[TEASER] LAST with Yoon Kye-Sang


What would you do if you went from the peak of corporate to homeless?  Now, what if there was a shadow boss working behind the scene and exploiting the homeless to make millions per year?

Woa, talk about a star studded cast!  This drama is scheduled to air on Fridays and Saturdays starting from this Friday!  Last is supposed to have 16 episodes.


We have Yoon Kye Sang playing Jang Tae-Ho in the upcoming thriller on JTBC, Last.  Joining him is Lee Beom Soo as Kwak Heung Sam.  Lee Beom Soo has been in countless dramas and movies so I’ll just mention a few dramas…He was in The Prime Minister and ISalaryman ChohanjiGiantOn Air, etc.  Seo Ye-Ji is a younger anctress (born in 1990) who has been in Super Daddy Yeol, The Night Watchman and Potato Star 2013QR3.  Finally, veteran Park Ye-Jin returns!  She was in Mr. Back, Queen Seondeok, What Happened in Bali, Jang Hee Bin, etc.  For some reason, Mr. Back slipped the the cracks so I don’t know much about it but I have not heard much about Park Ye-Jin for a while.


This was another webtoon turned drama, which was actually published on daum.  The story itself is about a young man who a successful corporate guy in Korea’s version of Wall Street but falls when he fails a stock operation.  As a result, he ends up stumbling into a secret underground organization where the “boss” uses and exhorts the homeless.  Jang Tae Ho fights his way up to the boss against this secret shadowy boss character.



Yoon Kye Sang voice overs that if the Seoul Station is a jail, all of the homeless are just props.  Then Lee Beom Seok comes out and tells him that he can fight his way up if he has a problem.  It ends with Lee Beom Seok ironically telling the screen that he wants to live genteelly.



Yoon Kye Sang stands on a rooftop and thinks to himself…I just lost $350,000,000.  That is why I am going to die.  Then all of sudden he’s being drowned with water and a car falls into the ocean.  Now on the run or homeless, Tae-Ho stumbles upon people beating up some of the homeless and saves the victim.  In gratitude, the homeless people give him their day’s earnings…It turns out the person behind them all rakes in over $10,000,000 a year through this operation…

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