Make a Woman Cry – E23

Kyung-Cheol tells the two mothers that the marriage is over.  Now that one problem is solved, we see the other problem literally uncoiling as Eunseo goes to sow seeds of doubt in her newest rival.  Is leaving a loving family but poor family with a cheating husband worth it to go to a rich but respectable family with manipulators laying traps?



Deok-In carefully asks if she is allowed to be so happy. Jinwoo frowns and looks far away making her worried. She asks why he looks so worried and Jinwoo only answers that he will protect her from any hardship that she has to go through from now on.

The music calms down and Jinwoo turns to practical matters. He tells Deok-In to live with her mother for a bit and then come live with him. Deok-In smiles widely that she has never knew that “come to me” sounds so good…She even wonders if she chose to get married so early because she had missed having a family so much.

Jinwoo asks to meet Deok-In’s mother and she pauses a bit happily ignorant of everything, the two mothers chat over song lyrics and Hasoon even gets Bok-Rye to sing. After playing like this, they get hungry and head over to make some kimchi pancake. The mood is great as Hasoon tells Bok-Rye all of the dishes she wants to eat and Bok-Rye makes them for her. After all of the cooking, they even must open a bottle of soju.


Over soju and additional singing, Bok-Rye asks about Deok-In’s father. Hasoon asks if Bok-Rye will treat Deok-In differenly after knowing and then confesses that she does not know who the father is… Bok-Rye senses that Hasoon is embarrassed and changes the subject.

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Kyung-Cheol stops by to visit Deok-In and they head over to the park. Randomly, Kyung-Cheol wonders what Deok-In will call him if they see each other in the street…

Deok-In asks Kyung-Cheol to take care of Bok-Rye and Kyung-Cheol agrees that he is worried about what Bok-Rye will do without her…He also apologizes for all of the harsh things he has said in the past episodes, explaining that he said those things because he felt that she was like a sibling.

Deok-In tells him not to worry about; she knows that he said it out of his scars…He got married early because he knew that his family needed it and he has been suffocating under the harness of marriage ever since.

Kyung-Cheol sighs that now he knows what he will miss. He realized when he went to Jinhee’s house that Deok-In was the one person who would always be proud of him…They had spent their honeymoon phase preparing for the accountant exam and taking care of the family…When they could finally have some leisure, they lost their child… He wonders if they ever had a chance to really enjoy being married. He tells her to be happy.

Deok-In also wishes that Kyung-Cheol will find a good woman. He answers that he might be able to find a better woman than Deok-In but he will not be able to find someone like her again.



Afterwards, Kyung-Cheol convinces the two mothers to come out for dinner at a nice sushi restaurant. While Hasoon is overjoyed about the expensive food, Bok-Rye realizes by the unusual actions that something is up. She keeps bugging Kyung-Cheol until he tells them that he divorced Deok-In to let her go.


When Hasoon hears that Deok-In was having an affair as well, she gets angry. As soon as Deok-In comes home, Hasoon pulls her into the room to yell at her daughter for having an affair. She asks how Deok-In will ever find a mother-in-law as good as Bok-Rye. Hearing that Jinwoo currently doesn’t have a job, Hasoon is convinced that Deok-In made a mistake leaving her accountant husband.


Deok-In gets more worried about Bok-Rye and goes to her room to apologize. Bok-Rye just sighs and hands over an account book…OMG the music… I’m about to cry. She explains that she saved money from the living expenses that Kyung-Cheol and Deok-In gave her for Kyung-Ah’s wedding….She knows that Deok-In found a new place for Hasoon as the landlord called to let them know that he will take care of the new wallpapering and the account holds enough for her to buy some new blankets and some furniture.

Bok-Rye lies down and turns her back on Deok-In. Deok-In silently gets up but knowing Deok-In, Bok-Rye turns around to tell Deok-In to take the money. She would feel worse if Deok-In left with nothing.

Deok-In tells everything to Jinwoo over tears and he comments that now he understands why she felt so close to her in-laws.

Meanwhile Bok-Rye brings Hasoon out to eat some noodles. Hasoon tells Bok-Rye that she will leave soon; she knows she has no right to continue to stay at Hasoon’s place. When she starts to criticize Deok-In, Bok-Rye tears up and tells Hasoon that it’s the same thing as Kyung-Cheol kicking Deok-In out for all that he did…She starts to cry because she cannot figure out how she will send Deok-In away… TT_TTTTT


Hasoon promises to convince Deok-In otherwise and goes to talk with Deok-In. She immediately reams into Deok-In for leaving a good family for a man who has no job. Deok-In tries to comfort her mother that Jinwoo’s family is well off enough that she won’t need to worry about money.

Hasoon warns her that the worst thing in the world is to have to live off of your in-law’s money and yells that the in-laws might treat her horribly due to her background…

At the same time, the family discusses Deok-In where Momma Kang sighs that she does not feel comfortable bringing Deok-In into the family her background…


Afterwards, the sisters-in-law scheme. Hong-Ran wonders at how brave Deok-In is for even considering coming into the family with her background and confirms that Deok-In’s son went to the same junior high as Yunseo.

Hong-Ran suggests that they switch their strategy and just make a scene at the official meeting with Deok-In’s family. Hong-Ran asks if Eunseo would take care of Minseo if she gets kicked out by Daddy Kang and Eunseo agrees. However, she warns Deok-In that it would not be the best strategy since doing this to Deok-In would only make Jinwoo more dedicated to protecting her.

Hong-Ran turns Eunseo’s words back on her and asks why she treats Hyojung like she does when it would only enflame Hyunseo’s own passion. Eunseo sighs that she knows logically but she cannot help but getting angry whenever she sees Hyojung.


So when Hyojung arrives for her checkup, Eunseo invites Hyojung and Hyunseo to join her for some Vietnamese wraps. While Hyojung is cautious, Hyunseo has no idea how to protect a girl and begins to trigger Eunseo’s insecurity by making wraps for Hyojung and specifically telling his mother that these wraps are for Hyojung only. Eunseo loses her fight against jealousy and snaps that Hyojung (who is barely able to keep eating because she realizes how angry Eunseo is getting) eats unluckily and gets up to clean her room.


Hyunseo has no idea why his mother is acting this way and runs to follow her. Ignoring Hong-Ran’s advice to let it go, he demands to know why his mother is embarrassing him. Eunseo snaps back that she had a right to give birth to him and she no longer cares what he wants to do whether he joins the company or not.


She stomps out of her room yells and yells at Hyojung some more. After all this, Hyojung walks out in a mood. Kyung-Tae sees her and yells at her to just break up with Hyunseo. Hyojung yells back that “Kyung-Tae-shi” has no right to say anything in the matter and gets overheard by Hong-Ran. Glaring from one youngster to another, she asks if they are really siblings. Hyojung bows but does not answer and Kyung-Tae tells her that he will quit if she forces him to answer.

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Meanwhile, Deok-In and Hasoon look at the new apartment and Hasoon whines that she likes Bok-Rye’s house better. That night, they go to pick up Hasoon’s things which is bittersweet.

Watching Deok-In accompany her mother, the family sighs that they don’t know what they are going to do when Deok-In leaves.

Kyung-Cheol also decides to organize his things randomly and finds a family picture…


The next day, Deok-In comes back to pack her own things with a heavy heart. Kyung-Ah comes in to offer help but ends up sobbing on Deok-In’s shoulder instead. Kyung-Tae also comes in to help, offering to do some if the heavy lifting.


Deok-In goes to say her goodbye to Bok-Rye where she tells her mother-in-law And Bok-Rye has difficulty looking at Deok-In to send her off. But she turns around to comment how Deok-In came in at such a pretty age and now is leaving with wrinkles. She cries about Deok-In being with their family, worrying about money and then having to deal with Kyung-Cheol having an affair. She tells Deok-In to live well as she breaks down in sobs.

Deok-In tells Bok-Rye to stay healthy and gives a full bow. Then she goes around the house silently… Looking at her home… Her history.

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Finally, it’s time for Deok-In to leave and the siblings come out to see her off. Kyung-Ah barely holds in her tears and Bok-Rye runs out calling her “baby.” She sobs that Deok-In will always be her child no matter what. Deok-In turns around to hug Bok-Rye and the two cry together.

Meanwhile, Jinwoo tells his father that he doesn’t believe that Jin-Myung would have let his older brother die out of greed for the company and asks his father to give Jin-Myung another chance.

Daddy Kang thinks about it as he goes home. At home, his wife nags at him for punishing their son for no reason and he calls another family meeting.

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Hearing that Daddy Kang is wiling to talk to Jin-Myung again, Hong-Ran excitedly tells Jin-Myung to go tell everything. Jin-Myung doesn’t say anything and Hong-Ran threatens to tell it all. Jin-Myung shuts her down by telling her that he won’t back her up.

Daddy Kang also remembers Jin-Myung about to confess the first time… And how Eunseo jumped in. However, Jin-Myung refuses to tell his father until the end.

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Even Eunseo feels sorry for Jin-Myung and suggests that Jin-Myung confess everything. Jin-Myung rejects the idea telling her that his father is not stupid. He will know that Eunseo chose the older brother out of greed and then got involved with Jin-Myung when his brother died…


She returns to the kitchen annoyed where she find Hong-Ran wondering about what to do about Deok-In. Eunseo tells her that they are not the only ones with brains and can let Deok-In do the rest.


The next day, Eunseo goes to see Deok-In using the excuse that her mother-in-law asked her to plan the engagement party. On their way to a cafe, Eunseo comments on how unlikely a car accident would be in front of a school… And how unlikely it is that there were no witnesses other than passing cars.

At the cafe, Eunseo asks if Deok-In ever found out why Jin-Myung decided to break up with her or why he wanted to quit his job.


Some final character development of Bok-Rye. I have to admit that usually the mother-in-law character is not my favorite but Bok-Rye is an exception. I think the writer did an amazing job with her.

We saw Bok-Rye when she was comfortable, as a lower middle class mother who was proud of her son and loved her daughter-in-law. Then we see how Bok-Rye tries to do what is right by disapproving of her son’s affair… Yet, even Bok-Rye falls to temptation as it becomes clear that she is only doing this because she believes Kyung-Cheol will be abandoned at the end.

Even while I hated her for manipulating Deok-In, she found herself back in my heart with her reluctant decision to meet Jinwoo on Deok-In’s behalf as her substitute mother… And when she gave up the money that she saved up for her own daughter’s wedding. I felt like I saw the true depth and testing of Bok-Rye’s relationship with her daughter-in-law/daughter and it was amazing. It was not perfect, but it was as strong if not stronger than Deok-In’s connection with her own birth mother.

On a second note, I wonder what was the point of showing us that Daddy Kang noticed Eunseo jumping in to stop Jin-Myung from confessing? Will he be able to stop Eunseo when no one else can? If Eunseo is strong enough in manipulation while being an outsider, what will happen if something ever happens to Daddy Kang? The siblings are no match for her and Momma Kang trusts her completely! It’s time for her husband to return.

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