Make a Woman Cry – E25

Everyone but the mother-in-law find out about the connection between Yunseo and Junghoon.



Deok-In demands to know why she deserves to receive an apology from everyone. Jinwoo turns to Eunseo and asks her why she is trying so hard to block their marriage. He tells her not to slip random hints in a mistaken view that it will help Hyunseo and bring some evidence.

Eunseo frowns and asks why Deok-In deserves an apology.

Jinwoo sighs that Deok-In almost died while she protected Yunseo. That’s why he had said the family was indebted to her. Outplayed, Eunseo walks out determined to find some hard evidence.


Left alone, Deok-In and Jinwoo go to a nearby park. As they sit down, Jinwoo tells Deok-In not to fall for Eunseo’s tricks as she is trying to keep them from marrying so that Hyunseo can inherit the company.


Eunseo tells Hong-Ran everything. She muses that the people inside the cars would only see Junghoon running into the street… Someone had to see it from the sidewalk. She concludes that there must have been someone who did business nearby and left around that time.

Hong-Ran gasps that Eunseo is amazing and declares that Eunseo should inherit the company instead of the guys… All of the guys seem to know nothing but love while Eunseo lives and breathes the company. ^°~


Hong-Ran suggests that they ask their mother-in-law and the girls do. However, Mommy Kang does not know anything and refers them to Daddy Kang.

At the same time, Hasoon drops by Bok-Rye’s house with the excuse that she was around. She asks for some food and over noodles complains about the treatment she received during the official meeting. She sniffles that Deok-In probably regrets finding her.


Bok-Rye consoles her as Hasoon continues. She says that she went to the bridge to jump off but couldn’t… She asks for some alcohol and drinks a whole bottle of soju by herself.

Kyung-Cheol arrives at home to find Hasoon out. He offers to go back to his studio since Hasoon would find it uncomfortable to find Kyung-Cheol there. He ends up not having to as Deok-In calls her mother’s phone and comes to pick Hasoon up.


Deok-In carries her mother home and chastises her for knocking out drunk at Deok-In’s ex-in-law’s home.  Hasoon whines back that she felt so depressed that she tried to attempt suicide.  This stops Deok-In’s lecture and she stares at her mother with a stricken expression.


Daddy Kang also calls a family meeting.  He tells the women that he wants a small wedding with only the family participating from both sides.  Mommy Kang frowns that she still disapproves but Daddy Kang blows through her statement by saying that Jinwoo is going to take over the company; they can’t leave him as a widow.  With that declaration of war, he leaves the women to bristle.

Mommy Kang tells the girls to call Deok-In over and follows her husband into the room.

Hong-Ran goes upstairs where she sees Hyunseo sitting in the upstairs lounge area.  She cautiously asks him what would he do if he found out that Hyojung had been lying to him because of money.  Hyunseo smiles that Hyojung would never lie to him and Hong-Ran backs off with the knowledge that the truth would crush Hyunseo.

At the same time, Hyojung meets with Kyung-Tae who is worried about her.  He tells her to quit being both Hyunseo’s main nurse and girlfriend.  He reasons that Eunseo does not respect her and also verbally abuses her…Even if Eunseo gave in and accepted her as a potential bride, the Kang family would know that she lied when the families have an official meeting.

Hyojung refuses to take his suggestion.  She tells him that she does not care if the family finds out…the only thing that she is worried about is Hyunseo’s health taking a hit if he finds out that she lied to him.


Meanwhile, Hong-Ran and Eunseo confer about what they are going to do about Jinwoo since he won the last battle.  Hong-Ran suggests that they ask Daddy Kang and Eunseo takes her suggestion.  She brings Daddy Kang a drink in the study and shyly brings up her question.

Daddy Kang has her sit down and ask her question.  She asks him if he knew about any accident that occurred in front of the school that their family is on the board of.  Daddy Kang’s expression does not change and he denies knowing anything.  However, he stares at Eunseo and reminds her that he knows that she is intelligent…He adds that he had always hoped that Eunseo would use her intelligence to help the family – not harm it…He hopes that he is not wrong.

Eunseo freezes but she pretends not to know what he’s talking about.  Daddy Kang repeats that he hopes that Eunseo will not use her intelligence to hurt the family because he will not stand for anyone harming the family.  Eunseo picks up on the underlying threat and repeats that she would never do anything to hurt the family before leaving.

By the time that she leaves the room, she is completely shaken up.  Hong-Ran finds her outside the door and Eunseo takes the conversation to her personal room.  She snaps at Hong-Ran for her stupid idea of directly asking Daddy Kang…Of course if an accident was covered up on behalf of Yunseo, Daddy Kang would be involved… By asking him directly, they just alerted him to the fact that they also know and care about the issue.

She tells Hong-Ran not to do anything as the stakes have just increased…She will take care of everything herself to minimize mistakes.


It’s Mommy Kang’s turn to move as Deok-In arrived as called.  In a tense meeting among Deok-In, Mommy Kang and Eunseo, Mommy Kang gets straight to the point.  She tells Deok-In that she does not approve of the the wedding and, even if, Deok-In were to join the family under Daddy Kang’s protection, Deok-In would spend most of the time with her not Daddy Kang…She asks Deok-In to break up with Jinwoo.  She also adds that Deok-In does not break up with Jinwoo, she is going to make it clear to Hasoon that the main reason she does not approve is because of Deok-In’s background.

Deok-In looks at Eunseo for support but Eunseo just stares back pointedly.  Deok-In realizes that she has no support in the house and tells Mommy Kang that she understands.  Mommy Kang insists that Deok-In confirm whether she will break up with Jinwoo.  However, Deok-In just firmly repeats that she understands Mommy’s Kang’s point.

When Deok-In walks out of the house after the verbal battle of posturing, she’s in shock.  She manages to take a couple steps just as Jinwoo arrives by a cab.  He tells her that Jin-Myung warned him that the women of the family had called her over.

Deok-In tells him that she is fine but she is going to go home alone.

Daddy Kang has a bad feeling about Eunseo’s question and calls up his company lawyer.  He tells the lawyer to look up the information about the accident that involved Yunseo a few years back…specifically, the identity of the victim child and the victim child’s mother.

Smarting from the way that Mommy Kang and Eunseo threatened her because of the circumstances surrounding her birth, Deok-In pauses in front of her restaurant.  Instead of going in, she looks toward the school and remembers Eunseo’s hints about something being amiss about her son’s death.

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Repeating Eunseo’s insistence that there had to be a witness, Deok-In retraces the hypothetical steps that her son would have taken toward the street…pausing here and there to see what she could see from her vantage point.  As she reaches the street, she sees Eunseo doing the same thing….Scanning the environment and pausing every few steps to see what would be in view.

Eunseo smiles that Deok-In did not believe Jinwoo’s declaration.  However, Deok-In is not feeling particularly cooperative.  She tells Eunseo to throw her games away and tell her directly what Eunseo keeps insinuating…Deok-In promises not to tell Daddy Kang whatever Eunseo tells her so Eunseo does not have to play her games.

Eunseo smiles that she has nothing to say and she is not playing any game.  She explains that she was just in the neighborhood.  Declaring that she has no other errand in the neighborhood, Eunseo turns around and leaves Deok-In standing there watching Eunseo’s back.

At the same time, Daddy Kang’s lawyer calls and confirms his worst fears…The child who died because of Yunseo was Hwang Junghoon, the son of Deok-In and Kyung-Cheol.  Daddy Kang wastes no time and calls Jinwoo into his office immediately.


Jinwoo arrives and Daddy Kang announces that he has changed his mind.  He also disapproves of Jinwoo’s wedding because he does not believe any good can come out of a historically antagonistic relationship like this one.  He tells Jinwoo that what you need to toss, you should toss early.

Jinwoo heads home and asks a defiant Eunseo to call Jin-Myung. As Jinwoo turns around, Eunseo asks what makes him think Deok-In is so special… She got beaten up for the children at school to look good in front of Jinwoo… She took care of her in-laws to look good in front of her past husband… Eunseo asks how Deok-In could turn away from Kyung-Cheol so easily after she professed being so in love with him and his family.


Jinwoo goes to tell Jin-Myung about the new development. He wonders how their father could know about the accident and clean it up himself. Jin-Myung answers that their father is willing to do anything for the family… He would not have been able to get the family this far from the bottom without being so determined.

Jinwoo asks Jin-Myung to take care of Eunseo as she keeps kicking up the water whenever things get calmer. Hr adds that if things don’t go well, he won’t let Eunseo come out of this unscathed.


Jin-Myung quickly goes to Eunseo and brings her to the garden. He yells at her to leave things be. Eunseo yells back that she cannot leave things be.

So, Jin-Myung asks if he has to bring Eunseo down himself. Eunseo smiles that he can do whatever he wants…her fate always rested in his hands anyways after her husband died.

As Jin-Myung pauses, Eunseo continues her rant. She notes that through this experience, she found out that she could not even depend on her father-in-law who had always been so compassionate towards her as if he would give her the whole company… However, the same father-in-law warned her that he would bring her down if she didn’t drop things.

Jin-Myung asks if she doesn’t have some responsibility for this situation. Eunseo snarls back that this is love… Love changes in one day.

Jin-Myung asks her if she is going to fight his father. He warns that she might be able to best everyone but his father.

Eunseo answers that she has already put everything on the line and leaves.


Deok-In meets with Jinwoo in the park and comments how everyone now disapproves of their wedding. Jinwoo responds that as long as their own love has not changed, nothing has changed.

Deok-In looks at him from the side and notes that she’s starting to get worried that there is a reason they cannot be together. Jinwoo calls her name but cannot say anything.

When Deok-In returns to her restaurant, she finds a man behind a redhead pastry cart. The man asks if Deok-In would give him permission to sell there. Deok-In responds that she is fine but not sure about the business.

The man smiles that he does not mind. Deok-In agrees and goes inside to call her detective friend for a favor.

Afterwards, she comes out to give the man a glass of cold water and asks him to come back whenever he gets thirsty.

The father-in-law comes home and tells Jinwoo he wants to talk. As everyone pauses, Daddy Kang designates the study as the place for the conversation.


Once seated, Daddy Kang asks Jin-Myung once again if the reason Jin-Myung did not save his brother was related to Eunseo. Jin-Myung stays silent and Daddy Kang asks again what was his relationship.

Jin-Myung answers that they were just colleagues… He even introduced the two.

Daddy Kang tells Jin-Myung to stop lying about his greed for the company.

Jin-Myung repeats that he wanted the comoany because he wanted his father’s love.

Daddy Kang just responds that Jin-Myung is talking a lot… Jin-Myung is the type that is quiet unless he gets afraid and wants to hide something.

Meanwhile, Deok-In makes dumplings and remembers the words Jinwoo told her as he broke up with her… About how he does not have a right to love her. She pauses in thought and her detective friend comes by. He tells her that there was a fruit vendor that quickly disappeared after the incident. Deok-In asks him to look into where the vendor is now.

Deok-In laughs to herself that she never thought about this and calls Jungsoo and Hyun-Jin.


They meet up at the pizza place and Deok-In asks them if they were friends with Yunseo in junior high. They two agree.

Deok-In asks if there was a bullied child that got into an accident in front of the school. The kids pause and look sad.

Picking up on the truth, Deok-In’s eyes fill with tears. She tells them softly that she’s not here to chastise them but she wants the truth.

Jungsoo and Hyun-Jin answer that there was one… That they were also involved. They ask if she knew the child.

Deok-In responds that she does not know the child.

Jungsoo adds that he was running from a beating when he ran into the street.


Deok-In asks for the name as tears start to fall.

Jungsoo turns to Hyun-Jin and asks if it wasn’t Hwang Junghoon.

Deok-In keeps herself from sobbing but her hand drops the glass of water it was holding.


The truth is out. Deok-In finally knows that her son did not die in a simple car accident but as a result of bullying. Through her time at school, she also knows the dynamic between Yunseo and Jinwoo… How Jinwoo basically let’s Yunseo run around like a wildchild because of his guilt to his dead wife.

This puts an interesting spin on the commonly known story about the priest who saved the life of the murderer of his child and raised said murderer as his new son. Deok-In is not a priest and she did not know that Yunseo did Junghoon when she almost gave up her life to save him. However, if she marries Jinwoo, she will end up becoming Yunseo’s mother. What a quandary!

It’s one thing to get over the fact that her fiancé is the father of her son’s murderer because he has this unhealable scar. It’s another thing to truly forgive and accept the murderer when your own child barely had a chance to live. Add to the fact that you now know that your child was bullied while he was living…

As for the other story line, I thought it was interesting that Eunseo “won” this battle at the loss of one of her greatest allies. Her father-in-law is now suspicious of her and all of the younger generation also know about her two faces. If the mother-in-law finds out, Eunseo has nothing left. This is definitely the risk when you put all of your hopes in human capital. To most quickly and effectively win over her supporters, Eunseo pretended that she needed nothing and literally bet everything on human capital and her relationships. Now that there’s a threat to test her lack of material greed, she realizes that she cornered herself. She either has to win every thing or accept living the lie that she has been promoting.

Finally, Eunseo’s husband?! It took you long enough!

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