Love on a Rooftop – E86

FINALLY, SEUNG-HYE ACCEPTS THE RING.  All is well with the world?



Sun-Sook drops by with some beef bone stew.  Seeing that she’s wearing the same color jacket, Joon-Bae makes a big deal about wearing the same color jacket making other people think that they are an item.

From the kitchen, Dae-Ho smiles that Sun-Sook must think about Joon-Bae a lot.  Sun-Sook denies it saying that she had some leftover stew.  Joon-Bae takes her words at face value and Dae-Ho excuses himself for the bathroom.

Miss Bong comes out and asks if the two are back together since they are wearing a couple jacket.  She asks if they didn’t do it for their honeymoon.  Both Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae deny it and Sun-Sook even adds that they did not even go on a honeymoon because she was so pregnant.  Miss Bong tells Joon-Bae that he’s a jerk for not taking his wife on a honeymoon.  Joon-Bae agrees and walks off dejectedly.

After he leaves, Sun-Sook goes off and chastises Miss Bong for being so rude to her boss.  She stomps off huffing in anger and finds Seung-Hye walking around in a daze…as she’s trying to convince herself that Do-Jin could not have meant what he said to Yunho…that Yunho would make Seung-Hye happy.


Dae-Shil drops by Dong Rak Dang as well and tries to comfort Seung-Ah.  Being hungry, Seung-Ah had eaten the tray of food that Seung-Hye left but quickly hides it when she hears her aunt.

Dae-Shil promises that a cool man will show up right in front of Seung-Ah to help her forget Yunho…and…Ma Sung Nam (EQ) shows up!


Meanwhile, Sun-Sook brings Seung-Hye to her restaurant and sighs that Seung-Hye has not forgotten Do-Jin.  She tells Seung-Hye that she thinks its better for Seung-Hye to have broken up with Do-Jin if he makes her so unhappy…From her experience, she has realized that a couple cannot live on love alone.


Sung-Nam smiles that it’s a relief that Yunho dumped Seung-Ah.  He offers to read her palm. And, his prediction is that the right man with a last name of “Ma” is right in front of Seung-Ah but she has not realized it.


When Dae-Shil does not get the reference, he even points to the herbal drinks that brought Seung-Ah which has his name on the box.  He helps Seung-Ah drink the rest of the herbal drink before they go to the living room.

There, he gives a box of expensive gong-jin-dan (an expensive multi-herbal pill that Koreans use for a lot of ills).  He goes off and even feeds all of the women a pill.

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Meanwhile, Do-Jin calls Kyung-Tae over and tells his bud that Seung-Hye dropped off.  The employee stops by and tells Kyung-Tae that Seung-Hye called Do-Jin a jerk.  Hearing this, Kyung-Tae sighs that it must be over if Seung-Hye is saying this.  Hen then sighs again that he’s worried even if Seung-Hye marries Yunho since he has not heard the end of it from Dae-Shil after she saw Yunho’s engagement ring.

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Seung-Hye comes home and has a cute chat with Seung-Ah.  In the beginning, Seung-Ah yells at Seung-Hye to go away as she’s sleeping and she’s only sleep-talking.  Seung-Hye thanks Seung-Ah for supporting her relationship with Do-Jin as she knows Seung-Ah was the only one who support her decision…She pauses after she knows that it didn’t even end up well and tells Seung-Ah about how Do-Jin asked Yunho to make her happy.

Seung-Ah gets angry when she hears this and tells Seung-Hye not to return the ring to Yunho.  She tells her sister to wear the ring confidently and obviously in front of Do-Jin to show him that she found a better man.  She also announces that she will find a better man than Yunho as well.

The next day, Seung-Ah regrets what she said to her older sister but does not have the courage to bring it up to Seung-Hye…


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye goes to Yunho’s house.  Spending the whole time brooding, she finally tells Yunho that she is here to return the ring.  She apologizes that even though she thought about it a lot, she has not been able to forget about Do-Jin and she does not have the courage to love Yunho.

Yunho tells her not to be stubborn.  He is not asking her to immediately love him or forget about Do-Jin.  He wants her to wear the ring and just give him a chance to help her forget Do-Jin.  He gets up with the ring to put it on her finger but she rejects the offer.  He smiles and tells her to let him know when she is ready to accept him.

After Seung-Hye gets up, Yunho offers to walk her home but she declines saying that she has other plans.  She goes to visit the orphanage by herself.  Reaching the tree that her mother planted, she sits and talks to her mother about how she was supposed to meet a good man.  Then she loses herself in all of the good memories with Do-Jin…The odd thing being that many of the scenes are repeated as they had such a short-lived romance…The memories blend into Do-Jin dumping her.


Seung-Hye takes out the ring box and takes out the ring…and puts it on…

Yunho shows up and asks her if she’s finally decided to trust in him.  Standing in front of her he confesses that he was worried about her and followed her without telling her.  He grabs her hand and asks if she is accepting his proposal.

Seung-Hye nods and Yunho pulls her into a hug.

That night, Do-Jin falls into bed exhausted…after doing what? Who knows? He replays the scene where Seung-Hye calls him a jerk and agrees that he is. Yep, no one is arguing with you on this point.


At the same time, Yunho arrives at Seung-Hye’s house and tells her that he wants to tell her family while she has not changed her mind.  Even though Seung-Hye keeps pausing, he smiles and pushes through.

In front of the whole family, he tells everyone that they will get married.  Soon-Im asks if Seung-Hye has finally made up her mind and Seung-Ah yells out that she needs to excuse herself because of her broken heart…

Kyung-Tae also tries to excuse himself for the hospital but Dong-Sook snaps that Kyung-Tae is probably off to tell Do-Jin.  Kyung-Tae sits back down.  Although he complains that Do-Jin seems to be the only one who loses out since he gets nothing.  Everyone looks around awkwardly at Kyung-Tae’s words…

Yunho promises to everyone that he will make sure that Seung-Hye never regrets her decision.  Her grandmother tells Yunho that she is happy to trust Do-Jin.  Dae-Ho asks Seung-Hye one more time and Seung-Hye smiles that her father should also trust Do-Jin.


Sigh, freaking perfect-man Yunho again!  It’s rare to find a guy who loves another person with such an obvious scar so much that he is willing to help her heal.  The sparkly 2 carat diamond also does not hurt >.<

Ahem, on a more serious note, I am not sure how the writer would tie Do-Jin and Seung-Hye together at this point.  The thing is if Do-Jin and Seung-Hye had a long and passionate relationship, I would understand how Seung-Hye would not be able to move on… However, their relationship really only lasted a couple of months if that…they had limited dates…and, the strength of their relationship was that appeared to be a first love for both of them while they were both rebelling against the systems that each were trapped in.  (Do-Jin rebelling against the hospital and Seung-Hye rebelling against being the perfect daughter and nurse…)  The fact that their relationship was an added symbol of rebellion probably spurred it on.

However, when a relationship falls so deeply apart where the guy LITERALLY acts like another woman’s fiance…offers to get married to another woman…I don’t know how, even if Do-Jin were to ask for Seung-Hye’s forgiveness, any woman could accept him back.  How could Seung-Hye be sure that Do-Jin would not leave her in the future if Se-Ryung comes back healed and expecting to hold the wedding as Do-Jin promised to marry her….if the only reason she tried so hard with rehabilitation was to marry Do-Jin?   There would be nothing stopping him!

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