Love on a Rooftop – E93

Chaewon point blank tells Mi-Ja that she is interested in Do-Jin but not in being Mi-Ja’s daughter-in-law.  Dong-Sook finds out about Dae-Ho and Mi-Ja’s past.  And, Chaewon continues to probe at Do-Jin’s feelings.



I love Chaewon! She purposefully waits until Mi-Ja is leaving to poke her head out and tell Mi-Ja that she’s been waiting… For Mi-Ja to leave so that they can go to work together.

Mi-Ja invites herself into Chaewon’s apartment to talk. Chaewon ignores Mi-Ja as she blowdries her hair but Mi-Ja walks over to turn off the dryer. Then she demands to know what Chaewon is planning.

Chaewon smiles that she wants to live with Do-Jin but she doesn’t want to be Mi-Ja’s daughter-in-law. Mi-Ja looks at Chaewon in shock muttering that she’s not normal. Chaewon laughs that she will take it as a compliment and continues to dry her hair.

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After a discussion about possible hanboks, Dae-Ho and Seung-Hye go to the kitchen to make soup for Dae-Shil. In the middle, Seung-Hye takes off her ring to work the dough…


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja complains about Chaewon to Sang-Man who laughs. He adds oil to the flame by commenting how Seung-Hye would have been easier to manipulate than either Chaewon or Se-Ryung. Even Mi-Ja sighs that Seung-Hye is better than Chaewon.

Sang-Man even encourages Mi-Ja not to give up since the marriage hasn’t been held.

Then Seung-Hye gets an emergency call from the part time employee about helping out as her mother is in the hospital. Seung-Hye quickly goes to the cafe only to find Chaewon already there…

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Chaewon notices Seung-Hye and hangs Do-Jin on purpose to see Seung-Hye’s reaction. Seung-Hye looks up in horror before quickly turning away.


Immediately Chaewon stops hugging Do-Jin to run after Seung-Hye. She asks Seung-Hye directly if she saw the hug and explains that she wanted to find out Seung-Hye’s true feelings.

Then Chaewon notices that Seung-Hye is not wearing her ring and asks if Seung-Hye is having second thoughts. Still smarting from the earlier scene, Seung-Hye snaps that it has nothing to do with Chaewon and leaves.

Yunho comes over to see Seung-Hye in a daze. She even forgot that they were going to look at new apartments. T.T

Yunho notes how Seung-Hye took off her ring but smiles that it is fine. He grabs her hand and leads her away.


At the same time, Mi-Ja drops by Joon-Bae’s restaurant. Joon-Bae drags Sang-Man out to do the deliveries by himself and then goes to Sun-Sook’s restaurant for a beer. He then accidentally mentions that the relationship was all in the past. Even though Joon-Bae refuses to talk, Sun-Sook calls her sister to give her a heads up.

Back at Joon-Bae’s restaurant, Mi-Ja asks Dae-Ho for his help so that his daughter does not need know what it’s like to have a loveless marriage. Dae-Ho tells Mi-Ja that it’s all in the past. Mi-Ja responds that it is all in the past… Her mother’s death… The death of their child…


Dong-Sook arrives right at that moment and freaks out. Dae-Ho holds on to Dong-Sook as Mi-Ja runs off.

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Oh no… The writer does it with all of the sad music…As Yunho happily shows Seung-Hye his favorite house. He’s all excited about decorating and preparing baby furniture but Seung-Hye is not only out of it…the music is making me all nervous! This is a happy moment darn you!


Returning to the older generation, Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho are having a direct confrontation in their room. Dae-Ho apologizes but Dong-Sook is not accepting it. She snaps that she was stupid when she never realized that he never loved her… He never told her that he loved her… She asks if he wants to sleep in Seung-Jae’s room or if she should sleep in Seung-Hye’s room. Dae-Ho leaves her to sob.

Yunho and Seung-Hye come back home where she tells him that the house was too big for her. He reassures her to just trust him and I’m really hoping that she was unhappy because the house was big.


That night, Chaewon has Do-Jin over to file stuff. She then tells Do-Jin the real reason that she hugged him and even tells him that Seung-Hye took off the ring. Do-Jin doesn’t say anything and Chaewon adds that she confirmed it wasn’t because Seung-Hye has changed her mind about the wedding.

Still not responding, Do-Jin leaves.


Nooooooooo… Producers… Come on! You can’t be playing the unforgotten love card on me! You just can’t! I give up! I wash my hands of this drama. There is around one or tweet weeks of it left so I will finish recapping… But if the melancholy music was any indication, the ending will abnegate my 50 plus hours of watching this drama! Gah!

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