Love on a Rooftop – E72

Se-Ryung gets her wish when she goes into a coma after getting hit by a car in Do-Jin’s stead.  However, Beom-Seok has made up his mind to disapprove of Do-Jin since it was his fault for Se-Ryung getting hurt in the first place.  Meanwhile, Seung-Hye finds herself unable to do anything.



The episode begins with Do-Jin asking Beom-Seok to let him stay next to Se-Ryung. Beom-Seok yells back that Do-Jin never cared for Se-Ryung before and all he had to do was come to Se-Ryung’s birthday celebration.


Mi-Ja arrives just in time to see Beom-Seok pin Do-Jin against the wall. She yells at Beom-Seok who let’s Do-Jin go and reenters Se-Ryung’s room. Worrying about the state that Do-Jin is in, Mi-Ja orders that Sang-Man go feed Do-Jin.

She goes inside to see Se-Ryung lying in the hospital bed unconscious. Beom-Seok yells at Mi-Ja to leave as well since Se-Ryung got into this situation because of Do-Jin. Mi-Ja leaves and goes to check on Do-Jin who refuses to leave the hospital until Se-Ryung regains consciousness.


Seung-Hye worries about Do-Jin and his cafe. Dae-Shil suggests that Seung-Hye ask Yunho for help.


Dae-Shil goes to lead the event that she planned where we see Seung-Jae and Seung-Ah working as living mannequin models hahahah! Seung-Jae takes it like a champ but Seung-Ah complains that she’s going to die. Hahahahhaha!


At home, Seung-Hye looks at the picture of the tree and pleads that Se-Ryung please wake up. She walks out to get cornered by her mother who requests that Seung-Hye join them at a sauna. Seung-Hye cannot quite bring herself to lie but Yunho comes to her rescue when he shows up with a cup of coffee.

Dong-Sook is more than happy to let Seung-Hye go off with Yunho who hands over a cup of iced coffee to Dong-Sook…


At the same time, Mi-Ja snaps at Do-Jin to go home and get some rest since she will stay next to Se-Ryung. Do-Jin ignores her.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye brings Yunho to the cafe where they order shaved ice. Seung-Hye awkwardly tries to ask Yunho to lie for Seung-Hye and Yunho teases her a while before suggesting that he tell the adults that Seung-Hye is working for his cafe.


Sun-Sook runs to tell Dong-Sook about Dae-Ho making new chicken dishes at Joon-Bae’s restaurant. Dong-Sook answers that it’s better for Dae-Ho to work with someone than alone.

Back at the hospital, Do-Jin runs into Beom-Seok who tells Do-Jin that Do-Jin only looks like he is doing his to feel less bad… He orders his secretary not to let Do-Jin into the room.

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Do-Jin calls Seung-Hye to check on her and she encourages him to do his best. Yunho brings out a cup of iced coffee and suggests that Do-Jin go home and get some rest…

Kyung-Tae brings Do-Jin a change of clothes and comments that Do-Jin looks horrible. Do-Jin takes the clothes and walks off to look into Se-Ryung’s room.


Kyung-Tae goes home where he and Dae-Shil read a book together. Kyung-Tae sighs that Se-Ryung needs to wake up soon…

The next day even Soon-Im worries about Se-Ryung not waking up yet. Beom-Seok has a nightmare on his way to work and turns his car around.


Yunho finds Do-Jin washing Se-Ryung with a sponge and takes the sponge away, ordering that Do-Jin eat and not worry Seung-Hye. Do-Jin answers that he’s not hungry and goes to the bathroom where he washes his face remembering the scene.

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Seung-Ah and Seung-Hye arrive to visit Se-Ryung’s room. Seung-Hye sees the sponge and rushes over to take over the sponging. As she wipes Se-Ryung, she begins to gain consciousness…

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Seung-Hye asks if Se-Ryung can recognize her. Se-Ryung asks if Do-Jin is not hurt.

Do-Jin arrives at the same time and checks on Se-Ryung who seems reassured they Do-Jin is not hurt…after Se-Ryung fully gains consciousness, Beom-Seok dismisses Do-Jin so that he does not confuse Se-Ryung any further.

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Yunho comes in to check on Se-Ryung and gets tasked by Beom-Seok to lead Do-Jin away.


This series has treaded into philosophy. What exactly is the difference between love and pity? Will Do-Jin be able to distinguish between the two? What happens if Se-Ryung has more issues after she gains consciousness? A soft reminder about Autumn Tale and all of the other dramas where a woman ends up getting hurt and keeping the guy?

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