Love on a Rooftop – E89

Yunho gets worried about the remaining connection and begins to act like a fiance.  Meanwhile, Seung-Hye finds that is fated to run into Chae-won in her life.



Seung-Hye apologizes to Yunho for making him worried at her house. He smiles that he can’t lie that he wasn’t concerned but tells her not to worry.

Seung-Hye goes into her room and finds Dae-Shil gone. She calls her aunt and finds her working. Dae-Shil promises to rest up as much as she works and Seung-Hye agrees.


Seung-Hye tells Dae-Shil about Chae-won being Kyung-Tae’s colleague from college. Worried, Dae-Shil asks Seung-Hye to ask Chae-won not to tell Kyung-Tae about her condition.

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In the morning, the women find breakfast cooked. Dae-Ho did it but Joon-Bae takes the blame Dae-Ho. He also tells Dae-Ho that Yunho asked to buy the chicken sauce on behalf of Kang Sol Foods! Awww, what a sweetie! A large company buying the rights to distribute your sauce should be large enough to help cover wedding expenses!


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye goes to ask Chae-won about Dae-Shil. Chae-won tells her not to worry as she would not tell a third party a patient’s privileged information without their prior consent.

Then changing the topic, Chae-won asks Seung-Hye how she managed to get Do-Jin to fall for her. Seung-Hye stops and asks back why she should answer.

Chae-won laughs that she must have been too brash and backs off.


At the same time, Dong-Sook gives Soon-Im the fortune-teller’s picked wedding date. Then she brags about Yunho being better than Kyung-Tae.


Seung-Hye gets called out by the cafe employee for the new tea recipe. She hands over the book and USB outside of the cafe and pauses to see Do-Jin smiling as he serves some customers.

She walks off to the neighborhood playground and remembers Do-Jin’s words that it is a good thing that a guy like Yunho likes Seung-Hye…and Yunho’s promise to help Seung-Hye forget…


A child falling off a swing interrupts Seung-Hye. She runs over. Chae-won also sees Seung-Hye, tears her skirt and runs over. Chae-won checks to make sure that the kid isn’t suffering a concussion and the two women help put a makeshift cast for the child until the ambulance arrives.


Yunho meets with the women of the family. He tells Soon-Im that he tried the chicken sauce and loved it… His company wants to buy the rights… He asks if Soon-Im wouldn’t allow Dae-Ho to continue to o cook. Dong-Sook and Dae-Shil support it but Soon-Im goes into the room to think about it instead.

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Yunho tells Joon-Bae the news and invites him to their wedding. He also stops by Do-Jin’s cafe and gives him an invitation. He explains that he felt Do-Jin should know ad well.

Do-Jin tells Yunho that he won’t be attending. Yunho tells him that he’s also sorry… He did not mean to bring him the invitation but he was too worried.


Chae-won overhears the last part and barges into the conversation. She tells Yunho not to worry as the thing that he’s worried about will not happen. Instead he should focus on helping Seung-Hye forget Do-Jin completely.

Do-Jin notices that Chae-won used safety pins to mend her skirt. Chae-won looks down and explains that she and Seung-Hye had an incident in the afternoon causing both men to worry. So, she laughs that they didn’t fight to reassure them.

In this lighter tone, she tells Yunho that she and Do-Jin will attend the wedding together. Yunho accepts this and leaves.

Do-Jin turns to Chae-won and tells her to stop acting this way as he feels uncomfortable. Chae-won responds that they should see if they can get married as well… How about they live together?

Do-Jin tells her to stop joking and leave. Chae-won knows when to back off and does, taking the invitation with her.


Yunho tells Seung-Hye the next day that his parents are coming. Seung-Hye worries about his parents and Yunho tells her that they love her already.

Yunho tells her that he has to confess one thing… He went to see Do-Jin the other night. Seung-Hye tells him not to worry as it is her fault that he is still nervous. She promises to do better as well.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Soon-Im finds Dae-Ho sighing about the invitation. He jokes that they should bring Yunho and Seung-Hye to live with them… He also worries that Seung-Hye is just pretending to be happy these days.

Soon-Im tells him not to worry as all women have a lot of thoughts right before marriage.


At the same time, Mi-Ja comes over and tells Do-Jin about Se-Ryung’s successful surgery. When Do-Jin answers that he already knows, Mi-Ja gets angry about Chae-won scheming to take Do-Jin and even having the gall to suggest that the two sleep together! (Turns out Mi-Ja gets her updates from the employee.)

Do-Jin turns Mi-Ja’s attention to the new tea which turns out to be delicious. When he brags that his employee found the new tea, she interrupts to confess that it was actually Seung-Hye’s recipe.


Omg the writer. What are you trying to do to me? I feel all worried and anxious as I watch these episodes because it seems like a fragile calm and sweetness between Yunho and Seung-Hye. The fact that Seung-Hye got nervous around Yunho and hiccuped… The fact that when she remembers idiot Do-Jin’s words, she also remembers Yunho’s sweet promise…

Also, I am loving Chae-won’s character! She seems like the blunt, no-nonsense girl that is both skilled but adorkably head over heels for one guy! Although, it seems that Chae-won works in a mythical clinic where she is out of the clinic at all hours instead of working… That is my only gripe. Oh, that and she’s too perfect for Do-Jin.

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