Love on a Rooftop – E88

The Yoon family gears up for Seung-Hye and Yunho’s wedding; Chae-won starts to flirt with Do-Jin’s heart; and the four lovebirds meet face to face.


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Yunho pours over the pictures as Seung-Hye tells him that she might need to have a traditional wedding as her grandmother prefers them.

That evening, the adults have a debate. Soon-Im announces that Seung-Hye should have a traditional wedding. Meanwhile, Dong-Sook vehemently argues for a white modern wedding dress as it becomes a lifetime regret to not be able to wear a wedding dress. Soon-Im refuses to back off and Dae-Ho suggests that they ask the couple to be wed.

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At the same time, Chae-won sits at Do-Jin’s cafe for an hour and fifteen minutes before an employee asks Do-Jin if Chae-won is not his ex-girlfriend. He goes over and Chae-won tells him that the word on the street is that Se-Ryung’s surgery was a success and she should be able to walk in a few months.

Do-Jin looks like a forlorn lover as he lights up to the news. He even asks about whether or not Chae-won has eaten.


Returning to the more perfect couple, Yunho suggests that they hold a traditional wedding in Korea and a modern one in the United States! ^^ Our Yunho is even a problem solver!


Meanwhile, Do-Jin has some street food with Chae-won who smiles that street food is her favorite. She even puts her arm through Do-Jin’s arm as they walk. He awkwardly moves to pull away and Chae-won laughs that she’s having difficulty wearing heels so he has to help her.

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She then pulls him into an accessories store and poses with several different hairpins. Do-Jin remembers shopping with Seung-Hye and suddenly sees Seung-Hye in front of her. Chae-won frowns when Do-Jin calls her Seung-Hye but continues on.

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However, Do-Jin has changed his mind and drags Chae-won out. Chae-won stumbles due to her heels and Do-Jin stops to massage her ankle. Taking this as an opportunity, Chae-won asks Do-Jin if he’s forgetting Seung-Hye yet and promises to make him forget her. Do-Jin snaps back that he doesn’t want to joke about Seung-Hye and Chae-won responds that his response is an answer enough.

Dae-Shil gives Seung-Hye an envelope. Seung-Hye tries to refuse it but Dae-Shil insists. She also tells Seung-Hye that after marrying, she is even more convinced that the adults were right. Marriage is about reality and love is not enough. She tells Seung-Hye that she thinks Yunho would be the perfect husband and Seung-Hye nods in agreement.

Meanwhile, Seung-Jae broods over a modeling contract and gets caught by Joon-Bae. First, Joon-Bae worries that Seung-Jae needs to bring honor to the family through law but Seung-Jae responds that he doesn’t believe law is the only path. Being a nice uncle, Joon-Bae agrees.

The next morning, Seung-Jae gives his mother an envelope with money…his modeling contract money. He asks his mother to give it to Seung-Hye.


Seung-Hye overhears this and calls Seung-Jae out to yell at him. She tells him that she cannot trust his decisions right now. However, Seung-Jae asks her again to trust him as she is his only older sister.


Seung-Hye then goes to bring some side dishes to Yunho. She even starts cooking when Yunho goes and goes her from behind! KYAAAAAAA! SHE TURNS AROUND TO YELL AT HIM AND? She gets nervous and starts to hiccup!

But the progress is not without some wrinkles. Her hiccups trigger a memory of the time that she got hiccups because of Do-Jin and gets depressed.


That evening, Kyung-Tae calls Do-Jin over for some beer and chicken… As Joon-Bae calls Yunho over for a favor. He feeds Yunho all this chicken and asks Yunho to convince Soon-Im that it is acceptable for Dae-Ho to work at the restaurant discovering new flavors!

Yunho agrees and Sun-Sook sighs that it’s for the better as Seung-Hye’s parents are worried about saving for the wedding. Yunho responds that he was planning to cover both wedding costs himself but Sun-Sook answers that Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook want to help out as parents. Yunho smiles with a new idea that we don’t hear about.


Meanwhile, Do-Jin finds Chae-won at Kyung-Tae’s. It was all her idea in the first place. After Kyung-Tae takes a sip, he gets called away on an emergency surgery and Chae-won smiles that they are alone again.

At the same time, Soon-Im asks Seung-Hye to drop off side dishes at Kyung-Tae’s place…

While the problem looms, Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook agree to take Seung-Jae’s money as he’s so serious about it…


Do-Jin tells Chae-won that they should leave already but she insists that they finish their beers. Thanks to her decision to stay a bit longer, but they’re there when Seung-Hye arrives. Seung-Hye politely answers that she’s just here to drop off the side dishes.

Chae-won offers to help put away the side dishes as Seung-Hye and Do-Jin talk. But Do-Jin insists that he and Chae-won leave. In response, Seung-Hye leaves the dishes and stumbles off.

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Yunho drives over to pick up Seung-Hye from Kyung-Tae’s place. He meets her as Do-Jin and Chae-won following run after Seung-Hye.

Yunho looks hurt and asks if Seung-Hye came to see Do-Jin. She answers that she came to drop off dishes at Kyung-Tae’s and found him there. Before the two can hash it out, Chae-won jumps in to introduce herself and ask about Yunho.


After all of the introductions are made, Yunho and Seung-Hye leave Chae-won who finds out that Do-Jin took the Irish exit, leaving her alone.


The writer is playing with my heart.  The scene where Yunho basically gives Seung-Hye a back-hug?  I thought my heart dropped with excitement.  And the writer cannot now say that Seung-Hye has NO feelings for Yunho, she totally hiccupped nervously like she did when she was with Do-Jin.  SH/YH shippers, WE HAVE HOPE!  (Besides, just to remind the writer, Seung-Hye had a major crush on Yunho up until she started working with Do-Jin…So it’s not that far-fetched.)

Returning to the plot, looks like the final arc will be the romance.  In this end, story seems to be coming along swimmingly. Do-Jin wants to sulk as if he is the biggest victim in the world…Yet, Chae-won has enough boldness, directness and cuteness that she can make him laugh with her antics.  There is some potential here, too.

It also helps that Chae-won does not seem like the type to shy away from challenges.  She knows that Do-Jin is hung up on two girls.  She has a direct plan of attack and seems to be attacking each problem head-on, starting with relieving Do-Jin’s guilt over Se-Ryung by telling him how she’s already healing.  At the same time, she distracts Do-Jin so that he stops thinking of Seung-Hye all the time, slowly conditioning him to an emotional state where he can finally get over her. ^^

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