Make a Woman Cry – E29

A random death is thrown into the mix as Jin-Myung and Eunseo find out that Jinhan might still be alive. Meanwhile, lines are fully drawn as Daddy Kang asks Jinwoo for help against Jin-Myung and Eunseo.



Daddy Kang broods over Jin-Myung’s thinly veiled threat before angrily standing up. Back at home, Eunseo demands to know what Jin-Myung meant when he said their fortune was protected by the price of Jinhan’s life.


Jin-Myung refuses to answer on the grounds that he does not trust her. As he gets up, Eunseo threatens to find out by herself and use it against her father-in-law. She repeats that she has nothing to lose since her father-in-law no longer trusts her.

Jin-Myung yells at her asking if she really wants to ruin the family before she will be satisfied. Eunseo answers that she will just meet with Baek Do-Hyun herself.


Jin-Myung goes back into his study to brood only to get attacked by Hong-Ran. She demands to know what he was thinking when he stood up to his father to protect Eunseo just as his father and was relenting against him.

Jin-Myung yells back that it was due to his dead brother.

Hong-Ran responds angrily that if he truly wants to take care of Eunseo, he can kick Eunseo and Hyunseo out.


Eunseo returns to her angelic facade. She brings her mother-in-law some tea. Momma Kang asks Eunseo if it is true that she dated Jin-Myung in college.

Eunseo replies that Jin-Myung had a one-sided crush.

Momma Kang asks if it is true that Jin-Myung let his older brother die because of her. When Eunseo fails to answer, Momma Kang dismisses Eunseo stating that she doesn’t want to see Eunseo anymore.


Eunseo goes back to the kitchen where Hong-Ran finds her. Hong-Ran tells her to leave the house. Smiling Eunseo asks Hong-Ran if she is angry that Jin-Myung stood up to his father for her. She notes that she cannot leave Jin-Myung when he worries about her so much… The family will need to kick her out.

Meanwhile, Hasoon asks Bok-Rye if they should leave things be when Deok-In has broken up with Jinwoo. Bok-Rye answers practically that once feelings have turned, it is hard to return feelings.


So, the two mothers plan and bring the youngsters to a Chinese restaurant. Kyung-Cheol tries to eat but has to run out when his gag reflexes kick in.

Deok-In takes Kyung-Cheol to a bench and tells him that regardless of what their mothers think, she won’t return. Kyung-Cheol responds that he knows her.

Deok-In tells him to go to the hospital about his stomach. Kyung-Cheol answers with satisfaction that Deok-In still cares about him this much.

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Deok-In snaps back that she thinks of him as a sibling.

Milking it, Kyung-Cheol notes that he cannot die in peace leaving the family as is. Deok-In yells at him to go to the hospital.

Problems begin at the Kang company. The bank has called them to reject their latest request for extra credit. It turns out that the rumors have spread about Daddy Kang’s relentless expansion.


Daddy Kang goes to CEO Baek who tells him that he does not want invest in a dying company. Daddy Kang reminds CEO Baek to do something good instead.

CEO Baek angrily answers that the statute of limitations has past. This triggers Daddy Kang to yell back that even if the statute of limitations has past, the Baek family will not get off untouched.

CEO Baek responds that if CEO Kang wants to play the media and turn the Baek family into a murderer family, he can; however, he should remember that the Kang family will not get off unscarred… The Kang family will be known as the family who sold their son’s death for profit.


At the same time, Hong-Ran goes to Jinhan and offers to get him a place in an apartment neighborhood. Jinhan accepts happily.

That evening, Daddy Kang comes home in a mood. Jin-Myung asks about the rejected extension of credit.


Momma Kang tells Daddy Kang to bring Jin-Myung back into the company. So, Daddy Kang does bring Jin-Myung into the study to ask if he really would go through with the threat that Jin-Myung would tell the media that they used his brother’s death for the company’s profit.

Jin-Myung answers that he wasn’t threatening his father but pleading with him.

Daddy Kang snaps that Jin-Myung should stop pretending to care about the company when he’s a weak man who’s suffering for a woman who chose another man. The meeting ends on bad terms and Daddy Kang ends up staying up the night in an angry fit while drinking by himself. The only words that repeat are the other CEO’s accusation that Daddy Kang is begging with his son’s death.


The next day, Jinwoo stops by to tell Deok-In that Yunseo has quit school as of that day. Yunseo’s grandfather never approved but they know what they have to do.

Jinwoo leaves but Deok-In runs after him to ask if Yunseo is leaving the country and if Jinwoo is going with Yunseo. Jinwoo turns around to explain that even if the whole world throws a stone at Yunseo, he is still Jinwoo’s son… He confesses that even if he cannot forgive Yunseo, he loves Yunseo… He will never let Yunseo be alone.

Deok-In sits down and remembers her conversation with Jin-Myung about how she cannot forgive the parent of the person who caused her son’s death. Business is closed for the day as she decides to brood in a park instead.

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The next day, Hong-Ran comes into tell Eunseo that Baek Dohyun (the other guy from the boating accident and CEO Baek’s son) died in a car accident. Thinking what we are all thinking, Jin-Myung calls his secretary to ask about his father’s whereabouts… They didn’t go there… Did they?

Over dinner, Daddy Kang announces that he’s not going to the funeral… He sends the women instead.

After dinner, Jin-Myung comes down to ask his father about Dohyun’s car accident. He never gets to ask the question straight but Daddy Kang’s own words are suspicious as well. He never says that he has nothing to do with the accident; he just answers that accidents happen all the time.


Daddy Kang calls Jinwoo over to order that Jinwoo join the company. Jinwoo tells his father to bring Jin-Myung into the company. Daddy Kang answers that he won’t because Jin-Myung loves Eunseo and Eunseo is the one who tried to ruin the family.

Jinwoo runs up in shock to demand answers from his brother. He asks if Jin-Myung let Jinhan die because of Eunseo… If Jin-Myung still loves Eunseo.

Jin-Myung answers that Jinwoo should know what loving a woman means…he cannot let his father kick Eunseo out of the house.


Jinwoo asks what his father’s weakness is. Jin-Myung refuses to answer. He tells his younger brother nicely but firmly that they are not on the same team; Jinwoo also has an issue with Eunseo.

Jinwoo walks downstairs and yells at Eunseo to leave the house voluntarily. Eunseo refuses. Instead, she proposes that they live happily together since Jinwoo is going to run the company.

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Jinwoo tells Eunseo to think clearly. Eunseo takes this as a threat and responds with her own threat…she will have to take care of her own father-in-law. To explain it further, she notes the coincidence that the only reason that her father-in-law backed down from kicking her out was because Jin-Myung had a meeting with Baek Dohyun. Soon after, Dohyun died in a car accident… She declares that she won’t be able to leave things alone if the family continues to disrespect her son who is the heir to the family.

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Hong-Ran comes downstairs to demand that Eunseo leave the house so the parents can call Jin-Myung into the company. Suddenly friendly, Eunseo tells Hong-Ran that she’s only giving a friendly warning because they have become closer… Eunseo asks Hong-Ran why Hong-Ran loves Jin-Myung when he protects another women in front of his wife. Eunseo adds that she doesn’t want Jin-Myung anymore even if he still loves her now that Jin-Myung is powerless in the house.

Hong-Ran runs out to tell Jin-Myung to kick Eunseo out of the house. He answers again that he’s only doing it out of repentance toward his older brother. Finally, Hong-Ran snaps that Jin-Myung needs to kick Eunseo out of the house if he wants to see his brother’s face again. So, if he wants to see his older brother again… Truly, see his brother… Kick Eunseo out.


Jin-Myung follows Hong-Ran into their room and demands to know the truth. Finally, Hong-Ran answers that she found his brother but won’t tell Jin-Myung unless he kicks Eunseo out of the house.

Jin-Myung notes that it might not be his brother. Hong-Ran smiles and gives more details about Jinhan’s life.

Hearing that the man survived an accident and lost all of his memories, Jin-Myung goes crazy and demands to know Jinhan’s location. Hong-Ran holds firm and declares that she won’t talk unless Jin-Myung kicks Eunseo out… Jin-Myung has the power to find his brother who is selling pastries on the street.

Cue additional brooding. Appearing like he came to a decision, Jin-Myung asks Eunseo to have a cup of coffee with him in the studio. Suddenly, he asks her how she will remember him in the future… The murderer of her husband or the man who loved her from a far but could never come close.


Eunseo smiles and answers that she will remember him as the man who protected her for longer than anyone else… She never knew her husband but Jin-Myung is the only person who loved her admist her faults. She even adds that when she dies… She will likely think of Jin-Myung.

Jin-Myung asks if she won’t think of Hyunseo.

Eunseo answers that she lives her life for Hyunseo but when she’s dying… She wants to think about herself.

Jin-Myung takes a deep breath and tells her that Jinhan might be alive. Eunseo drops her cup and tears fill her eyes.


Looks like things are getting serious in the fight for the Kang family company if any of it is left after the whole aggressive expansion and weird death of Baek Dohyun…

A lot of surprises in this episode! First, I did not expect Jin-Myung to go and tell Eunseo that her husband is alive as it defeats the whole purpose of Hong-Ran’s ultimatum. Another example of how Hong-Ran’s character really fails whenever she tries to manipulate others…

Second, I did not expect Eunseo to basically confess that she loves Jin-Myung to his face. What else would it mean for a woman to think of another person as she’s dying? If she’s not thinking about her parents or children, and the person is of the other gender… I cannot but assume Eunseo was saying how much she cares about Jin-Myung as well… Will this hold up once Jinhan comes back? Will it be affected by the fact that Jinhan has another woman?

Sadly, the family politics is probably going to force Jinwoo’s hand and prevent him from keeping his promises to Deok-In… I am starting to wonder how our two main characters will get together in the next twenty episodes. As I like both of them, it would be nice to see a happy ending but we are really gearing up for some angst here… Not to mention Kyung-Cheol’s undiagnosed condition lurking in the background…

Onto the next episode!

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