The Virtual Bride – E04

Inyoung goes viral due to her groping of Myungsuk! Thanks to that, Inyoung’s image is set as an idiot/vapid celebrity.  All goes swimmingly well until a bad video surfaces that threatens to make everything fall apart.



In a exaggerated fashion, Choonja finds Inyoung in Myungsuk’s room with the two sitting together at his desk. Immediately, she demands to know if Inyoung is seducing Myungsuk. Inyoung tries to save herself by blurting out that she was just typing for Myungsuk who got his arm hurt because of her. When Choonja hears this, she gets even more furious.


The next day, Choonja kicks Inyoung out of the house. Even with her son-in-law and son asking her to reconsider, she doesn’t budge; what does she care that the variety show became an overnight hit because of the cooking/groping of Myungsuk scene?


Resorting to desperate measures, Inyoung’s manager listens to Dongsuk and calls Choonja pretending he’s the head of Myungsuk’s department. He notes how he has high hopes for Myungsuk and enjoys watching the show.

Myungsuk comes home and Choonja gives him the phone. However, he listens to Inyoung’s manager’s pleading that Myungsuk go along with the skit since this is Inyoung’s last chance.

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Meanwhile, Young-Ah asks her mother-in-law directly about whether or not her plan to redevelop their city rests on building the factory on her family’s property. Her mother-in-law answers by taking Young-Ah with her to deliver diapers and baby supplies to a new mother. This is a program that Young-Ah had developed and her mother-in-law focuses on how Young-Ah never gave her a grandchild. She tells Young-Ah that she will forgive Young-Ah for everything if she could convince her mother to sign the documents agreeing to the plan and selling their home.


Young-Ah answers that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing this. Cue next morning adult temper tantrum with her mother-in-law going on a hunger strike. Junsu tells Young-Ah that he will take care of it since it makes no sense to force Young-Ah to sell her family home.


At the same time, the parents of Se-Mi’s students come ready for a witch hunt because Se-Mi didn’t finish her class. No amount of apologizing is enough to placate them… Until the academy director shows up and offers that they enroll their kids in a new special class that focuses on midterms by Se-Mi. If their children’s grades don’t go up, they will be refunded for their fees and also have access to any other class at the Academy. Hmmmm, someone is putting his neck on the line for Se-Mi…


Variety show filming time! Due to her popularity, Inyoung’s now has her own stylist and makeup artist! Today’s episode is Inyoung cooking chicken soup for Myungsuk. To make it more interesting, she’s supposed to catch the chicken herself.

Inyoung murmurs that she’s afraid of chickens but agrees to do it for the viewership. They go off and Inyoung keeps failing so Myungsuk offers to help. He also sucks in a very sitcom/exaggerated way.

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Then just as Myungsuk catches a chicken, Inyoung falls face first into the mud. She almost curses but remembers the camera and plasters on a smile. With a fake happy voice, she notes that she’s happy they caught the chicken and now she can go cook for her husband.

Myungsuk goes after her, demanding to know why she’s willing to ruin her image for this show. Most of the comments are all berating her and not supporting her. Inyoung tells him to keep away because she promised his mother, as a condition to her staying, that she would stay away from him. A flashback shows Choonja telling Inyoung that she had a horrible early marriage with a hitler-esq mother-in-law and a husband who was always outside the house… The only thing that kept her sane was Myungsuk. Therefore, she wants the perfect bride for Myungsuk. Moved, Inyoung promises to stay away.


Choonja shows up so Myungsuk hides under the barrel. Trying to distract Choonja from taking the barrel, Inyoung drags her away to do her makeup.


When Choonja’s husband comes home, he exclaims that Choonja looks so much prettier, even Choonja seems happy about it. Compliments continue through dinner and everyone seems to be appreciative except for Haji.

Being a literal bum living off of his mother, Dongsuk is full of energy and jokes that they should go eat Korean BBQ. Young-Ah snaps that she’s going crazy with the house chores, preparing and taking care of San, and now preparing a special class at the Academy. She shakes a bunch of papers that she has to grade in his face.


Instead of offering to responsibly take some of stuff off her plate, Dongsuk continues to joke that he can give her a massage. So Young-Ah kicks him and he falls just in time for Choonja to see. The two pretend that Dongsuk was exercising but Choonja tells Young-Ah to quit her job.


Inyoung and Myungsuk have a romantic moment when he finds her in the storage room to ask why she’s willing to throw her image away. Inyoung answers that to celebrities, have negative publicity is better than having no publicity because negative publicity still means that the people have an interest in you. So, she’s willing to do anything she can and look stupid if it means she can become famous.

Myungsuk looks at Inyoung in a new light realizing that she is not just a vapid idiot.

Choonja calls for Haji and the two hide behind a cabinet…which brings them really close to each other. Gulping on both sides ensue.


Then Inyoung finds Choonja unhappily tasting a dish. Inyoung suggests that Choonja make it slightly more salty and answers correctly when Choonja quizzes her on what ingredients went into the stew… All from tasting it. Choonja let’s Inyoung fix the dish but while Inyoung has a great sense of taste, she doesn’t have the practical knowledge about the amounts to put into the stew.

Choonja sighs that Inyoung must have never paid attention to her mother’s cooking. Inyoung responds that since she was young, she didn’t have a mother making Choonja pause.

Haji sees the bonding and glares. When Inyoung returns to the room that she’s sharing with Haji, she finds Haji drinking and joins her.


The next day, Young-Ah and her Academy head find Dongsuk waiting for Young-Ah outside the academy. The head invites Dongsuk to lunch with them and takes the two to a sushi place.

There, Dongsuk gorges on the sushi and then asks the head to invest in his company that he wants to create. The head asks if Dongsuk has looked into the market share, the average costs of employee hiring or whether the employment laws regarding his employees would change. (Dongsuk wanted to create a male house cleaning service).

Dongsuk does not know the answer to any of these questions and the academy head excuses himself to go wash his hands.

Se-Mi snaps at Dongsuk to stop as he’s embarrassing her but Dongsuk has no idea why.

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Meanwhile, Young-Ah and her coworker ask her mother-in-law (Mi-Hee) if she wants to join. However, Mi-Hee reminds Young-Ah that she refuses to eat until Young-Ah gets her own mother’s signature on the petition. Young-Ah apologizes that she cannot and leaves.

True to her words, Mi-Hee does go out to get some signatures for her petition. Then she runs into her ex-husband and runs off. Finding herself fighting a losing battle against starvation, Mi-Hee sneaks into a Chinese fusion restaurant.

As luck would have it, Young-Ah and her coworker stop by because they bought Mi-Hee some sushi but did not have time to eat themselves. Young-Ah spots her mother-in-law and tries to leave for a different restaurant…except her coworker calls Mi-Hee out.

When they get back to the restaurant, Junsu comes over with some sushi as if he really thinks that his mother will starve to death. He asks Young-Ah to at least pretend that she’s going to get the signature…

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That night another crisis occurs. A video of a drunk Inyoung saying that her mother-in-law is a devil and that her “husband” is a numbers-pervert that cannot get married. The staff asks Haji how the video got leaked since Inyoung was drinking with Haji…Haji cries that she lost her phone and has no idea who leaked the video.

The netizen reaction is as expected as well. Everyone is pissed off that Inyoung is such an ungrateful brat and it looks like the variety show might be in trouble. As a result, Inyoung’s next episode changes to visiting her sister-in-law.

Back at home, an interesting episode ensues. Dongsuk has difficulty sitting up because of stomach pains. Meanwhile, one of Choonja’s friends come over and blasts Inyoung for what she said behind Choonja’s back. She even comments that Inyoung must not know better because she does not have parents. Choonja glares at her friend and snaps that this has nothing to do with Inyoung’s parentage.

Hearing that there’s rumors about her father-in-law dating someone circulating because of Soon-Hee, Choonja runs off to teach Soon-Hee a lesson. While she’s gone, Dongsuk loses consciousness until his father arrives. After a visit to the emergency room, everyone finds out that Dongsuk had food poisoning.


The family gets a lucky break because someone uploaded the full video. The complete video shows that Inyoung really said that she thought her mother-in-law was a devil but she actually has a really sweet and cute side. She also explains that she won’t marry into the family because she’s not fit for her “husband.” All of the angry netizens change their opinion and Junsu is satisfied that they don’t have to pay liquidation damages for all of the commercials that he signed Inyoung up for.


Inyoung goes to thank the convenience store owner who uploaded the video. However, he confesses that it was actually Myungsuk that came and reviewed the security videos for hours until he ran off..He brought the cell phone and asked the owner to upload the full video…

Jja-jjan! Myungsuk saw that Haji still had her phone and did not lose it. He confronts her and Haji cries confessing that she did it out of jealously. Myungsuk reminds her that the whole family was hurt because of her decisions. He also leaves after warning her that if she torments Inyoung again, he will not forgive her.


Feeling moved, Inyoung goes to Myungsuk’s room and thanks him. He pretends to not know what she’s talking about when Inyoung asks how he found out about the video…until his mother calls and Inyoung ducks under the covers with Myungsuk to not get caught in his room.


Again episode where I’m left thinking that the music producer is genius! The music choices are perfect for a sitcom/romantic comedy. It’s like scene after scene, the music highlights that the series is making fun of itself…As if it’s saying, “having fun? It’s a story, lets all enjoy ourselves!” >.< <3<3<3

Point two of surprise was the little glimpse of depth to Mi-Hee’s character. I would be pleasantly surprised if Mi-Hee’s character accepts her ex-husband back and backs off of her almost Jocasta complex-like fixation on Junsu! I had been steaming when she brought Young-Ah over for the delivery just to use it as an emotional crutch supporting her request that Young-Ah helps gets her mother’s signature approval regarding the new neighborhood development. However, seeing Mi-Hee actually trying to get her own signatures instead of continuing to force Young-Ah do all of her work…Seeing that Mi-Hee had actually created her own project development ideas and a powerpoint…Her reaction against her ex-husband, which was mainly anger that he might be caught by Junsu… Makes me think that we might be able to salvage her character into one that is palatable still!

Another thing that I really liked about this episode was how we saw misunderstandings could affect a celebrity’s life. It wasn’t even a subtle jab since the same episode showed how Inyoung was willing to fall face first into the mud and laugh it off for a viewership boost. She explicitly tells Myungsuk that she doesn’t care of she gets bad publicity as long as she gets publicity because being forgotten is like death for a celebrity. However, when the edited video surfaces, we see how it can affect the celebrity both professionally and personally. Inyoung basically becomes the pariah of her family and her management company. Her budding romance and beginning acceptance from a family almost disappears. Then it turns out that the video was edited…But, I want to even note that even if it was not edited. Inyoung didn’t commit a crime like drunk driving. She got drunk and let herself complain to someone whom she thought that she could trust. Everyone complains about their work; yet, it became a huge issue when Inyoung did it because she seemed fake based on the actions of her character on a “variety show.”

I thought that was eye-opening because I am also guilty of finding celebrities fake sometimes. But then again whatever we see on the air is a persona; it is the same persona that put up when we go to work ourselves. No one calls me fake when I put on a go-getter persona at work while wanting to stay in bed binging on Korean drama at home…but, in a way, it’s the same thing. The actors/actresses play a persona given to them by their trainers/producers/writers. This persona shouldn’t define them when they’re not working. Of course, everything changes if an actor/actress breaks the law or purposefully hurts someone else…

Finally, was that chemistry that I saw between Inyoung and Myungsuk? Color me surprised! I did not think that it would be possible for the writing/acting/directing to create chemistry between two actors who are around 20 years apart! Ryu Soo-Young was born in 1979 and Dasom was born in 1999! Yet, when they crouched together in the storage room and stared at each other…with the special effects of the heartbeats, I found myself really rooting for the couple. They’re CUTE enough that I can some times forget the age gap. Hopefully this continues.

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