at the men but it’s clear that she’s going to lose this fight. Luckily, Yunseo comes back with the bike and slides the bike into the men to buy them time to run away…

In the cab, Deok-In asks Yunseo why he didn’t call home. Yunseo laughs that a person like him would be missed by no one.


Deok-In tells him that she knows a man with a son like Yunseo. That man told her that he gets angry at his son but that anger lasts for less than an hour… After which, he starts feeling like whatever sin the son did is his own fault. Yunseo recognizes that it is about his father and starts to sniffle. Then Deok-In loses consciousness and he freaks out.


Jinwoo finds his beaten up son in the waiting room. Yunseo tells his father that he is fine and waves him into the emergency room where Deok-In is.


Jinwoo sprints in and yells at Deok-In for getting beaten up when he told her not to. Deok-In turns to him and says slowly due to pain that she did not realize his words still applied when he was slowly turning away from her…

Jinwoo looks down and is unable to answer her that he’s doing that because his son killed her son. He does not have to talk… Deok-In reassures him that it is fine with her since she is happy that they were able to love even if it was temporary and she had always worried that Jinwoo would get hurt because of their love which could not be fulfilled.


Jinwoo walks out to give Deok-In some space and falls on the waiting bench with his head slumped. From behind a corner, Yunseo sees this fallen image of his father.

Jinwoo walks Deok-In home and tells her that no matter what happens he will never think she is a burden… That he is going crazy right now as well.

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Deok-In tells him not to get hurt by their relationship because then it makes even the good memories pitiful. She walks in to find Bok-Rye waiting for her. Bok-Rye asks to meet Deok-In’s new boyfriend and tells her that she wants to see what kind of man he is; she understands that holding Deok-In’s body will not mean getting her heart.

Deok-In tells Bok-Rye that she does not need to worry so much… They were never meant to be and it ended.

Jinwoo comes home to find Yunseo still in his bloody clothes. He tells his son to clean up and rest.

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Looks like almost dying and getting saved by the woman whose son you killed changed Yunseo… He asks if he could be forgiven. Jinwoo tells him honestly that he won’t be… But he will stand by his son even if the world condemns him.


That night, the father-in-law declares that he won’t sit at the table if Jin-Myung comes down. Minseo sulks that an article has been published about his mother and stomps off and Eunseo proposes that they finalize the divorce papers wise since they don’t know what Hong-Ran will do.


After dinner, Eunseo goes to bond with Jin-Myung about Hong-Ran’s article where she was pictured with another man. However, Jin-Myung just sighs that Hong-Ran is like a child abandoned at the river infuriating Eunseo that he would consider Hong-Ran so innocent. When Eunseo tries to insist that Hong-Ran knows what she’s doing, Jin-Myung asks Eunseo to leave his study and give him some space.

So, Eunseo goes to her mother-in-law who tells her to bring Hong-Ran home. She sighs that it’s better to keep Hong-Ran in her view until the divorce.


Eunseo notes that bringing Hong-Ran back will make her feel that they forgave her. Her mother-in-law pauses and tells her to warn Hong-Ran that she will not get any spousal support unless she behaves herself, which Eunseo is happy to be the messenger of.

Her mother-in-law sighs that Hong-Ran is like a child left at the river and Eunseo muses that adults might think that way… However, Hong-Ran knows everything she should know.

Her mother-in-law snaps back that Hong-Ran does not know more than she let’s on.


Then the school calls to let the mother-in-law know that Jinwoo quit the school. Eunseo runs out to yell at Jin-Myung that his father has moved on.

Jin-Myung tells her to give up but Eunseo yells back that she cannot. Jin-Myung stands up and asks why she did not just tell him to inherit the company for her and his brother would not have to die…

Eunseo smiles that she could not. She knew that he hated a greedy woman more than he hated a cautionless one…

Deok-In’s regulars run into her restaurant to tell her that Jinwoo quit. Within a few moments, she sees him walking by. She rushes out to confirm what she heard and he smiles that this is the end for him… Even though it was a good respite.


Deok-In cautiously asks if they won’t be able to meet even in passing and Jinwoo agrees. He turns to leave as he thinks to himself that Deok-In should not be too sad since he will always love her.  As if she would know that or that would actually help her not to be sad?!  Don’t be sad, I’ll always love you even though I am never with you and for all you know, I am trying to change my mind about you…Yep!

Meanwhile, Bok-Rye finds Hasoon at their front door. Hasoon answers that she was just passing by as everyone eats dinner.


Deok-In arrives home to find her mother eating with her packed bags. She snaps at her mother for coming and goes into her room. Bok-Rye follows and tells Deok-In to let it go, Deok-In was looking for her mother anyways.

After dinner, Hasoon washes the dishes and Deok-In snaps at her to go home but Hasoon only goes into Deok-In’s room… The rest of the family also convenes to wonder about whether or not Hasoon will stay for a while.

At the same time, Hasoon complains to Deok-In about how excruciating hot a rooftop house is. Deok-In asks her mother where she will stay and Hasoon snaps back that she’s not going to ask to stay here… Deok-In agrees and tells her to leave before it gets too late.

Hasoon grabs her bag to leave. However, Bok-Rye encourages Hasoon to stay. She agrees happily and settles into her daughter’s room not realizing that Deok-In is in the middle of a divorce with Kyung-Cheol.


At night, Hasoon wonders why Deok-In does not have a child. Deok-In confesses to her mother that she had a child who died in a car accident. Realizing that the picture of a child in the room is her grandson, Hasoon picks up the picture and starts to cry at how unfair the world is… She grabs Deok-In’s hand and asks how Deok-In was able to survive all of this.

Deok-In begins to cry herself saying that she thought a lot… This is what having a child is like… Yet… How?

Hasoon hugs Deok-In and tells her that it was all her own fault for abandoning Deok-In.

Meanwhile, Kyung-Cheol complains about Jinhee’s demand that he sleeps on the couch. Jinhee tells him that if he wants to sleep on the bed, he needs to hurry up and get a divorce.


The very next day, Kyung-Cheol calls Deok-In out to a cafe where he demands a divorce. Deok-In reassures Kyung-Cheol that she would divorce him but notes that she does not have her official signature stamp. Kyung-Cheol just smirks that he went home and brought Deok-In’s stamp which he tosses on the table.

Deok-In pauses to ask him to keep this a secret from his mother for a while and Kyung-Cheol agrees. Deok-In stamps the papers and Kyung-Cheol makes an offhanded remark that it’s extremely hard to divorce her. JERK!

Deok-In goes to her trusty pizza shop and asks for another favor… For employment for Kyung-Soo. The owner agrees and Kyung-Soo accepts when Deok-In asks that night. ^°^ so happy right now!

Meanwhile Eunseo visits Hong-Ran in her hotel room. Hong-Ran tells Eunseo that the man in the article was her road manager and the two move to a cafe to strategize.


Eunseo mentions that Jinwoo quit his job to join the company and Hong-Ran goats that Eunseo kicked her out only to be hit from the side. Hong-Ran sips her coffee and laughs that their father-in-law planned this all out… Hyunseo is sick. Minseo does not have the brain for it… And Yunseo no one expects anything… He will probably ask Hong-Ran and Jinwoo to have a child as soon as they get married.

Eunseo asks if Hong-Ran had a plan and she answers that they need Jin-Myung to inherit the company. If Hyunseo lives, he would inherit and if not, Minseo will inherit.

The two agree that Deok-In is a scheming liar that they have to be careful about. Hong-Ran tells Eunseo to call her back home.

When the father hears that Jinwoo quit his job, he smiles that Deok-In must have convinced Jinwoo and approves of her more. Then he goes off and ignores Jin-Myung on his way to his room. Once inside, he asks Eunseo about the article and she answers that Hong-Ran was with her manager and is currently staying in a hotel.


The father-in-law orders that they call Hong-Ran back in since she obviously did not mean to divorce Jin-Myung if she has not gone home. The mother-in-law sighs in agreement that Hong-Ran likes Jin-Myung too much to really want a divorce. They ask Eunseo her thoughts and she sighs that bringing Hong-Ran home would be best.


So, Hong-Ran drags her luggage back home to be welcomed curtly by Eunseo’s frown. Hong-Ran smiles and reassures Eunseo that she will only help her and Eunseo invites her to the kitchen where Hong-Ran’s favorite meal has been prepared.

At home, Deok-In tells her mother to leave but Hasoon sighs that she will leave during the week. Deok-In insists and her mother reluctantly agrees. First, she goes to tell Bok-Rye and finds out that Bok-Rye is bringing food to Kyung-Cheol and tags along.

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The mothers arrive while Jinhee is still at the apartment. Seeing Jinhee, Bok-Rye starts to slap Kyung-Cheol and Hasoon throws her bag away before launching herself at Jinhee. She tells Kyung-Cheol that she’s fine going to jail after killing Jinhee and runs toward her again but Kyung-Cheol stops her. Bok-Rye yells that Jinhee had this coming before leaving and Hasoon follows like a lost puppy. With the two women gone, Jinhee snaps that she has hit rock bottom because of Kyung-Cheol.

Back at Bok-Rye’s home, Hasoon glares at Bok-Rye and then starts to sob out loud.

At the same time, Deok-In looks toward the school waiting for the man who no longer works there. She thinks to herself that she knows he will no longer come… Yet, her heart won’t move on. She finishes a day by herself and leaves with a sigh musing that remembering is sadder than breaking up.

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From the corner, Jinwoo arrives to see her close shop and walk off. He walks toward the street but pauses and just watches her retreating back.

The next day, Kyung-Cheol and Deok-In file their papers. Deok-In tells her ex-husband that she will move out when Kyung-Cheol marries Jinhee. Kyung-Cheol responds that he also hopes Deok-In will find a nice man.

In triumphant spirits, Kyung-Cheol arrives at home to declare that he’s a free man. Jinhee asks him if he is finally divorced and he smiles that he is.

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Congratulating him, Jinhee gets up to grab her packed bag. She tells him that she’s going to study abroad and only stayed so that she could help Deok-In get free from Kyung-Cheol. She felt that it was the little she could do for Deok-In. She thanks Kyung-Cheol for teaching her about life and leaves.

Kyung-Cheol follows Jinhee to her car to beg her to stay. He repeats that he loves her and Jinhee manages to get in a satisfying slap before driving off.

She then calls Deok-In out to meet. She tells Deok-In to her face that she’s sorry… She adds that she’s going abroad so she will not be an obstacle to either her brother or Deok-In.


Deok-In tells Jinhee that they have already broken up… Jinhee smiles quietly that she knows the two will get back together since they sincerely love each other.


Deok-In walks back to her cafe and sees Jinwoo waiting at the corner as it is closing time. He peers at his watch and sighs before turning around.

Deok-In asks him if he’s been skulking around watching her close shop without letting her know… In a more romantic way of course.


First, the noble idiot plot device! I hate it. I’m sure Jinwoo believes that breaking up instead of letting Deok-In know that his son got her son killed is the lesser pain. But this means that Deok-In has no idea why Jinwoo is suddenly distancing himself.

It’s painful to watch her take the break-up so calmly… So matter of fact… As if she agrees that she could not be with Jinwoo, when, he is the one who is handling this wrong. Deok-In has a right to know that her son’s death was not purely an accident. Yunseo also has a right to obtain some closure and to beg for forgiveness. Jinwoo should give the two people a chance to decide on how they want to handle the situation.

Second, YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS. Picture a fat cat laying around in the sun on a comfortable pillow with a fan blowing air around her… That is how I feel… Like drinking a Nutella shake or a yogurt berry shake from a really good cafe on a really hot day. ^^V Take that Kyung-Cheol! As much as I hated Jinhee for being so fudging rude to Deok-In, she has redeemed herself in my eyes by getting Kyung-Cheol to officially divorce Deok-In so he has no power over her. And, there is no more to say in this section. I’m going to go buy a delicious shake, fall into bed and just enjoy my time in this period of immense satisfaction.

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