Love on a Rooftop – E94

Seung-Hye and Chaewon become friends as Seung-Hye starts to freeze Yunho out. Meanwhile, Dong-Sook asks for a divorce.


The morning comes and Dong-Sook stays in bed because of body aches. What Soon-Im doesn’t know is that Dong-Sook found out about her husband and Mi-Ja…


Chaewon goes to work at Do-Jin’s cafe, putting on an apron and making Do-Jin smile. I guess her clinic has really good hours. ^^

On a more serious note, Dong-Sook brings divorce papers to Dae-Ho at Joon-Bae’s restaurant.

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Back at the cafe, Chaewon asks the two customers how they liked the tea. She tells them to come back frequently and the customers agree if she gives them her number. Do-Jin protests but Chaewon takes their phones and inputs a number… When they call it, it turns out to be Do-Jin’s number. Smiling widely, Chaewon tells the two customers that he’s her boyfriend and the two back off. Using this as another reminder, Chaewon tells Do-Jin that they look good together.

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Then Chaewon drags Do-Jin to the mall to get a housewarming gift for herself. There, they run into Yunho and Seung-Hye… Right as Yunho pulls Seung-Hye down in a romantic position.

That night Do-Jin finds himself walking along mindlessly up to Seung-Hye’s house. He quickly hides when Yunho anf Seung-Hye come by. Yunho is adorably asking Seung-Hye why they can’t even hold hands and Seung-Hye apologizes awkwardly. Yunho jokes back that he’s just waiting until the wedding.


Then Do-Jin goes off and has a poor-is-me session at the park bench. The guy has no one to blame but himself…

Sang-Man tells Mi-Ja the news about Dong-Sook asking Dae-Ho for a divorce. Mi-Ja responds that this divorce can never happen as the family would never let Seung-Hye marry Do-Jin if Mi-Ja is the reason for the divorce.


Seung-Hye visits that sulky single mom who gets stomach pains during the visit. Seung-Hye forces the girl to visit Chaewon.

Chaewon tells her that there is no problem with her; she just needs to make sure not to overdo it or stress out. The girl responds by asking for a c-section. Chaewon and Seung-Hye tell her to think about it further before making the decision.

After the meeting Chaewon invites Seung-Hye out for a glass of beer.


Meanwhile, Dae-Ho asks Dong-Sook to think about the divorce once more… For the family. Dong-Sook yells back that she wants the divorce.

At that moment, Soon-Im comes in and demands to know what is going on. Dong-Sook asks in response if Soon-Im knew that Mi-Ja had Dae-Ho’s child.

Soon-Im changes her tactic and tries to console Dong-Sook. Dong-Sook cries that she feels like she wants to die… She begged Mi-Ja for money and even cleaned Mi-Ja’s house as a maid! She shrieks that Mi-Ja must have been laughing at her this whole time. Dong-Sook runs out with Dae-Ho following.


They end up at Sun-Sook’s restaurant. Dong-Sook asks for toast and yells at Dae-Ho to leave so she can eat in peace. Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae take Dong-Sook’s side and pull Dae-Ho out.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Seung-Ah gets worried about her grandmother’s condition and calls Sang-Man. He diagnoses her condition as stress induced.

As for Seung-Hye, Chaewon brings her home. Seung-Hye notices that the only picture that Chaewon has is one of Chaewon with Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae.


The girls have beer with fruit. With some alcohol Seung-Hye starts opening up and comments how she’s surprised Chaewon is living next to Do-Jin. Chaewon smiles that she asked Do-Jin to live together and he declined.

Seung-Hye smiles that she really respects Chaewon. Chaewon laughs good naturedly and asks Seung-Hye about her alcohol tolerance as Seung-Hye looks drunk. Seung-Hye answers that it’s one glass of beer and she’s had three.

At that moment, the doorbell rings and Do-Jin walks in.

Sigh, why? If they just give up the focus on SH/DJ, I would really like the whole atmosphere and pace of the current conflicts. They are serious conflicts but there’s something about the backstory that makes me believe that everything will be fine in the end… The only thing that worries me is the fact that Seung-Hye suddenly turned into an ice woman toward Yunho in contrast to the last few episodes where she warmed up to him during the crisis with Seung-Jae… ㅠㅜ

Turning to Dong-Sook’s divorce, I think this is a good development. Even though the information turned Dong-Sook’s world into a mess, she needs that information. It’s not right for Soon-Im and Dae-Ho to hide it from her when Mi-Ja is clearly going to stay in their lives. It’s one thing if there was a past fling and the two people live in separate countries. It’s another thing completely, when the two people may or may not become parents-in-laws and they live in the same city… Keeping in periodic contact.

Possibly, this is an opportunity for Dong-Sook to find her identity outside of the family?

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