Love on a Rooftop – E71

Se-Ryung does not regain consciousness and Do-Jin turns into a shadow at the hospital to stay at Se-Ryung’s side.



Heartbroken by Do-Jin’s reminder that he loves and want to protect Seung-Hye not her, Se-Ryung turns around to see Do-Jin walking across the street as a car approaches. She runs over and pushes him out of the way just in time to get hit herself.


Shocked, Do-Jin accompanies Se-Ryung in the ambulance while Seung-Hye follows in a taxi.

At the same time, Dae-Ho goes to see Mi-Ja. Before he can say anything, Mi-Ja gets called out to the hall.


Dae-Ho sighs about how he’s going to tell Mi-Ja that he knows about the dead child. Then he sees the box that had been housing the urn and opens it. In it, he finds the original contract by the “dementia” grandfather. He waits for Mi-Ja to return and tells her that he can do anything she wants but he wants her to stop falling further.


At home, Dong-Sook drops by Seung-Ah’s room to make her call Do-Jin since Seung-Hye isn’t coming home. Do-Jin doesn’t pick up and Dong-Sook freaks out that something might be happening.


In reality, the two are waiting outside of the emergency room. Beom-Seok runs in with Yunho looking for Se-Ryung and grabs Do-Jin’s collar when he hears how Se-Ryung got hit. Yunho convinces Beom-Seok to let Do-Jin go and only focus on Se-Ryung but it’s only after Beom-Seok threatens to kill Do-Jin if anything happens.

Meanwhile, Dong-Sook only gets more worried when Seung-Jae comes home empty handed… He tells his mother that he could not find Seung-Hye or Do-Jin at the cafe or get into contact with Kyung-Tae… Feeling cornered, Dong-Sook calls Mi-Ja who does not pick up as she’s focusing on Dae-Ho’s words.

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In the morning, Seung-Hye calls Dong-Sook to let her know that she’s been at the hospital all night long. Se-Ryung survived the surgery but remains unconscious to Beom-Seok’s utter dismay.

Beom-Seok orders that Yunho take Do-Jin out of the room while calling him, “that person.” He accompanies Do-Jin into the lobby and tells Seung-Hye to go home and rest as well.


Seung-Hye tries to comfort Do-Jin but he seems to be aloof. He agrees that everything must get better since he was saved from being hit by her… He tells her to go home first.


Seung-Hye goes home and tells Dong-Sook. Hearing about what happened, Dong-Sook yells at Seung-Hye for being with Do-Jin again and getting seen by Yunho.

At the same time, the rascal Sang-Man worries about not being able to see Mi-Ja when he went over to check in her the night before. In a daze, he goes to the bathroom when Joon-Bae picks up the phone. Mi-Ja yells at Sang-Man to hurry over and Joon-Bae tries to answer that she’s too rude to her employee…This makes Mi-Ja even angrier and she starts yelling at Joon-Bae who hangs up. Sang-Man comes in and sees the phone ringing again. Happily, he runs out.


In a happier part of the city, Se-Ryung and Dae-Shil happily agree that they will succeed at the latest media campaign and show Se-Ryung! Right after they declare this, Kyung-Tae comes out to tell the two that he’s going to the hospital to see Se-Ryung who had gotten hit by a car…

Seung-Hye also decides that she wants to go to the hospital but Dong-Sook stops her. Dong-Sook yells at Seung-Hye that now that Se-Ryung got hurt protecting Do-Jin, things are different… She needs to get out of the relationship with Do-Jin now. Seung-Hye apologizes that she cannot follow her mother’s wishes and leaves.


At the hospital, Yunho helps Do-Jin out by telling him when Beom-Seok has left. Do-Jin goes to see Se-Ryung and holds her hand gazing at her intensely…

Intense emotions… As intense emotions converge within Do-Jin, Seung-Hye packs clean clothes for Do-Jin and thinks to herself that none of this would have happened if she had not come to visit Do-Jin the night before.

In a passing scene, EQ comes by to help Joon-Bae whose tailbone is hurting.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye goes to the hospital with the clean clothes. She arrives to find Do-Jin asleep at Se-Ryung’s side like any lover would be.

Do-Jin walks Seung-Hye out and tells her not to come to the hospital anymore as it was his fault Se-Ryung got hurt… He tells Seung-Hye that he will make sure Se-Ryung gets better so Seung-Hye should stay at home… Se-Ryung would not want Seung-Hye at the hospital after all.


Yunho sees this from the corner and follows Seung-Hye out. He tells her that he also agrees with Do-Jin on this one. He does not think Se-Ryung would want to see Seung-Hye at the hospital.

Sang-Man also updates Mi-Ja who jumps up to see Se-Ryung as well…


At the hospital, Beom-Seok enters Se-Ryung’s room and glares at Do-Jin. He takes Do-Jin out to the hall and declares that Do-Jin never really cared about Se-Ryung so he has no right to be next to her now after he made her into this…


Here we go… I completely agree with Dong-Sook on this one. Do-Jin already has a really sweet temperament. When Se-Ryung wakes up and sobs that she cannot live without Do-Jin, he’s not going to be able to return to Seung-Hye. Se-Ryung can always create false medical issues that are aftereffects of the accident, if she ever wants Do-Jin to come running at the drop of a hat…

Additionally, with the articles out there suggesting that you go on thrilling dates because your date will confuse the excitement and heart flutter from the roller coaster, etc, to meaning that their heart is fluttering for the date… This does not bode well at all for Do-Jin who decided a bit gradually that he thinks he loves Seung-Hye… That Seung-Hye makes him happy. Then what about Se-Ryung who makes his heart hurt every time he sees her from now on and who might be able to make this heart happy with pride if Se-Ryung gets back on her two feet? Already, he’s falling asleep at Se-Ryung’s side and telling Seung-Hye not to come to the hospital. That place is not yours Do-Jin if you truly want to protect Seung-Hye, that place is Yunho’s or Beom-Seok’s.

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