Make a Woman Cry – E30

Drama mixes with anime writing as the focus shifts to the Kang family politics.  Jin-Myung and Eunseo begin to plot on how to bring back Jinhan without sacrificing Eunseo.  Meanwhile, Jinwoo gets roped into the company by his father and has to send Yunseo abroad by himself.



The forbidden romantic moment continues with Eunseo’s confession. Jin-Myung stares at her intently before telling her that Jinhan might be alive. Eunseo drops her cup in shock and asks Jin-Myung what he’s talking about.

Jin-Myung explains to her that Hong-Ran refuses to tell him the location of Jinhan until he kicks Eunseo out of the house and stops protecting her. Jin-Myung declares that they have to bring Jinhan home but Eunseo is already running up the stairs to Hong-Ran’s room.

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Barging into Hong-Ran’s room, Eunseo demands that Hong-Ran tell her the location. Smiling, Hong-Ran refuses citing how Eunseo had just snubbed her moments earlier about how Jin-Myung loves Eunseo.

The two women go into the kitchen for Hong-Ran’s cravings… Eunseo tosses the bowl of snacks and asks if Hong-Ran would be happy if Eunseo kneeled before her. Hong-Ran answers back that Eunseo can kneel all night, reciting all of her sins… See if Hong-Ran is satisfied. Otherwise, think of something else.


In the morning, Jinwoo drops by his father’s office and the writing weakens. The writer throws us an anime episode instead of a drama episode as Daddy Kang tells Jinwoo that he accepted money from CEO Baek after the accident… That money helped scale the company from a small/medium business to what it is now…

Jinwoo looks concerned and Daddy Kang declares that only Jinwoo can save the company… He needs to take their most talented staff members and save the company by inventing a new product that would convince the banks to invest…

Jinwoo broods over his father’s words and advice that a person can only hope for forgiveness… A person cannot do anything as forgiveness has to come from the other person. Then he remembers how Deok-In reacted when she found out about Yunseo’s involvement.


Eunseo and Jin-Myung team up as they don’t want Eunseo leaving the house. Eunseo starts her questioning and Jin-Myung remembers the day that Hong-Ran asked about Jinhan’s pictures. Next step, Eunseo asks Hong-Ran’s manager about Hong-Ran’s schedule on the day of.


Hong-Ran stops the questioning but only after the manager told Eunseo the whole schedule for the day. She joins Eunseo for tea out of nervousness and Eunseo surmises that Hong-Ran saw Jinhan at Deok-In’s restaurant. Hilarious meta ends the battle when Hong-Ran sighs with frustration that Eunseo is staying at home making meals… No wonder the economy is so stagnant!


Still afraid, Hong-Ran goes to check on Jinhan the next day. She learns during the visit that Jinhan does not have a child with the new wife. They continue to talk and Hong-Ran shows Jinhan a picture of Jin-Myung.

Looking at the picture, Jinhan pauses and comments that Jin-Myung looks like someone he has seen before.


That night, Jin-Myung stops by Deok-In’s restaurant and confesses that he’s scared because his results come out the next day. He adds that all he wants is to stay alive now and would be willing to live a kind life if he could just live…

Deok-In walks with Kyung-Cheol out of the restaurant and spots Jinwoo in the background. However, Kyung-Cheol does not notice because he’s so focused on the results… He turns to Deok-In to ask if he could hold Deok-In’s hand.

She doesn’t respond so, Kyung-Cheol takes her hand gingerly. Deok-In turns to look at Jinwoo but does not say anything. She let’s Kyung-Cheol hold her hand for a few minutes and then pulls away.

Kyung-Cheol smiles and accepts this. He turns to leave and Deok-In follows silently. Jinwoo tails the two by following from a distance as well. Hmmm… Angst?

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The next day, Eunseo comes to ask Deok-In where the pastry seller moved to. Deok-In answers that she does not want to get involved in the family fight.

Eunseo tells Deok-In that she has to find the man as the man is the father of her son. Deok-In pauses. However, she still refuses reminding Eunseo of the words she said at their last meeting.

Eunseo yells out that she’s sorry. Deok-In continues on with her work.

Eunseo follows her and demands to know how Deok-In didn’t change her mind after Eunseo apologized. Deok-In laughs at her arrogance. She asks if poor people should be thankful if the rich and powerful lower themselves to apologize.

Eunseo suddenly becomes sincere. She tells Deok-In about how she used to be poor and she lived in fear by living with her in-laws after giving birth to Hyunseo without her husband. She also notes how her father-in-law values money most of all… So his decision to apologize with money was him giving up what is most valuable to him.

Deok-In answers that Eunseo had the ability to draw near with sincerity. However, the last time, Eunseo decided to attack Deok-In’s sensitive spots such as her mother and her dead son… She does not care for Eunseo’s apology.

Eunseo leaves in frustration. Then she decides that she cannot just leave like this. She returns to ask Deok-In what Deok-In won from her actions… After all, Jinwoo is not leaving. As for Yunseo, he is the grandson of a rich man, they can always enroll him at another school. She leaves after tossing out that Deok-In should stop acting high and mighty.


Deok-In calls out Jinwoo to confirm Eunseo’s words. His inability to answer confirms it and Deok-In gets hurt. She asks if his family likes playing around with the lives of others.

At the same, Jin-Myung has a self reflection session as well. He walks along the waterway thinking about Eunseo’s words and how he cannot betray her for even his brother.

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That night Hong-Ran comes to Jin-Myung and demands to know why he’s delaying… Doesn’t he want to see his brother?

She accuses him of fearing his brother’s return as Eunseo would get her husband back. Jin-Myung doesn’t answer and gets up to leave.

Hong-Ran asks how Jin-Myung could love his sister-in-law. Jin-Myung angrily yells back that he loves a woman who became his sister-in-law.


However, Hong-Ran’s words get to Jin-Myung who brings Eunseo aside and asks her leave the house for Jinhan.

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Meanwhile, Jinwoo tells Yunseo about how he cannot leave. Yunseo suggests that he leaves alone and promises not to get into trouble anymore. He just asks that Jinwoo calls him every day at the same time… When he gets lonely or misses Korea, he will endure.

Jinwoo tells him that even if Yunseo truly repents, he will not be able to call Yunseo back into Korea. Yunseo tells him that it’s okay and asks for a home cooked breakfast in the morning… Jinwoo agrees hugging his son.

Jinwoo texts Deok-In that Yunseo is leaving on the morning flight.

The next morning, Jinwoo cooks his last breakfast for Yunseo in Korea. Yunseo smiles a bittersweet smile holding back tears as he realizes how delicious the meals that he has been skipping are.

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They head off to the airport where they say their goodbyes and Yunseo walks off into security. At the last minute, Jinwoo yells out that he loves Yunseo as he fights back sobs. Smiling and crying at the same time, Yunseo runs back into Jinwoo’s arms and cries.

After a few moments, Jinwoo pulls back and Yunseo leaves.

When Jinwoo turns around, he sees Deok-In who had witnessed everything. He mutters to her that he just shipped his son off like luggage.


Deok-In awkwardly asks if Jinwoo wants to grab a coffee. Not looking at her, Jinwoo answers maybe another day and leaves.


Sigh, star crossed lovers if there ever were any. Deok-In surprises me with her own naivete sometimes. The man just sent away his sobbing child and she is the sole reason for this separation. Even if this separation would make her feel better as the mother of a lost child, it probably kills most romantic feelings that Jinwoo has towards her. Whereas in the past, he had pangs of longing and guilt mixed in with his love, now he probably has feelings of anger and blame…

In this episode, the Deok-In/Jinwoo storyline took a backstage to the Kang family shenanigans and I was hooked. I love how the lines are clearly draw between Hong-Ran v. Jin-Myung/Eunseo v. Daddy Kang/Jinwoo. I feel like Hong-Ran really grew on me so I’m worried about the backlash she might get hit with when Jinhan regains his memories and realizes that Hong-Ran knew about his identity but didn’t bring him to his family because of family politics.

As for the last scene. Man Song Chang-Eui and Han Jong Young – amazing! I approached the episode skeptically because how bad is it that Yunseo is going abroad? His family is still taking care of him and assuming that he’s legally required to go to school, he will. However, watching Song Chang-Eui confess that hr loves his son by declaring it loudly admist tears, recognizing that his son is deciding to never return to Korea in penance for his sins… And seeing Han Jong Young cry in response… I teared up even though I new that it was a conflict only as far as it’s useful for the plot. Nothing is legally keeping Yunseo from returning if he misses Korea dearly. All he has to do is earn money or save up and buy a ticket. Deok-In would never know.

Finally, I love it when dramas call out the idiosyncrasies of real life. I almost felt sorry for Eunseo when she confessed that she needs Deok-In’s help and apologized. But then Eunseo had to decide to stomp in and demand to know why Deok-In was not helping in spite of the apology. Then, it was just a moment of hilarity as Deok-In spelled it out for her… An apology alone – especially when made for self-serving reasons – does not automatically move a person’s heart. Surprising how dramas or people might believe otherwise. ^^ kudos to the writer!

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