Love on a Rooftop – E82

Proud Se-Ryung returns.  Instead of being tethered to Do-Jin, she leaves for the United States by herself.  Once Do-Jin figures it out, he freaks out like a modern-day-Romeo and only Mi-Ja is able to stop him from getting on the next flight now.



Dae-Ho walks into celebration at Joon-Bae’s restaurant. Joon-Bae promises to guarantee Dae-Ho’s passing of the practical part of the exam as long as Dae-Ho promises to take care of the chicken restaurant with him.


Meanwhile, Se-Ryung stares at her marriage license when Yunho comes in and scares her. He offers to go with her to file it since Do-Jin isn’t going and she declines. Instead, she holds out her hand to Yunho and thanks him for everything.

Yunho asks why she is acting so weird and Se-Ryung smiles that she’s going to become someone else’s girl soon so she wanted to shake his hand one last time. Yunho takes this as a joke and accepts.


Se-Ryung then goes to visit her father. She tells her father that she did not feel comfortable going with Do-Jin and would feel better going with her secretary.

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Beom-Seok smiles that he feels relieved that Se-Ryung seems to be in better spirits. She asks him to hug her and promises to do better and recover, not worrying him anymore.

Next, she goes to her office and promises to herself that the next time she comes, she will walk in.

Dae-Shil walks in and Se-Ryung tells her that she has a lot to delegate to Dae-Shil before she goes to the United States.


At home, Dae-Ho gets all excited about learning how to drive. Dong-Sook happily wonders if Seung-Hye is progressing with Yunho.

At the same time, Seung-Ah raids her sister’s closet to steal one of Seung-Hye’s outfits. She decides to seduce him with Seung-Hye’s style.

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It almost works because Yunho gets surprised when he sees Seung-Ah. Seung-Ah notes that Yunho likes Seung-Hye’s style, feminine 33%, pretend nice 33%, and unfashionable 34%.

Yunho laughs that he likes Seung-Hye not Seung-Hye’s style. He tells Seung-Ah to keep her own cute style.

Seung-Ah yells at Yunho that he’s too much because he won’t pretend to fall for her.

Random subplot line as romantic music ensues with Sun-Sook thinks about Joon-Bae. Right on time, Joon-Bae comes in to hammer in some nails saying that if Sun-Sook gets hurt, it will be troublesome for him. Sun-Sook looks like she’s falling for his manliness and she slaps herself with the fly swatter.

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The secretary takes Se-Ryung to the airport and she calls Seung-Hye. She tells Seung-Hye that she is leaving alone because she does not want Do-Jin to treat her like a patient. She adds that her relationship with Do-Jin has not ended so Seung-Hye should not try to take Do-Jin back while Se-Ryung is gone.

Seung-Hye asks Se-Ryung where she is but Se-Ryung just continues… She tells Seung-Hye that Yunho is a really good guy and she should not lose him. She adds that she is sorry to Seung-Hye for everything and hangs up.

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Seung-Hye freaks out and tells Yunho who calls Do-Jin. Like a faithful loverboy, Do-Jin runs out and begins rushing to the airport.

Se-Ryung picks up while he’s driving and she apologizes that she didn’t have the confidence to hear his voice. She tells him that she’s going to get better and come back so that she can confidently walk into her wedding. She thanks Do-Jin and hangs up.


Do-Jin rushes to Beom-Seok who hears from his secretary as well. Do-Jin announces that he is going on the next flight and Beom-Seok tells him to wait. He is going to find out why Se-Ryung resorted to this first. Being a CEO, he tasks his secretary to tell the LA branch office folk to babysit Se-Ryung when she lands…don’t think she’s in any danger since she’s riding business with her secretary and will be met by company people with a company car… Big sacrifice.

Yunho updates Seung-Hye who worries about selfish idiot Do-Jin.

Instead of thinking about why the mess is a mess, Do-Jin tells Kyung-Tae and Dae-Shil. Do-Jin thinks about immediately following but Kyung-Tae stops him. Kyung-Tae notes that Se-Ryung must have had her own reasons so Do-Jin should think about this carefully.

Mi-Ja is a smart one. When Sang-Man tells her about Se-Ryung, she orders him to find Do-Jin first… Who is off like a possessive loverboy, getting into his own car to go toward the airport. Where was this determination when he was with Seung-Hye?!


Do-Jin calla Kyung-Tae to ask him to tell his mother. Kyung-Tae yells back that Do-Jin shouldn’t trust him with his mother.


Luckily, Sang-Man and Mi-Ja know deceit. They arrive at the airport and stop Do-Jin.

Mi-Ja declares that if he really wants to leave, he can leave over her dead body. Do-Jin turns around and begins to walk away and Mi-Ja falls to the ground.


Do-Jin tells Sang-Man not to try to trick him but Sang-Man insists that this time Mi-Ja truly fainted. So, Do-Jin finally decides to stay.


Dae-Shil tells everything to the family women except for Seung-Hye. Seung-Ah notes that Seung-Hye can now get together with Do-Jin and gets lectured by her mother. I’m with Dong-Sook on this one… The guy totally acted like a man madly in love with Se-Ryung…how can Seung-Hye trust him to be with her?

Poor sweet and almost perfect Yunho goes to tell Seung-Hye that Do-Jin got stopped at the airport. She tells her family that she also knows but sniffles.


Her mother yells at Seung-Hye for being stupid and I have to admit agreeing. Even Dae-Shil comments that being with Do-Jin will not bring Seung-Hye an easy life… Ya think?

Seung-Hye let’s this all go through one ear and out the other. She excuses herself and goes to her room to sulk.


As much as I want to sympathize for Seung-Hye…This is getting to be too much. She basically hears that the guy she is currently infatuated with rushed to the airport to take the next flight to LA (there’s usually only two flights per day) to follow another woman after said woman left by herself! At this point, even if Do-Jin’s decision to stay with Se-Ryung started out of responsibility and guilt, one should question whether responsibility, guilt, and childhood friendship are not mixing together to give Do-Jin similar feelings of being in a serious relationship. This is within only a couple weeks after breaking up with Seung-Hye… If a guy can forget you and live the life of a loverboy so perfectly to another woman, there are some major problems with your relationship.

As for Se-Ryung, I feel that this episode was more in line with her character in the beginning. As much as Se-Ryung is obsessed with Do-Jin, she is a proud and accomplished woman. While she might have thought that she would be satisfied just having him by her side, she would only want more. She’s also smart enough to know that to get more, she has to be more to Do-Jin than just a patient that needs his treatment. She needs him to see her as a woman, somewhat, while feeling these confusing emotions. Therefore, I really liked her exit and the way she did it. It would be a hilarious twist if it turns out that she filed the marriage license and then went on the plane. ^^

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