Love on a Rooftop – E90

Dae-Ho comes clean to his mother that he has been cooking because he actually has a talent for cooking and likes it. Chae-won continues to flirt with Do-Jin and Seung-Jae finds out about his adoption.



Dong-Sook and Soon-Im praise “Joon-Bae’s stew” the other day and Soon-Im tells Dae-Ho that he does not need to help Joon-Bae…

Dae-Ho sighs and tells the two that it was actually him… He adds that he is the head of the household and needs to wed off three children so he has to do something that he is good at to make money.


Soon-Im snaps that she needs to think about it and leaves. When he tells Joon-Bae, Joon-Bae tells him to open a second branch of the chicken restaurant instead of selling the recipe to Kang Sol Foods.


Meanwhile, Dae-Shil and Seung-Hye have another checkup with Chae-won. Chae-won tells Dae-Shil that she’s fine now.

As the two leave, Chae-won congratulates Seung-Hye and tells her that she took Do-Jin’s invitation. She smiles that she wants to attend and hopes that Seung-Hye won’t mind.


The two leave and run into Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae outside. Kyung-Tae grabs Dae-Shil and drags her inside to give the two a chance to talk.


Because Do-Jin stays silent, Seung-Hye leaves first. On her way up the stairs, she imagines Do-Jin calling her… But the jerk is not there.


Someone pulls her around and Seung-Hye turns around with hope… To see Seung-Jae. Her eyes fill with tears and Seung-Jae brings her to a nearby restaurant.


Seung-Jae tells her that she needs to love the person whom she is marrying. Seung-Hye smiles but does not answer.


On a side storyline, Kyung-Tae demands that Dae-Shil quit her job because it’s putting the children in jeopardy. Dae-Shil tells him that this was the reason that she didn’t tell him and Kyung-Tae starts to cry with worry.

Dae-Shil quickly answers that she will make sure to keep her health.

After eating, Seung-Jae and Seung-Hye walk home. She tells him that she does not love Yunho yet… But she wants to try…

Seung-Jae tells her not to cry anymore…


Chae-won is busy as well. She goes to check on Do-Jin at his cafe, which he’s closing up. She comments that Do-Jin does seem to have some kind of fated relationship with Seung-Hye since he keeps running into her. Then she asks for dinner and drags him home because she wants food that he cooked for her.

Do-Jin tries to pull her out but Chae-won refuses. Then Do-Jin scowls and Chae-won backs off but Do-Jin relents.


Meanwhile, Seung-Ah comes to her aunt’s couple with Sung-Nam. Joon-Bae and Sun-Sook ask about why Seung-Ah and Sung-Nam are going around together. Sung-Nam answers that he introduced Seung-Ah to a producer.

Then Seung-Ah sees the invitation and gets frustrated. So Sung-Nam announces that he is going to propose with a five carat diamond. Everyone doubts him and Sung-Nam notes in frustration that he has several buildings.

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At the same time, Do-Jin brings out ramen and Chae-won eats it happily. She flippantly asks if Do-Jin forgets about Seung-Hye when she’s around. Hearing Seung-Hye’s name Do-Jin frowns and Chae-won changes the topic.

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Back at Dong Rak Dang, Dae-Ho suggests that they bring Seung-Jae with Seung-Hye when they go back to the orphanage. Dong-Sook answers that she raises Seung-Jae since he was a baby so he’s like her biological son… Coincidentally, Seung-Jae overhears this and runs away in shock.


He goes to ask his sister about the picture of the tree but backs off… Seung-Hye wakes up and goes to help her mom. Dong-Sook tells Seung-Hye about how Dae-Ho suggested that they bring Seung-Jae to the orphanage and Seung-Hye answers they shouldn’t! Dong-Sook agrees.


Then Seung-Hye realizes something is off. She runs after Seung-Jae who has dropped his phone in a daze and wandered off. She picks up the cell phone from Chae-won.

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Chae-won then runs off to Do-Jin’s building and runs into him in the elevator. He gets annoyed assuming that she’s going to get ready at his house.   Chae-won laughs to herself but does not answer… She just walks past Do-Jin and goes to the apartment next door.

I love this! I love the fact that Chae-won is doing all of the stuff that is usually slated to guys in dramas. She totally planned to live next to Do-Jin and purposefully chose the apartment next door… as well as a clinic in the neighborhood. She’s also happy to drop by whenever and ask for informal dates. Add to that, she’s pretty, smart and has a good personality? I think I have a girls crush! As much as I am sick of Do-Jin, I hope Chae-won gets him because she’s just too cute!

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