Make a Woman Cry – E24

Eunseo starts trying to manipulate Deok-In.  Meanwhile, the two families meet and due to internal dynamics, it ends up falling apart horribly.



Eunseo sighs that if the accident involved anything else, then as a parent, she would want to know more. Deok-In gets straight to the point and asks if Eunseo is suggesting that Jinwoo is somehow connected to her son’s accident.

Eunseo pretends to be shocked and smiles that she has no idea what Deok-In is talking about. The two women’s different styles come out as Deok-In repeats that she is not Hong-Ran. She knows Eunseo is telling her just enough so that Deok-In would do something about looking into the accident but not enough that Eunseo could get into trouble if word got back to Daddy Kang.

Eunseo doesn’t change her stance. Still smiling like a calm lake, Eunseo responds that she has no idea what Deok-In is speaking about… And she thinks it’s time to leave since talking with Deok-In for a protracted period of time seems dangerous.

Deok-In walks back to the street and scans the surroundings imagining her son’s crash.

When Jinwoo comes over for lunch, she asks him directly for the reason why he quit his teaching job when Yunseo has been quiet recently. Jinwoo has trouble meeting her eyes but stays silent and she pushes by asking if it had anything to do with her son’s accident.


Meanwhile, Eunseo returns home to find Jin-Myung waiting for her in the garden. He asks her suspiciously where she’s coming back from.

Eunseo nonchalantly answers that she went to see Deok-In at her mother-in-law’s request to discuss the upcoming engagement. Realizing that Eunseo went off to make trouble, Jin-Myung asks her again to please let Jinwoo’s wedding go.

Eunseo replies by smiling that she has nothing against Jinwoo’s wedding. Now knowing and understanding Eunseo’s true self, Jin-Myung tells her again to stop…


Hong-Ran also anxiously waits for Eunseo and runs up to her as soon as Eunseo arrives in the kitchen to ask about the talk with Deok-In. Eunseo surprises her by being nonchalant and focusing on her talk about the engagement party planning. When Hong-Ran asks specifically about whether Eunseo said everything she needed about Jinwoo and Deok-In’s son, Eunseo asks whyever would she do such a thing? Seeing that Hong-Ran still has not figured out what is going on, Eunseo has pity on her and tells her that she knows Hong-Ran was planning to let Eunseo do all of the planning and the dirty work. Then Hong-Ran would go to their father-in-law to tell him that Eunseo is the reason Jinwoo couldn’t get remarried.

Hong-Ran tries to deny it at first but at Eunseo’s peaceful question of Hong-Ran telling her plan to Jin-Myung, Hong-Ran gives in.

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As for Hong-Ran, she runs to Jin-Myung to accuse him of telling Eunseo. He laughs that he does not need to tell Eunseo because she can just figure it out but warns Hong-Ran not to even try to tell the in-laws that Eunseo and he are having an unofficial affair. Even if Eunseo did not put her into an asylum, the parents would to protect their image and reputation.

Hong-Ran realizes that her husband is correct and that she would have difficulty out manipulating Eunseo. So she drops it onto him by telling him that he can either protect Eunseo or Jinwoo… If he let’s Deok-In come into the house, Eunseo’s scheming won’t stop and Deok-In is not her…the two women will tear the family apart because the scariest woman in the world is a woman with a sick child she has to protect and then a woman who lost her child…


Back with Deok-In and Jinwoo, she continues to ask about why Jinwoo would try to break up with her when he promised that he didn’t care about getting married… That all he wanted to do was love her. Jinwoo lies that he wasn’t sure he could just love her from afar and believed that she would not be able to get a divorce. Deok-In knows that this is not the truth but does not press on it. Instead, she tells him that Eunseo dropped by.


Jinwoo hustles over to the main house to ask if his brother told Eunseo. Jin-Myung denies it but warns Jinwoo that Eunseo is capable of finding it out herself like she figured out about their older brother’s death.

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Jinwoo tries to ask Eunseo directly but she has her angelic and harmless housewife guise on. Jinwoo frowns and stares at Eunseo but her mask does not fall as she continues to deny that she would ever imply such a thing to Deok-In. She also has enough peace and confidence that she asks him for the real reason he tried to break up with Deok-In and quit the school… Searching for more clues.

Jin-Myung also broods in his office about Hong-Ran’s words. It’s like he knows and can recognize Eunseo’s ulterior side as much as anyone but he needs someone like Hong-Ran to throw it into his face for him to accept it.


At the same time, Hong-Ran goes to offer peace to Eunseo. She carefully asks if they are on the same team still or not. Since Eunseo just came back from defending against Jinwoo and Jin-Myung, she answers that they are still on the same team until they figure out Deok-In. She also sighs that she does not know if this strategically the best option as she has to show her claws to everyone to fight Deok-In. Hong-Ran agrees that if you’re fighting against another master, you can’t hide anything.

As for Hasoon, she finds relaxation too boring and goes to check on Kyung-Soo. There, she hears that Bok-Rye fell in the bathroom straining her ankle and runs off to help her.


Hasoon cooks and the two gossip. Hasoon tells her about the upcoming meeting and Bok-Rye encourages her to do her hair elegantly and keep her mouth shut. Hasoon whines that she does not think that she will like the new in-laws…

Bok-Rye sighs that Deok-In used to check in on her all the time so now she misses Deok-In…


Jinwoo and Deok-In go through a mall to buy some gifts for Hasoon. Except when Jinwoo hands over the expensive ginseng and roots, Hasoon complains that Jinwoo is showing off his wealth too much. She mutters that they should share some with Bok-Rye.

Then glaring at Jinwoo, she warns him not to look down on Deok-In for not being rich or having divorced. She snaps that Jinwoo shouldn’t promise things too easily but be more stable.


Deok-In brings Jinwoo into the room and tells him to rest a bit. She comes out to ask her mother why she’s being so rude and Hasoon sighs that no matter if you’re a widow, you should be confident when getting married. Sighing again she mumbles that this is why having a parent even if she is not that useful helps…

Jinwoo solemnly looks at a picture of Junghoon and then goes out to eat voraciously. Hasoon tells Jinwoo not to look down on Deok-In and to treat her well, getting a smile from Jinwoo. Finally, Hasoon praises Jinwoo for having a nice face compared to Kyung-Cheol who looked severe.

At the same time, the Hwang family eats dinner while talking about how much they miss Deok-In. Kyung-Cheol ends up leaving in the middle to stand around dazed in his room.

At the Kang house, Hong-Ran runs into Hyojung in the hallway and tells Hyojung that she won’t say anything. Then she asks whether Hyojung had been dating Kyung-Tae. When Hyojung drops her head instead of answering, Hong-Ran stalks off in anger.

Meanwhile, Deok-In and Hasoon take a car sent by the Kang family to the restaurant. Still not sure what the family does, Hasoon praises the car and wonders about the people in Korea who have debt but still buy luxury cars.

The driver smiles that his boss is CEO Kang, the head of a large conglomerate. Hearing that the family is a chaebol, Hasoon freaks out.


The Kang family also gets ready but Daddy Kang dismisses Jin-Myung telling him that he will tell Deok-In’s mother both of his older sons died. Mommy Kang goes out first but Hong-Ran steams. She tells Eunseo that she’s going to rely on Eunseo’s promise to take care of Minseo if she gets kicked out trying to keep Deok-In from marrying into the family and make a scene at the lunch.

Probably thinking that Hong-Ran is just blowing off steam, Eunseo herds Hong-Ran off.


At the luxurious and expensive traditional Korean restaurant, Deok-In and her mother awkwardly walk in. When Hasoon introduces herself and Hong-Ran starts to laugh. Both Jinwoo and Deok-In look at her, but Hong-Ran just keeps a condescending smile on her face.

Hasoon gets nervous in the face of all of this wealth and starts muttering about everything from her cheap lipstick leaving a stain on the cup…

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As the dinner processes, Hasoon gets comfortable to voraciously eat everything. The Kang women look on with disapproval but Jinwoo smiles.

Then it begins to fall apart. Momma Kang asks if Deok-In’s father is still alive. Everyone pauses and Momma Kang insists that she has to ask the things she has to ask.

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Hasoon answers that she does not know who the father is and, therefore, does not know if he is alive or not. Hong-Ran asks how Hasoon met the man and how she could not know who the father is…Hasoon mutters under the breath and Daddy Kang tells Hong-Ran to shut up and eat.

On the side, Jin-Myung goes to the golf range with Minseo where he realizes that his son has grown.

Hasoon asks about why the Kang sons are not in attendance and Daddy Kang explains that the oldest is gone and the second had other plans. Not an angel herself, Hasoon attacks back by sighing how sad it is that Momma Kang’s fate is jumbled as well…she is rich but had to send off a child first. And continuing on, she wonders how people in the past could be so mean to a widow, accusing her of killing her own husband with a strong fate as compared to the man’s…she notes how sweet Eunseo looks…

Deok-In taps her mother and Eunseo smiles and asks about guests for the wedding. Hasoon answers that they won’t have anyone.


Hong-Ran jumps in to ask again what Hasoon’s occupation was in the past. Daddy Kang gets up in anger and tells Eunseo to take Hong-Ran out. Eunseo doesn’t even have a chance to get up before Momma Kang stands up announcing that she would rather her son die as a widow than approve of this marriage and walks out with the daughter-in-laws following.

Left at the table, Deok-In holds in her tears and her mother tells her in a small voice that she, too, does not want to be connected with too affluent in laws.


Hong-Ran worries about getting kicked out and explains that she would not have been so harsh if Daddy Kang had not been so demeaning to Jin-Myung earlier. Eunseo consoles her that Daddy Kang won’t do anything with their mother-in-law so enraged and promises to work on it as well. Back inside the restaurant, Daddy Kang awkwardly sits quietly. For some reason Deok-In apologizes and he tells her not to worry about. Deok-In and Hasoon get up and Jinwoo offers to accompany them home. Hasoon quickly tells him that it won’t be necessary and also refuses Daddy Kang’s offer of a car.

Jinwoo walks them out but Hasoon turns around without telling him goodbye. After the women leave, Jinwoo turns to see the two sister-in-laws together.


A little bit away, Hasoon breaks down at a nearby bench apologizing to Deok-In. She asks Deok-In why Deok-In didn’t just say she never found her mother. Deok-In answers that it is fine; she’s just grateful to be alive and to have found her mother again. Grabbing her mother’s hand, she tells her not to cry.

Back at home, Hong-Ran anxiously waits in the living room for the rest of the family. When the family comes home, Daddy Kang tells his wife to leave the house. However, Momma Kang does not stand for it.


She tells her husband to leave himself or kick everyone out of the house. Then she turns her anger on Jinwoo to ask if there’s no one on earth other than Deok-In.


Jinwoo yells back that there is no one else and follows his mother into the room where he tells her that his mother knows nothing; the whole family should be begging Deok-In for forgiveness. He declares that he’s going to spend the rest of his life making things up to Deok-In.

Hong-Ran debrief with Jin-Myung, telling him that Eunseo promised to take care of Minseo…so, she went off and was rude at the dinner…then their mother-in-law got involved. Before Jin-Myung can get mad at her, Hong-Ran adds that she finds Eunseo more dependable than her husband who’s going to die trying to be cool.


The mother-in-law goes to ask Eunseo about Jinwoo’s words. Eunseo looks surprised but pretends to know anything and the mother-in-law goes to ask Jin-Myung the same. When he heard that the mother-in-law said the same to Eunseo, he pulls Eunseo out of the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Jin-Myung begs Eunseo not to make him regret helping her and her son while ignoring his own wife and son… Eunseo glares back that Jin-Myung can stop her by going to his father since her fate had always been in his hands after he let his brother die.


Eunseo goes to Deok-In’s restaurant, under the guise of being on an errand from her father-in-law and repeats the same words just as Jinwoo enters. Turning to him, Deok-In demands that he explain.


So, is this a bad time to say that I do empathize with Eunseo’s character a little bit? She must have loved her fiancé at least some to prepare to get married to him and then find that he died… Hoping to give her own son a better life than herself, she voluntarily subjected herself to a life of indentured servitude (probably exacerbated by the fact that her son was sick). I’m not sure how much the health care system in Korea would have covered for Hyunseo’s bills if Eunseo’s own family has a building.

Then she finds out that the one person whom she always trusted is the reason she has to live pleasing everyone else…I can totally understand her reasoning for her actions and why she would find Jin-Myung’s pleas to be almost ironic if not selfish.

The official meeting scene made me feel really uncomfortable. The way that the writer drafted the script, you could not help but wonder if Deok-In’s mother had been a prostitute or a room salon girl.

While I do not think the way Momma Kang or Hong-Ran handled the situation was correct, it would be a big issue for a lot of people…it’s interesting that a large broadcasting company decided to use thus background in a weekend drama. I highly applaud them for not shying away from this.

On a more frivolous thought, does this mean there’s going to be a rich daddy that comes into the picture for Deok-In later?

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