Love on a Rooftop – E81

Mi-Ja just about goes crazy trying to get her son to leave Se-Ryung.  Meanwhile, Yunho support Seung-Hye from the shadows.



Sang-Man brings breakfast in bed for a surly Mi-Ja who moans that her son has thrown her away. Sang-Man responds that it’s not Do-Jin but also Beom-Seok…he should have disapproved of filing for marriage.


Mi-Ja gets a new idea and runs to Beom-Seok. She begs Beom-Seok to convince Se-Ryung otherwise… She proposed that Beom-Seok marries Mi-Ja… She will take care of Se-Ryung as her mother.


She falls to her knees next to Se-Ryung and asks Se-Ryung to see Do-Jin as her older brother since she knows that Do-Jin does not love her as a woman. Do-Jin tells her mother and to stop and Mi-Ja shouts back that if Do-Jin is sincere, he should announce in front of everyone that he loves Se-Ryung.

Having heard enough, Se-Ryung screams at Mi-Ja to stop and asks to be taken out. Mi-Ja runs after Beom-Seok and Se-Ryung where Sang-Man finds her in the hallway. Hearing that Mi-Ja wants to marry Beom-Seok, Sang-Man decides following Mi-Ja’s command will not be best and starts to try to convince her otherwise.


Beom-Seok takes Se-Ryung to the roof where he tells Se-Ryung to forget everything… Se-Ryung answers that she understands Mi-Ja and asks if she can be happy after marrying Se-Ryung.

Do-Jin walks up and tells the two that he has not changed his mind. Se-Ryung wheels her chair around and asks Do-Jin to lie to her and tell her that he loved her.


Sang-Man drags Mi-Ja home. He yells at her that she should live for herself now. Mi-Ja snaps back that Sang-Man does not know what it means to be a parent. Sang-Man responds that he’s in a one-sided love for her and would help her with everything except her marrying Beom-Seok. Reacting as expected, Mi-Ja yells at Sang-Man to leave and starts to hit him w sofa cushions.

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Back at the hospital, Do-Jin cannot bring himself to tell Se-Ryung that he loves her. He apologizes and Se-Ryung starts to cry that she knows he does not love her but he wants to hear the words even if they are a lie.

Do-Jin gets on his knees so that his face is at the same level. He tells Se-Ryung that while he does not love Se-Ryung, he has the confidence to take care of her like he did love her.

Se-Ryung asks if Do-Jin is okay not having children. Do-Jin smiles that he does not need children and she should start picking out her dress for the engagement party.


Beom-Seok stops by the cafe to apologize to Seung-Hye. Seung-Hye smiles weakly that it was not Beom-Seok’s fault as Do-Jin made his own decision. She tells him to focus on getting Se-Ryung back to normal… She was impressed by Se-Ryung’s love for Do-Jin as well.

Beom-Seok asks her if she loved Do-Jin a lot. Seung-Hye apologizes and runs to the bathroom.

Comedic interlude with Sun-Sook dancing by herself until Joon-Bae comes in and dances with her.

Dong-Sook finds her husband working hard at studying for his license exam. All of a sudden, he even gets a nose bleed.

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Around this time, Seung-Hye walks into her dark room and looks at her half burnt picture. Like a weirdo, Do-Jin also stands in the hallway and looks at pictures of Seung-Hye in his phone. Then he DELETES them. What the stuffing?! This guy is freaking determined to make things work with Se-Ryung and I guess be happy while doing it.


He walks into Se-Ryung’s room where she tells him that she wants children… A boy like Do-Jin and a girl like herself…

In the morning, the whole family comes out to wish Dae-Ho well on the written part of the license exam.

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At the same time, Do-Jin gives all of the necessary paperwork to Yunho. Yunho thanks Do-Jin and announces that he’s going to propose to Seung-Hye.

Do-Jin answers that it’s a good thing. Yunho asks if that is everything. Do-Jin asks back what Yunho wants to hear.

Yunho responds that he wants to know Do-Jin’s feelings toward Seung-Hye. Do-Jin answers that as a guy, Yunho should understand. Yunho’s response? A politer version of, “um, no.”


Se-Ryung had been on the phone with her secretary but hangs up quickly when Do-Jin comes in. Smiling weirdly, she tells Do-Jin that she wants to file the marriage license with her secretary so she does not make Do-Jin a horrible son to his mother.


Meanwhile, Yunho runs straight to Seung-Hye. He asks her if she would become the manager of his cafe… He wants to ask her to be the owner but he knows that would make it too much for her.

Seung-Hye asks of Do-Jin would actually sell Yunho the cafe. Yunho smiles and shows her the paperwork. At first, Seung-Hye pauses that she might not be able to work there longer… But Yunho convinces her otherwise.


In another part of the drama, Seung-Jae becomes the main model of the branch store and girls run up for his sign ATI.

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Do-Jin has the audacity to show up at the cafe. Seung-Hye congratulates him on his future marriage and Do-Jin apologizes for selling the cafe to Yunho. Seung-Hye smiles that he should not have to worry about it since she just needs to work hard regardless of who the owner is.

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Anyways, he looks like he’s going to cry for who knows why and Seung-Hye pulls away. Do-Jin walks out and pauses for a bit… Seung-Hye helps a customer before she runs out and finds that he’s gone.


I hate him. To me, he seems completely selfish. He knows that Seung-Hye would just stay with him as long as he needs to dote on Se-Ryung for his own conscience but he breaks up with her so that his own freaking conscience will feel better. What the heck was the point of asking Seung-Hye to marry him if he was going to be flakey like an autumn leaf? It’s one thing to have fun dating. It’s another thing completely to declare that you want to spend the rest of your life with the girl and then flip within a couple of episodes. Meh. Do-Jin is a waste of paper / blog space.

I really wish somehow Yunho would become the main character. The guy has always been there for Seung-Hye… Brings her morning coffee… Takes her exercising… Takes her to her old orphanage… Buys her a cafe and basically tells her she doesn’t have to feel guilty as he’s hiring her as a manager…. Was the first person to recognize her non-nurse talents… Is nice to her family… Looks good… Makes his feelings clear… Gahhhhh!

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