Love on a Rooftop – E84

Everyone has to figure out how they are going to deal with Yunho proposing to Seung-Hye.



Dong-Sook gasps over the engagement ring. Seeing seething Seung-Ah on the side, she pulls her younger daughter away literally screaming.

Seung-Ah screams at Seung-Hye to return the ring before going into her room. Sighing, Dong-Sook goes into Seung-Ah’s room.


Cornering Seung-Ah on the bed, Dong-Sook tells Seung-Ah to love Yunho as a brother-in-law. Seung-Ah whines back that she really loves Yunho but Dong-Sook is not having it. She reminds Seung-Ah about the ring and tells her to wake up to reality.


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja prepares food for Do-Jin as if he’s going through some big hardship. She brings him all these meals to find him drink at home. Um what? For what country that he saved? For what company that he founded?

Do-Jin wakes up drunk and mutters that he should have been hit instead of Se-Ryung. Then he looks up and calls his mother Seung-Hye. He sighs that he was trying his best to forget Seung-Hye but he cannot… He has to go the United States because seeing Seung-Hye is too hard. Boo fudging hoo.

At the same time, Dong-Sook complains to Dae-Ho that Seung-Ah is fighting with Seung-Hye again because Yunho proposed. She smiles happily that the ring was so sparkly and the diamond was so big! She looks at her husband and asks when she will also get a diamond ring like that.


They go to tell Soon-Im. However, Seung-Hye comes in to announce that she is not ready to accept Yunho as her fiancé.

Dong-Sook tells her daughter that she should accept Yunho… It would be easier to forget Do-Jin if Seung-Hye tried to accept Yunho.

Soon-Im agrees with Dong-Sook. However, Dae-Ho notes that this is an important decision for Seung-Hye so they should follow her feelings.

Dong-Sook doesn’t back down. She tells Seung-Hye to follow what the parents say to avoid suffering. After all, she decided to marry into this family even though her parents told her marrying the only son of a traditional family would entail suffering. She didn’t even get a ring and look how much she suffered!
Seung-Ah goes to complain to Dae-Shil how Seung-Hye brought home a 2 carat diamond ring from Yunho and shocks her.


At the same time, Seung-Hye goes to Mi-Ja after receiving a call. Mi-Ja complains that Do-Jin is a patient not leaving his apartment. Finding out that Mi-Ja has not eaten, Seung-Hye offers to prepare porridge.

Meanwhile, Dae-Ho and Joon-Bae talk about the ring that Seung-Hye received. Dong-Sook interrupts to add that a diamond ring would also look good on her. ^^

Seung-Hye brings Mi-Ja porridge in bed and even feeds her! Mi-Ja meekly takes the food and comments that it tastes like Dong-Sook’s food.

Mi-Ja asks if Seung-Hye hated her as Mi-Ja hated the woman standing between herself and her love. Seung-Hye just tells Mi-Ja to eat.

Mi-Ja grabs Seung-Hye’s hand and tries to beg Seung-Hye for help. She tells Seung-Hye that Do-Jin has not forgotten her… That he was more alive when he was with her.

Seung-Hye apologizes that she only came to tell Mi-Ja not to involve her in Do-Jin’s affairs. With the entrance of Sang-Man, Seung-Hye gets up to leave.

Mi-Ja adds to Seung-Hye’s back that Do-Jin confessed he only wanted to go to the United States to forget about Seung-Hye. Hah! SURE!

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Anyways, Seung-Hye takes this failure of an excuse. She goes to Do-Jin’s apartment building and watches Do-Jin walk in… Losing herself in the good memories. She turns around but Do-Jin sees her.

He walks over to ask why she came over. Seung-Hye complains that Do-Jin looks like he’s been drinking.

Do-Jin smirks that it has nothing to do with her.

Seung-Hye responds that the cafe is important to her as well. (Then work on it, Yunho gave the management to you!)

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Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye to give up the useless excuses and goes back in. =_=

Meanwhile, Seung-Ah brings some clothes to stay at Yunho’s place. She even texts Seung-Hye that she won’t return home until Seung-Hye returns the ring.

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Yunho tries to cajole Seung-Ah into leaving but she stands firm. She also lies to her mom that she’s staying at her company dorms due to a hectic schedule.

Comedic interlude as Sun-Sook asks to see the ring…which Seung-Hye has brought over with her to Yunho’s place.

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Seung-Hye arrives at Yunho’s place and sits down. To an unsuspecting Yunho, Seung-Hye hands over the ring.

Yunho notes that he asked her to think about it for a week. Seung-Hye apologizes that she feels that she does not need a week. She tells Seung-Ah to get up.

Seung-Ah wonders about the weird feeling she has and opens the box to check… And finds the box empty!


Literally, two things…

As harsh as it sounds, I wish Do-Jin would stop moping around and just fly to the United States already.

Meanwhile, can Yunho get any more perfect? Nope!

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