Love on a Rooftop – E75

Seung-Hye and Do-Jin fight against drifting farther apart while Se-Ryung finds out the extent of her injuries.



Beom-Seok demands to know if Do-Jin had been on a date while Do-Jin made Se-Ryung into what is she is now? Seung-Hye tries to defend Do-Jin. Beom-Seok does not back down and tells Seung-Hye that she was there when Se-Ryung threw herself in front of the car for Do-Jin… Couldn’t she understand Se-Ryung’s heart a little more? He even adds that if they had been a little more understanding, Se-Ryung might not have gotten into the state that she is.

Do-Jin tells Beom-Seok that it’s not Seung-Hye’s fault and he should not take it out on her. Beom-Seok agrees that he is not angry at Seung-Hye. Rather, he’s disappointed and frustrated at Do-Jin when he had believed in Do-Jin’s promise to return to being a doctor…

Hearing that Do-Jin is giving up on his dream again, Seung-Hye looks up at Do-Jin in surprise. The restaurant helper comes out to give them the takeout soup and Do-Jin asks Seung-Hye to bring soup to Se-Ryung.


Seung-Hye leaves and Beom-Seok takes Do-Jin into the car to talk further. He asks if Do-Jin will keep his promises to take care of Se-Ryung until she heals and to return to the hospital. Do-Jin agrees.

Beom-Seok asks what Do-Jin is going to do about Seung-Hye noting that it was because Do-Jin was with Seung-Hye and ignoring Se-Ryung that Se-Ryung got into the accident…


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja asks Se-Ryung how she is so positive when she might never be able to walk again? Se-Ryung looks up in surprise because she thought that it was temporary… Mi-Ja realizes that no one told Se-Ryung and tries to backpedal but Se-Ryung has learned the truth.


Yunho comes in with soup to find Se-Ryung sobbing about not being able to walk again. Mi-Ja quickly leaves.


Repeating Beom-Seok’s words in her mind, Seung-Hye comes to terms with the fact that Se-Ryung is important enough to Do-Jin that he would return to the hospital.  She ends up falling next to the cafe and the employee comes out to help her in.

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At the same time Se-Ryung freaks out and Beom-Seok rushes in to find her a sobbing mess.  She screams that she can walk again because Do-Jin promised her and demands that Beom-Seok call Do-Jin.

Do-Jin does run in and is seen by his mother and Sang-Man.  They both plan to bring him home.

Do-Jin enters the room and promises to make Se-Ryung walk again himself.  While Se-Ryung starts crying, she does not make any more hysterics.

At the cafe, Seung-Hye repeats the accident in her mind and ends up dropping a glass cup of tea. She insists that she clean it up but when she cuts her finger in the process.


When Do-Jin walks out of the hospital room, Mi-Ja pulls him away to demand to know what he is doing.  At the end of her wits, she even brings in Do-Jin’s cafe to ask if he’s not going to go check on the process of his cafe.  Do-Jin tells her that Seung-Hye is taking care of it and returns to Se-Ryung.


Mi-Ja goes home and muses that it might be better that Beom-Seok takes Se-Ryung to the United States so that Do-Jin can give up.  She pauses to wonder if Do-Jin will follow the family to the United States and Sang-Man reassures her that Do-Jin would not leave Seung-Hye.  Mi-Ja sighs that she might have to accept Seung-Hye after all…after all of the stuff she did to Seung-Hye.

On a lighter note, Seung-Ah complains to Sun-Sook that Seung-Jae is swamped with modeling jobs while she has none. ^^;;;


Do-Jin stays at the hospital while Yunho remembers that Seung-Hye needs some attention, too.  He helps her locking up and then offers to drive her home as a substitute to Do-Jin.  When Seung-Hye pauses, Yunho reassures her that he won’t kidnap her again and offers to walk her home instead.

They walk along this brick wall and Seung-Hye tells him the story that legend has it that the wall was built as a tribute for a king’s concubines.  All of the concubines had been lovers of other people before they had been forced into the harem…Therefore, people say that couples who walk along the path will end up breaking up.

Yunho pauses and asks to walk along another path.  But then he laughs that they should be fine because they aren’t dating yet. ^^

Dong-Sook finds Seung-Hye in a mood at home and comforts her…In a different room, Dae-Shil stays up antsy that Kyung-Tae has not called yet.  Dae-Shil tries to ask her mother for help.


In the morning, Seung-Hye also stops by the hospital to ask Kyung-Tae to bring Dae-Shil home.  Kyung-Tae refuses because Dae-Shil left against his will but takes his words back when Soon-Im calls.

Do-Jin wanders over at that moment and meets with Seung-Hye who brought over some clothes for Do-Jin.  He reminds her not to come to the hospital again and Seung-Hye mutters that she won’t come back.  Turning serious, she asks Do-Jin if Beom-Seok’s words were true…that Do-Jin would return to the hospital.

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At the same time, Se-Ryung wakes up in her wheel chair.  She calls for Do-Jin.  When she does not get an answer, she goes toward the window to see Do-Jin sitting with Seung-Hye.

She turns dour and gets even angrier when she sees that Do-Jin is still wearing his couple ring.  She demands to go outside the hospital and Do-Jin walks her to the park.


Se-Ryung complains that she never knew what it was like to see the world from sitting down…Do-Jin wheels her over to a bench and sits down next to her so that he could see the world from her view as well.

Se-Ryung asks if Do-Jin would really stay with her until she can walk again…She then looks at Do-Jin’s ring and comments that she wanted to share a ring like that with him as well.  Do-Jin tries to change the subject and Se-Ryung snaps that she wants to go the bathroom.

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They go toward a public bathroom and find that Se-Ryung will need help.  She orders that Do-Jin bring her to the hospital quickly.

Instead of wheeling her over, Do-Jin runs to ask a passing by woman for help…Se-Ryung grips the arm-rest but it’s too late…She ends up losing control over her bladder and urinating while in her wheel chair as she holds in sobs.


I never thought that I would say this…but, I feel so bad for Se-Ryung.  I’m surprised that they did not already put an adult diaper on her for emergencies.  For someone who had been so capable and privileged, to fall so far that she would literally be sitting outside of a bathroom as she urinates in her chair in front of her long-term crush would be mortifying.

While Jang Se-Jung’s acting of a peeved lover seemed a bit stilted, her acting in this scene was amazing and spot-on.  I could see how much she didn’t want to lose control as she gripped the arm-rest and her sobbing seemed natural.

This episode showed SH/DJ’s relationship cracking because Do-Jin is walking the line where he’s neither fully committed to SH nor is he fully committed to SR.  No matter what he says, his actions do not seem like someone who is dying to be engaged to SH… Meanwhile, as crushed as Se-Ryung gets, she’s going to be more and more obsessed about Do-Jin since she seems to be equating her new self-worth with him being by her side.

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