[NEWSFLASH] Love on a Rooftop Postponed for SOCCER T_T!


According to AsiaToday,  the episode for July 17, 2015 of Love on a Rooftop was postponed due to coverage of 2015’s K League All Star Zone (aka Soccer!)  Just in case you missed the chaos in 2002, South Korea’s national soccer team made it to the semi-finalist round.  Prior to 2002, soccer had been to South Korea as football is to the United States.  After 2002, soccer was as important if not more closely followed by most of South Koreans than the Olympics.

Since the K League for 2015 was being covered during the timeslot usually held by Love on a Rooftop and the following variety show, VJ Talk, both shows were postponed for the country’s love of soccer. Accordingly, expect only recaps of episodes 70-73 up for the week of July 20, 2015. ^^/

Credits: AsiaToday

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