Make a Woman Cry – 26

Deok-In reels from the truth about her son’s death as everyone deals with the news in their own way.



Hearing her son’s name from her basically adopted sons, Deok-In drops her cup. The two boys look worried about what could upset her this much and get up when she gets up. Deok-In takes a step and falls into the arms of Jungsoo who she pushes away angrily.

She walks slowly but determinedly into the school…losing her strength against her frustration and anger along the way as she holds the wall for support. She asks around for Yunseo and runs to the yard where the new Yunseo is quietly playing a video game instead of bullying.


Deok-In grabs Yunseo by his collar and shakes him. She screams at him asking him what he threatened her son… To kill him if be told his mother? She also screams at Yunseo to kill her as well and then drags him into the principal’s office.


She screams that her son is dead but his aggressor is attending school normally! She sobs that he was running away from a beating and screams that someone needs to save her son. Finally, she falls to the ground repeating that someone should save her son and bring him back to life.

Yunseo quietly stands to the side knowing his sin and unable to face her. The other teachers just watch on.

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After a while, Deok-In walks out by herself with no casualties and runs into Jinwoo in the yard. She pauses… Looks at him and walks by without a word.

Jinwoo calls out her name and she turns around silently staring as if daring him to say anything. He doesn’t and she takes out his engagement ring and tosses it at Jinwoo’s feet.

“You still wanted to marry me? Your son killed mine but you thought you could marry me by giving me a diamond ring? You think you love me? Your son isn’t dead!”

Jinwoo apologizes.

“If you’re sorry, bring him back to life!… Or kill me, too. I’m not going to leave this alone.”

With those words, Deok-In turns her back on Jinwoo and walks away. Daddy Kang also gets a call informing him that Deok-In found out.


Deok-In goes straight home and suffers from shock. She goes into her room and hugs the picture of her son. Rocking back and forth she sobs as she apologizes to her son for loving his murderer’s father.

When Hasoon comes in, all Deok-In can ask is what can they do about her son.

Jinwoo goes home and calls Eunseo out to the garden. He asks her if she is satisfied.

Eunseo jumps to the conclusion that Deok-In must have found out.

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Jinwoo demands to know if she truly believes that the way to protect her son was to bring up the past like this… He reminds her that Deok-In’s son died… Couldn’t she be a bit more compassionate?

Eunseo answers that this is one of the worst battles ever…by fighting to the bitter end, even the win is empty… She lost more than she gained.

Then Eunseo yells back at Jinwoo to lower his voice. He should know as a parent that one has to protect one’s child… She asks if it isn’t why Jinwoo protected his own son who is a murderer. She reminds him that the more he makes a big deal out of this, the more people remember that Yunseo is a murderer… So, he should let it go for Yunseo’s sake.


Jin-Myung comes out and tries to console Jinwoo. Jinwoo asks what he could do to help Deok-In. He wanted to protect her but his own son is the one who gave her the unhealable scar. He also confesses that he cannot turn away from his son because Yunseo is still his son.

Jin-Myung tells Jinwoo to take some time to think about it.

The two sister-in-laws tell Mommy Kang who is shocked. Yep, ya should be considering what you did to Deok-In.


Later, Jinwoo goes by Deok-In’s restaurant to find it closed. He walks to her apartment where her mother runs out at the moment on her way to buy some fever medicine. He walks up with her but, when Deok-In finds out that Jinwoo is in her house, she angrily explodes that he needs to leave at this moment.


Her anger gets the better of her and she falls to the ground. Jinwoo tries to help her and Deok-In announces that she won’t die until Yunseo is punished. She sobs at Jinwoo to leave.


Jinwoo leaves with Hasoon following. She asks him if it is true that his son caused her grandson’s death. When he confirms it, Hasoon loses her mind as well… She goes back and forth between being angry on behalf of her daughter and on behalf of her grandson. Finally, Hasoon falls to the ground and sobs as she hits Jinwoo.


Daddy Kang comes home and calls a family meeting. He asks Eunseo about why she asked about the accident in front of the school and accuses her if telling Deok-In. Eunseo vehemently denies it saying she was not even sure.

Daddy Kang asks if she would have told Jinwoo once she confirmed it. Eunseo looks sadly at Daddy Kang and answers that she would have told Deok-In… She would not want Jinwoo to be divorced after becoming a widow… As Jinwoo gave up on his teaching job, she felt that it had something to do with Yunseo… She felt that it was best for the family that she stopped the marriage even if no one in the family support her.

Hong-Ran and Jin-Myung watch Eunseo in shock. Hong-Ran tells Jin-Myung that now that Jinwoo is no longer getting married, she wants Eunseo’s true self to be revealed.

Jin-Myung tells Hong-Ran not to try as she will never beat Eunseo…

Daddy Kang also mutters that he believes they are raising a tiger in their family. However, Momma Kang snaps back that he’s biased whenever he doesn’t like someone he hates that person no matter what. She adds that Eunseo is the one who thinks about the family most.


Hasoon tells Bok-Rye who begins to sob. She cries that she was the one who actually raised Junghoon because Deok-In was working. She declares that she is going to go see the parents and demand that they bring her grandson back.

Kyung-Cheol hears about the situation and rushes to Deok-In. She tells him that her son must have felt so frustrated seeing his mother love the father of his murderer. Kyung-Cheol falls to the ground and starts sobbing that Junghoon should not forgive him either.

The Hwang family soberly eats dinner while Jinwoo drinks.

Yunseo comes out and asks his father if he could quit school… He’s willing to go abroad or do anything… But, he wants to repent for all of the bullying victims and Junghoon. He explains that he wants to show that he is repenting and asks to see Deok-In.


They go to Deok-In’s house and wait outside as Hasoon tells her daughter that the two men refuse to leave. Finally, Deok-In goes out and yells at them if they want to be beaten up.

Yunseo falls to the ground and apologizes. He explains that he was ready to die when he got caught by the gang… He felt that he didn’t have a right to live so he didn’t call home.

He saw how Deok-In got beaten up for him not knowing that he killed her son… Crying he repeats that he is really sorry.

Deok-In perses her lips and doesn’t reply.


Jinwoo also kneels next to his son and asks her to listen to Yunseo. He tells her that he will let Yunseo quit school and go abroad…he can even make it so that Yunseo never returns to Korea…

Jinwoo continues that it was also his fault… He was angry at his son because he felt that his son tied him to his wife… After his wife died, his son was a constant reminder of his dead wife… He knows that hr was at fault and won’t ask her to forgive his son… But wishes that she would just listen to his son’s apology.

Yunseo squeaks out that he his sorry to his father.


The next day, Daddy Kang asks Hong-Ran for a favor instead of Eunseo. The errand is to give Deok-In some money in consolation for her son’s death. At Hong-Ran’s question, he answers that it’s enough to buy a small building anywhere in the city.

Hong-Ran stops by the restaurant to find it closed. However, she sees the redbean pastry man (her brother-in-law). She doesn’t recognize him and he doesn’t remember her but she buys some pastries for her manager.

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After she takes a few steps, she turns back to ask if he knows her. The man answers that he has only seen her on television but she cannot shake off the feeling.

In the car, she asks if Kyung-Tae still sees Hyojung. Kyung-Tae cannot answer and she assumes that Hyojung is two-timing Hyunseo which Kyung-Tae denies.

At the same time, Hyunseo asks to go on a backpacking trip across Europe. To reassure his mother about his health he notes that Hyojung is a nurse.

Eunseo tells him that he cannot.

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When Hyojung arrives for her scheduled visit, Eunseo accuses Hyojung’s parents of encouraging Hyojung to get pregnant by Hyunseo. Hyojung denies it and Eunseo orders that Hyojung make sure Hyunseo does not ask about traveling together again.

That night Hong-Ran has difficulty focusing on her lines because the red bean pastry baker looked familiar. She goes to her husband’s study to look at his past albums from college. There she finds the red bean pastry seller.

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When Jin-Myung asks, Hong-Ran lies that she saw someone who looked just like him.

Later, they grab a drink and Hong-Ran asks if they ever found a body. He confirms that they never did.

Hong-Ran thinks to herself that she might have found the key to getting revenge on Eunseo.

The next day, she hides in her car and watches the pastry seller all day.


Meanwhile, Jinwoo tells his father that he wants to send his son abroad in penance. His father refuses as Yunseo is still his grandson.

Daddy Kang calls Deok-In in to talk about Yunseo. She tells him that even if Yunseo is a child, he needs to learn that there are consequences of his actions.

Daddy Kang responds that he has no mind to let Yunseo quit school or send him abroad. Deok-In replies that she is already showing mercy by letting Yunseo off at this line.

Quietly, Daddy Kang hands over an envelope. He tells her that he can double or even triple it if she finds the amount inadequate.

Deok-In cries that Daddy Kang’s attitude us the reason Yunseo turned into the monster that he is. She refuses to accept the envelope, calling it his price on her son’s life.


He was such a good character but he went there… He tried to buy off Deok-In’s fury with money. While, it’s the logical step for someone in his shoes and his mindset, he should have realized that Deok-In perceives the world differently… After all, Daddy Kang did everything he could to achieve financial success from the bottom up and created a rich family. To him, every problem is likely solved with money… Depending on the amount.

Yet, Deok-In perceives the world differently. That’s why she opened up a restaurant which allows for students to eat free if they don’t have the money. Getting rich is not her end goal…Instead, Deok-In would likely feel better if the family sent Yunseo abroad and showed that they understand what a serious thing manslaughter is.

In this way, Daddy Kang’s thinking was extremely shortsighted. Deok-In never said Yunseo cannot come back to Korea. As Yunseo is still in high school, they could probably call him back for college or after when Deok-In’s anger and hurt has simmered and evolved… Everyone would be happier – including Yunseo who would be able to proactively do something to repent.

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