Love on a Rooftop – E74 (RETRY)

Seung-Hye starts to show her jealousy while Beom-Seok worries about when Do-Jin will return to Seung-Hye.  Do-Jin spends most of his time catering to Se-Ryung but gets caught the one time he decides to have a date-like meal with her.



Jinwoo wheels a quiet Se-Ryung into her room as she mutters that she hates physical therapy. After he lays her down, she asks again if she will be able to walk again and Do-Jin reassures her. Grabbing on to his sleeve, she tells him not to be too sorry.

Meanwhile, Beom-Seok tells Yunho that he’s going to the United States to visit a hospital that might be able to save Se-Ryung.

Mi-Ja gets worried as well that Do-Jin might feel responsible for Se-Ryung and decides to go the hospital to drag him home…


It’s a reunion at the hospital as Dae-Shil and Seung-Hye also stop by. Dae-Shil goes into the room but Seung-Hye decides to wait in the cafe.

Se-Ryung sees Dae-Shil and glares at her telling her that it’s rude to come without notice. She accuses Dae-Shil of coming on Seung-Hye’s orders to see Se-Ryung’s status.

Dae-Shil denies it and tells Se-Ryung that she’s just here as a worried coworker. Se-Ryung grudgingly accepts this and asks for a report. Quick thinking Dae-Shil asks Do-Jin to leave since they will be talking about confidential business information. She also mouths to him that Seung-Hye is here.


Do-Jin stops by the cafe to get Seung-Hye a juice. He tells her to leave Se-Ryung to him and to watch over his cafe for him as he does not want to be indebted to both Se-Ryung and Seung-Hye. (=-=x so ignoring your fiance to go pamper another girl is not worth mentioning?!)

Mi-Ja arrives just as Seung-Hye and Dae-Shil walk out. Mi-Ja has an issue with every possibility as she gets annoyed that Seung-Hye is still seeing Do-Jin. Sang-Man suggests that seeing Seung-Hye might be better for Do-Jin who has been stuck to Se-Ryung lately…


They go in as Se-Ryung is in an exam. Mi-Ja tells her son to leave Se-Ryung to Beom-Seok.

Do-Jin refuses since Se-Ryung got hurt protecting him. Mi-Ja asks if Do-Jin is prepared to protect Se-Ryung for the rest of her life.

Do-Jin responds that this is what Mi-Ja wanted… But Mi-Ja answers honestly that it was before Se-Ryung got paralyzed… She does not care if he thinks that she is selfish or materialistic but as a mother she does not want him to be stuck with a paralyzed woman.

Do-Jin shouts at Sang-Man to take Mi-Ja away and she ends up relenting to leave for the day. After she leaves, Do-Jin goes to yell at Kyung-Tae for letting Seung-Hye know about Se-Ryung’s condition. Kyung-Tae apologizes that Dae-Shil get bugging him.

Beom-Seok interrupts this conversation by sending his secretary to bring Do-Jin in. He tells Do-Jin about his plan to go to the United States. He asks Do-Jin if Do-Jin can actually take responsibility for Se-Ryung… Can he actually return to becoming a doctor?


Do-Jin answers affirmatively that if it’s for Se-Ryung’s recovery, he’s willing to return to the hospital. This seems to appease Beom-Seok.

Dae-Shil tells Sun-Sook who looks relieved that there’s a reason that Beom-Seok has not been coming around. When Sun-Sook comments that Beom-Seok is a regular, Dae-Shil gets questions it and Sun-Sook gets angry.


Meanwhile, Yunho offers to stay with Se-Ryung while Do-Jin goes home and rest. However, Se-Ryung snaps that she wants Yunho to get Do-Jin some clean clothes so Do-Jin can stay with her.


Seung-Jae comes home to find Seung-Hye worrying about Se-Ryung. He tells her to keep remembering thay Se-Ryung’s accident was not her fault. Yet, when Seung-Hye brings up modeling, Seung-Jae leaves quickly.

In the midst of this, Seung-Hye texts Do-Jin to let him know that the cafe is doing well so he does not have to worry about it. He tells Do-Jin to cheer up.


At Joon-Bae’s restaurant, Dae-Ho works at trying to find a new sauce. When a mosquito buzzes around Joon-Bae, he wakes up and Dae-Ho invites him to sleep at Dong Rak Dang.


In the morning, Kyung-Tae comes out to find Dae-Shil typing away. He tells Dae-Shil to be more responsible and sleep as Dae-Shil is old for pregnancy. Dae-Shil gets angry at this and decides to go home.


Seung-Hye comes out and runs into Do-Jin. He came to pick Seung-Hye up so that Seung-Hye can go and give a witness testimony to the police.

Meanwhile, Soon-Im tells Dae-Shil to go home as she has not been married long. Dae-Shil angrily refuses saying that she’s heard that she’s too old so many times. But, Soon-Im tsks her as it’s only the truth.

Awkward timing occurs as Beom-Seok heads over to the police so that he can give a testimony for Se-Ryung…


As for Do-Jin, he tells Seung-Hye that they should get food and he takes her to a nearby restaurant. But, when they order, he orders another one for takeout explaining that it’s a favorite restaurant of Se-Ryung’s… Seung-Hye looks jealous so Do-Jin comforts her that Se-Ryung asked him to bring her back a bowl.

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At the same time, Beom-Seok sees the restaurant and decides to stop by to buy some soup for Se-Ryung. He walks in to see Seung-Hye feeding Do-Jin because Do-Jin had not eaten more than half of his bowl.

Beom-Seok walks over to glare at Do-Jin.


OK, it seems that the drama in finding the slice of life pace has kind of muddled it’s main tensions. Let’s organize the main current issues as some seem forgotten:

-DJ/YH in a rivalry for SH’s love (on hold for SR)
-MJ/SI revenge issue and taking over Dong Rak Dang (forgotten?)
-MJ/DS tension due to leftover feelings for Dae-Ho (also forgotten)
-DJ returning to the hospital (being explored as a result of DJ’s guilt)
-SR/SH rivalry for Do-Jin (main issue)
-Do-Jin’s birth father? (forgotten)
-SH/SJ biological connection and the fact that SJ is not a biological heir while DJ is (forgotten)

From a quick look, it looks like there were around 7 main issues. However, all of them disappeared once SR got into the random car accident. Now that we are heading into the second half of the series, I hope that the writer returns to the tighter writing from before instead of falling off into the weeds. While SR’s accident is important, I like it better when the revenge and the loveline are both being explored. Right now, it’s more like one issue disappears and reappears at the writer’s convience.

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