[TEASER] Bird That Does Not Cry

You may have noticed that I have a thing for revenge dramas.  I can’t help that some of my most mania dramas were revenge dramas done well.  Here are teasers for the revenge daily revenge drama from TVN, Bird That Does Not Cry.  It started on May 4, 2014 so we’re quite behind and airs every day at 7:40 p.m.

The main page on the TVN website does not really give us a specific summary.  Rather, it goes into a philosophical musing about how everyone wants to succeed and live a comfortable live…but, sometimes that comfort comes at a price that others must pay.

The lady of revenge is played by Oh Hyun Kyung who recently was in Legendary Witches and A Mother’s Choice.  She will be pitted against Hong Ah-Reum who is the daughter of the murdered woman and seeks her own revenge.  Hong Ah Rum was also in Legendary Witches.

The teasers suggest that there will be a love story and a revenge story.  One girl’s family gets destroyed when her father presumably gets framed for the murder of his wife for her insurance proceeds.  At the same time, a self-made woman finds out that her business just died and takes off with $40 million of other people’s money.  When she returns to Korea, her husband has moved on.  The story will likely explore the connection between these two sub-stories and the underlying question of who really killed the woman for the insurance proceeds.



Classical Swan Lake music plays when we see an elegantly dressed woman’s distressed face.

All of a sudden, more tense music plays and the words show up, “$100,000,000 insurance scam with a horrifying greed hiding behind”


Sultry music and a woman in black with red lipstick.  An innocent looking girl in white?

Woa, a white bird in a cage behind the woman in black?

Turn to now – the news explaining that a man is being brought into custody for murdering his wife for the insurance money…His shocked daughter runs out barefoot, stepping on glass on her way…

CEO Shun Mi-Ja (dude what is up with the same names being used in currently playing dramas?) gets introduced to what appears to be a meeting of high class women.  The reception is lukewarm and Mi-Ja grumbles that the women won the lottery of birth; they have no right to look down their noses on her.  She gets a crisis call and runs off to see what is going on… her family-run business is bankrupt and her brother begs her to think about it optimistically…They can start over again.

Mi-Ja grabs his face and snarls that they started from the bottom where they had to eat other people’s leftovers…She’s never going to do that again.  She goes back to a room, where she finds an account book.  Turns out the earlier meeting had be an “Kae-Moim” (kae-moims in Korea are these meetings where every woman has a buy in each meeting.  In turn, every woman gets a chance to use all of the buy-in or a set portion when it becomes her turn…)  In this case, Mi-Ja takes what appears to be all of the “buy-in” or $40 million and leaves the country, tossing her wedding ring on her way in.

Elsewhere, a daughter tells her father that he cannot go in a helicopter today…Of course, he goes anyways and there’s an accident.

Mi-Ja’s ex-husband is about to attempt suicide when the daughter of the father in the helicopter accident cries for help.  He goes to help her…and she ends up joining their family.

Mi-Ja returns with her daughter and a son?  She’s found by women that she ripped off, one of whom is in a gang/Korean mafia.  The mafia boss tells Mi-Ja that her’s husband’s moved on and remarried.  Commence revenge plan on a man that Mi-Ja had tossed away in the first place.  She moves into the apartment across from her ex-husband.

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