Love on a Rooftop – E87

Seung-Hye lets down her hair AND makes a beautiful bride >.< Even if the writer is setting me up for heartbreak, let these few episodes continue TT_TT



Dae-Shil pulls Kyung-Tae aside and yells at him for bringing Do-Jin up at a moment like that.  In the middle of her yelling, she pauses because of some pain.  Kyung-Tae freaks out and Dae-Shil passes it off as constipation.


The next day, Kyung-Tae tells Do-Jin who takes the news passively.  He confesses that he regrets his decision but he has no right to regret it.  Kyung-Tae pats his friend on the back and tells him to work hard… Yeah, I mean he did take like three weeks off from work in the early stages of his business to play fiance to Se-Ryung.  It’s about time he works!

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Meanwhile, Seung-Hye decides she is ready for a change and lets down her hair. She then gets called away by Dae-Shil because Dae-Shil is bleeding a bit. However, she doesn’t want to tell Kyung-Tae who will freak out and they go to a nearby hospital instead.


At the same time, Dae-Ho has a drink with Yunho. He tells Yunho that he does not think that Seung-Hye has put on the ring because she loves only Yunho and is ready about Yunho. Yunho responds that at least Seung-Hye has decided to try and he can work to help her forget Do-Jin.


Dong-Sook goes to Sun-Sook to worry about how she is going to save money to wed Seung-Hye off. Then she realizes that Sun-Sook isn’t listening. Sun-Sook confesses that she’s starting to find her ex-husband cool again…


Realizing that she forgot to ask for the monthly Academy fees for Dong-Goo. She runs off to the chicken shop. Joon-Bae gives her a thick envelope, telling her to use the extra money on herself. Sun-Sook looks like she’s impressed but then Joon-Bae asks if he can move in and kills the mood.

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Seung-Hye and Dae-Shil find themselves at Min Chae-Won’s (T’Ara’s Eunjung) new clinic.  Chae-Won tells Dae-Shil that she must be under a lot of stress for getting pregnant at an older age…Dae-Shil needs to focus on decreasing her stress  and not worry about anyone else’s opinion.  She does suggest that Dae-Shil rest for a couple days now that she got this signal from her babies… Dae-Shil leaves happily.

Back in the room, Chae-Won calls Kyung-Tae to complain that he has not visited yet.  She also asks about Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae tells her not to visit as Do-Jin is a complete mess.


Another person who doesn’t listen to instructions.  Chae-Won goes off to visit Do-Jin’s cafe happily.  Do-Jin asks when she arrived as he had no idea she was coming.  Chae-Won answers that she told the grapevine but Do-Jin was not paying attention…

They go off to chat and catch up on old times.  Chae-Won tries the pastry and then tells Do-Jin that the pastry is delicious.  It’s not only sweet but the sweetness melts away cleanly.  Her words trigger a memory of Seung-Hye who had first told him about his sweets not leaving a clean after taste.

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Chae-Won picks up on the fact Do-Jin’s thinking his past ex and tries to get more information.  Do-Jin does not answer and Chae-Won backs off.  She does tell him that they all need to get together with Kyung-Tae and Do-Jin pushes it off for later.

Chae-Won smiles that if it is because he is still moping about his ex, she is fine.  However, she would be disappointed if it is because of both his ex and Se-Ryung.  She knows how he gave up on his love for Se-Ryung but she also knows that means his love was only so deep.  She gets up and asks for the pastry to-go.


Mi-Ja drops by and sees Do-Jin happily conversing with Chae-Won.  She goes home and thinks this is a great opportunity for her to get a doctor daughter-in-law.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Dong-Sook sighs about all of the money that goes into a wedding.  Dae-Ho responds that they should do what is in their reach.  Soon-Im also agrees.

Dong-Sook angrily replies that Seung-Hye’s case is different from Dae-Shil who only received a gold ring.  Dae-Ho suggests that they push off the wedding a bit and Dong-Sook and Soon-Im both disagree; they don’t want Seung-Hye changing her mind…

Dae-Shil happily calls Kyung-Tae to tell him that he’s going to stay at her family house for a bit. She explains to Seung-Hye that she just wants to rest at home because Kyung-Tae would freak out if he knew, even if it is not a big deal.

Yunho’s call interrupts Seung-Hye.  He first asks to confirm that Seung-Hye is still wearing her ring.  He then tells her to save time for him the next day.


In the morning, Dong-Sook goes to Seung-Ah to ask if she could borrow some of Seung-Ah’s signing money as a model.  Seung-Ah turns her mother down immediately.  She yells that she did her best by giving up on Yunho and runs out.


Mi-Ja is busy, too.  She and Sang-Man stop by Chae-Won’s office.  Chae-Won starts the meeting b y telling Mi-Ja that she only has five minutes before her next appointment and asks that Mi-Ja make an appointment next time.

Chae-Won then asks Mi-Ja how she knew about Chae-Won’s clinic.  She asks if Mi-Ja had her investigated. Mi-Ja smiles and apologizes if she did anything that would disturb Chae-Won in the past.

Chae-Won smiles that she is fine letting by-gones be by-gones.  She sighs that she knows Mi-Ja is suffering about Do-Jin at this point.  Mi-Ja also answers that she will ask Chae-Won directly…Does Chae-Won still have feelings for Do-Jin?

Chae-Won’s smile doesn’t falter but she does answer that she does not want to answer the question.  Mi-Ja keeps calm until she goes home where she angrily yells at Sang-Man that she needs to think about Chae-Won a little more.

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Meanwhile, Yunho takes Seung-Hye to try on their wedding dresses and suits.  They both look dashing and Yunho asks for a picture. >.< OMG…. CAN’T THIS JUST BE THE ENDING? DO-JIN GETS HIS FREAKING CHAE-WON AND MI-JA HAS A STRONG DAUGHTER-IN-LAW…AND YUNHO AND SEUNG-HYE GET TOGETHER!!!!!


Hmmm, I see why Im Se-Mi did not leave her hair down until this point.  The straight bangs and straight hair look is not the mainstream accepted version of “beauty.”  She looks quite homely in a pretty way.  Personally, I think this fits her character well.  If anything, might consider using pins to pin up her bangs or side bangs when she leaves her hair down and it might fit the mainstream standards better.

As for the story line, I will say it one last time.  WHAT HAPPENED TO MI-JA’S REVENGE?  It’s like the writer was like OH-NO-LESS-THAN-TWENTY-EPISODES-LEFT-AND-TOO-MANY-LOOSE-ENDS.  Then all the focus turned to Yunho/Seung-Hye/Do-Jin/Chae-Won?

On the plus side, I like the return to the normal pace of this drama as the zany slice of life atmosphere returned with Chae-Won’s character, which seemed to be more of a breath of fresh air.  Something about Chae-Won makes me think of a female Yunho. ^^ She is not afraid to be direct about her feelings but is also willing to give Do-Jin space when it seems like there is a line.  It’s a good balance and for an idol-turned-star, I am impressed with T-Ara Eunjung’s acting/

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