Love on a Rooftop – E80

Se-Ryung finds out that she cannot have any children and starts to get irritated that Do-Jin only treats her as a patient.


Seung-Hye walks home and thinks to herself that Do-Jin did not have to go as far as he did. She promises him that she will forget about him.


As she is pondering this, Dae-Ho comes home with a box of chicken. He tells her that it’s for her specially and has her try it. When she likes it, he tells her about how he has been tailing Seung-Hye from the beginning of the alley but she did not notice him.


The next morning, Seung-Hye wakes up early to run. When she walks out, a basketball meets her with Yunho following in a random Cornell wifebeater?! I guess we are supposed to assume that he’s “ivy-elite.” Hello, writer… We have already fallen for him, no need to spruce up his resume any more. JUST GIVE HIM SEUNG-HYE!

He takes her to shoot some hoops and even picks her up so that she can put the ball into the hoop. Seung-Hye tells him that he should stop being nice to her since she cannot return his feelings. Yunho smiles that he understands that she needs time.


At the hospital, Kyung-Tae finds Se-Ryung in a happy mood. Se-Ryung asks Kyung-Tae to find out if she can have babies without Do-Jin finding out.


Meanwhile, Yunho brings Seung-Hye home and her grandmother and mother invite him in for some tea. Yunho exclaims about how good the tea is and muses that he would love to taste it every day and ever where.

Seung-Hye suggests that they make Soon-Im’s teas into tea bags and Yunho jumps on the idea as long as Seung-Hye helps. Seung-Hye smiles when she gets a call from Se-Ryung and runs to the hospital.


Seung-Hye rolls Se-Ryung so that she can sit up and then checks Se-Ryung’s IV line. Se-Ryung sighs that Seung-Hye seems very detailed oriented. She apologizes as she now realizes that Seung-Hye was not involved in Beom-Seok’s accident.

Seung-Hye tells Se-Ryung that it is in the past. Then Se-Ryung changes the topic and asks Seung-Hye to look at some wedding dresses. She announces that Do-Jin proposed and that they will get married after her legs are rehabilitated.

Seung-Hye stands there silently as Se-Ryung explains that she does not want to hide her engagement or wedding…She hopes that Seung-Hye will be happy with Yunho and attend her wedding.

Seung-Hye bids Se-Ryung happiness with tears in her eyes.


Back at Kyung-Tae’s place, Do-Jin asks Kyung-Tae to sign his marriage license as a witness. When Kyung-Tae finds out that it is about Do-Jin and Se-Ryung, he angrily refuses. He tells Do-Jin that he is about to become a father and would be pissed off if his child acts the same way Do-Jin does…He understands why Do-Jin is acting this way but he does not agree and thinks that Do-Jin is being stupid.

Yunho and Beom-Seok talk about how Do-Jin’s proposal makes them feel awkward…But Beom-Seok confesses that because it involves Se-Ryung he will likely not do anything.

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As Seung-Hye messes up orders at the cafe, Do-Jin tells his mother. She gives up everything and tells Do-Jin not to return to the hospital…to return to Seung-Hye…just to marry a healthy girl.

Do-Jin does not change his mind and Mi-Ja starts to ask what she did so wrong…Do-Jin has nothing to say to his mother other than apologies.


Kyung-Tae tells Se-Ryung that there is very little chance that Se-Ryung would be able to get pregnant. However, he tells Se-Ryung to focus on her reabilitation first.

Se-Ryung asks Kyung-Tae not to tell Do-Jin and begins to cry.


After all that she did, Mi-Ja goes to Seung-Hye. She promises to accept Seung-Hye if Seung-Hye can go and change his mind. She reminds Seung-Hye that the two declared that they loved each other…so why don’t they just get married and live happily together?

Seung-Hye apologizes and stands up. Mi-Ja stands up and grabs Seung-Hye’s arm begging her to hold on to Do-Jin…

Yunho arrives to tell Mi-Ja to stop. He tells Mi-Ja that the cafe will soon be his and then Seung-Hye’s. He excuses the two with the explanation that he has to discuss Soon-Im’s tea with Seung-Hye.

Mi-Ja walks out huffing that Seung-Hye had a back-up guy. However, she determines that she cannot give up this easily. She can go and talk to Seung-Hye’s mother.


Mi-Ja meets Dong-Sook in Sun-Sook’s restaurant. She tells Dong-Sook that she is willing to accept Seung-Hye.

Not convinced, Dong-Sook tells Mi-Ja that she knows Mi-Ja is only manipulating Seung-Hye because Do-Jin has declared that he will marry Se-Ryung. Dong-Sook adds that she has someone else she wants as a son-in-law and leaves. Mi-Ja tries to ask Sun-Sook for help but Sun-Sook kicks her out as well.


Mi-Ja runs to Dae-Ho and begs him for help as well. She yells that she is willing to forgive Dae-Ho and Soon-Im for everything…She would treat Seung-Hye as a princess and not a daughter-in-law.

Realizing that this is serious, Joon-Bae takes Miss Bong and they give Dae-Ho and Mi-Ja some space. However, Dae-Ho just answers Mi-Ja that she should know better than anyone else…This is not something that the parents can get involved in.

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Yunho goes to meet with Do-Jin. He tells Do-Jin that he’s going to buy Do-Jin’s cafe in his personal capacity.  That way he can give the cafe to Seung-Hye who is only able to survive each day due to the cafe. >.< <3 <3 <3

Back at Dong Rak Dang, Dae-Shil asks Seung-Hye to sign her marriage license as her witness. The family tsks that Dae-Shil took so long to file her license. Then Dong-Sook changes the topic to having Seung-Hye marry Yunho.


Soon-Im and Seung-Jae also agree that they approve of Yunho and Dae-Shil muses that the family looks like they planned this.

The topic moves to Do-Jin also filing his marriage license and the family disapproves of Do-Jin even more.


Meanwhile, the managing doctor comes along and gives her the most current report…She needs to drink a lot of water as she is likely to develop constipation. Do-Jin interrupts that Se-Ryung might have other complications that the main doctor has not mentioned. The main doctor agrees with Do-Jin and tasks his residents to redo some tests.

After they leave, Se-Ryung lashes out at Do-Jin for treating her as a patient. She tells him that she wants to be a woman to him and not a patient.


Hmmm, me thinks that Se-Ryung is becoming more and more greedy now that she knows Do-Jin will stay next to her… In several episodes past, she told him all she wanted was him by her side. Meh. Not much sympathy here…Just waiting to see how DJ is supposed to turn around.

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