Make a Woman Cry – E27

The players start to recognize each other as Daddy Kang realizes that there may be two battles in front of him in the form of Eunseo and Deok-In.  Meanwhile, Jinwoo vows to leave for an island far, far away and Hong-Ran finds out about Jinhan.



Daddy Kang asks if Deok-In is willing to take him on instead of accepting the envelope. Deok-In keeps her voice low but determined; she tells him to repent because he is just as guilty as Yunseo for not teaching him the consequences of his actions until Yunseo caused manslaughter.

Daddy Kang reminds Deok-In that he was nice to her and told her that they should stay on good terms. Deok-In bites back that regardless of who the counterparty is, she is a mother who failed to protect her son. She will avenge her son regardless of whom she is up against.


She walks out and runs into Jinwoo. He asks her what she was doing and Deok-In tells him… She asks Jinwoo if their family is so rich that a building is enough to compensate for the interrupted life of a child. She promises to never forgive them. As the tears start to bubble over, she turns around and leaves.

Jinwoo goes into his father’s office and yells at him for trying to solve the problem with money. He adds that he will leave with Yunseo so that Yunseo does not turn into a useless human being.


His father asks about the company. Jinwoo answers that he is willing to do anything to help Deok-In feel better and cannot help with the company.

His father yells back that Jinwoo does not know the true value of money… Whose life price that money had been built on. He dismisses his son.


Deok-In comes out with some water to find the pastry seller with his wife, who he explains is mute. She invites them inside to cool down if it gets too hot.

The couple comes in for lunch and explain that they are only around for part of the week. Adorably, the two try to give each other the main dish and Deok-In gives them another serving explaining that she doesn’t charge extra for extra servings.


At the same time, Hong-Ran runs to Eunseo squealing that they won! She tells Eunseo about Jinwoo deciding to leave with Yunseo. Eunseo responds back happily that they won so cleanly that she feels a bit nervous.

Out in the garden, Jinwoo tells his brother that if they go to a far off ocean place… The calm background might give Yunseo some peace.


He also adds that he doesn’t understand how his life turned into this… How could his son be the reason that he cannot marry the woman whom he loves? He notes that Korea has not given him anything but heartache and he does not want to return.

The two men get up to find Eunseo standing there triumphantly. She smiles to Jin-Myung after Jinwoo leaves. He tells her not to think that they won when his father is suspicious about their relationship.

Kyung-Cheol comes home to find Bok-Rye working on the accounts. She asks him to give more money to cover costs and save for Kyung-Ah’s wedding now that Deok-In is not bringing money home.


The next day, Daddy Kang gives the envelope to Kyung-Cheol as well. He tells Kyung-Cheol to think about it logically.

Kyung-Cheol asks how much is in the envelope. Daddy Kang answers that it is enough for a small building. Kyung-Cheol’s hand twitches but he refuses. He tells Daddy Kang that if it was something they should take, Deok-In would have taken it. He leaves.

That night, Kyung-Cheol tells his family wondering if made a mistake in refusing the envelope. Everyone in the family supports his decision except for Kyung-Tae who wonders about what they could do with the money.


On the other side, Hasoon tells her daughter to accept the money… She explains that some people are dying at the hands of loan sharks because they don’t have a fraction of that money.

Deok-In refuses asking her mother what the other family would think of them if she just accepted the money. Hasoon snaps back that Deok-In should accept the money as this is the end of the relationship with the other family.


The next morning, Jin-Myung goes to Deok-In’s restaurant to talk about Jinwoo. He tells Deok-In about Jinwoo’s decision to leave for a small island in the Pacific Ocean.

Deok-In pauses but answers that this information has nothing to do with her. The two finish their drinks and head to the park.

Jin-Myung tries again. He explains that he could have saved his older brother but did not. He adds that Jinwoo saw this occur but never said anything about it to anyone. Instead, he never talked to or looked at Jin-Myung in the eyes…Jinwoo left the family early because he could not stand to live with the family… Then Jinwoo married a woman who made the others around her feel lonely.

Dressed in all black, Deok-In goes to the waterfront and drops white flowers into the water one by one…

In a flashback, Jin-Myung asks Deok-In if she does not still love Jin-Myung. Deok-In answers that Jinwoo is the father of her son’s murderer.

Jin-Myung answers that just because Jinwoo has become someone whom she shouldn’t love, she shouldn’t give up on him…he asks her to forgive Jinwoo.

Deok-In answers that even if a person could forgive the murderer of her parents, a mother can never forgive the murderer of her child. She adds that she does not care what Jinwoo does from now on.


The flashback turns to the scene where Junghoon dies…The child turns to her and asks her to live happily even if he is not there. He begins to apologize when he flatlines…

Sitting at the edge of the water, Deok-In begins to cry. She begins to call out her son’s name repeatedly as the sky changes color.


After days have passed, Deok-In closes her shop and walks out to face Jinwoo. She walks past him without speaking to him. As she silently cries, she thinks to herself that she hopes Jinwoo will not forget that she loves him even if they cannot speak to each other and must treat each other like strangers.

Meanwhile at the Kang residence, the family has dinner. Hong-Ran takes the opportunity to ask when Jinwoo is going to go abroad. Momma Kang snaps back that it’s ridiculous; they only have two children… They can’t send one abroad.

Daddy Kang calls Jin-Myung down to eat with the family.


After dinner, the family has fruit for dessert in the living room. Hong-Ran asks Daddy Kang when he is going to call Jin-Myung back into the company.

Daddy Kang answers that he’s not going to call Jin-Myung into the company and asks what Jin-Myung is planning to do other than reading books all day. Jin-Myung answers that he has not really thought about it.

So, Daddy Kang tells Jin-Myung to take Yunseo abroad instead of Jinwoo. Jin-Myung agrees to think about it while all of the others protest..

Kyung-Tae calls Hyunseo out to a cafe and asks him to break up with Hyojung. He confesses that it’s partially because of Hyunseo’s mother and partially because of Hyunseo’s health.

When Hyojung hears about it, she shouts that Kyung-Tae did something unnecessary as she would not return to Kyung-Tae even if she broke up with Hyunseo. Kyung-Tae warns her to leave before she gets in trouble with the Kang family.

The next day, Hong-Ran visits the red bean pastry seller. She makes a large order and asks him about his past. Being Eunseo’s real husband, the pastry seller answers that he does not remember his past.


Then his wife comes and Hong-Ran pauses in shock. Even as she returns to her car, her hands shake because she realizes that she found Eunseo’s husband alive and well.

Over dinner, Jin-Myung agrees to take Yunseo abroad. Immediately, Eunseo asks to speak with Daddy Kang separately.

In the study, she asks Daddy Kang to think about sending Jin-Myung abroad once more. Daddy Kang responds that she can find out why Jin-Myung let his brother die since she is so smart.


Eunseo pauses. Taking the opportunity, Daddy Kang asks Eunseo what her relationship to Jin-Myung was in the past… He also offers to send her abroad since it should be hard for Eunseo to live in the same house as the man who let her husband die…

When Eunseo cannot respond, he offers her an alternative. If Eunseo can convince Jinwoo not to go abroad, he will believe that she truly cares for the family.

Hearing about the order, Momma Kang goes to yell at her husband for being a jerk. She accuses him of taking out his anger about Jinwoo on Eunseo.

Hong-Ran is all a flutter as well. She cries that they had just achieved her goal but now Eunseo has to be the one who turns it back around.


Eunseo tries to find calm in the garden later in the he night. Jin-Myung finds her there and warns her to just do what Daddy Kang asked. Eunseo answers that she is not an idiot as well… She has already put everything on the table as soon as she decided to have a child without a father… The day she decided to live with her in-laws forever…

Jin-Myung asks her what she is planning but Eunseo does not answer.

The next day, Eunseo calls Deok-In out. They meet in an empty restaurant under the facade of peace.


Eunseo tells Deok-In that she should have heard of Jinwoo’s decision of departing from Korea. Deok-In answers that it has nothing to do with her.

Eunseo smiles but bites out that Deok-In should stop at this point…she has clearly made her point that she is a wonderful mother who lost her son…she is not the only woman in the world who has lost her son.

Deok-In asks what Eunseo is doing.

Eunseo takes out the envelope of money and pushes it toward Deok-In. She tells Deok-In to take the money and do something good with it in her son’s memory but not to disregard the power of money when it is tossed at her.

Deok-In incredulously asks if Eunseo is done speaking.


Woa, looks like Eunseo has decided that she would rather fight a direct battle with Daddy Kang than let Jinwoo come back into the company with Deok-In as his wife. At first glance, it seems like a strategically decent decision since the other route would increase Daddy Kang’s allies by two smart people. On the other hand, I’m not sure if she made optimal decision as I think Daddy Kang is much more interested in the company than either Jinwoo or Deok-In… By pretending to fulfill Daddy Kang’s request, she could at least buy more time.

I paused when I heard Eunseo’s words…Is it truly better to take money even if you think that the money is tainted somehow and use it for a better good? This would be in the “Robin Hood” fashion. Or is it better to stand for your principles?

Finally, when will Eunseo’s husband regain his memories? It would be the ultimate twist if it turns out that Daddy Kang’s reference to Jinwoo about whose life price their money was built upon was Jinhan…. That Daddy Kang somehow knew about his son being alive but let it go due to the company… That Jinhan actually has all of his memories but decided that his family is better off without him… And that Jinhan purposefully chose to set up shop near Deok-In’s restaurant to see for himself if Deok-In is worthy of being Jinwoo’s wife. This would be an amazing twist because then we have a clear winner. Above Eunseo… Above Daddy Kang… Is Jinhan, the quiet observer.

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