Love on a Rooftop – E97

They did it. Somehow they made me judge Seung-Hye forever.



The episode begins with Yunho dropping by Seung-Hye’s place. Seung-Ah warns Yunho not to do anything as she will be right outside before giving the two some privacy.

Yunho tells Seung-Hye that Beom-Seok offered to buy their newest blended tea – Han Kang tea. Before he asked Do-Jin what Seung-Hye wanted to do about it. Seung-Hye is amenable but notes that Do-Jin would need to agree as well.

Yunho agrees to ask Do-Jin with her and sighs that he hopes this will be the end of the cooperation between Do-Jin and Seung-Hye. Seung-Hye apologizes again.


The next day, Chaewon asks for Do-Jin’s hair dryer. He brings it over and Chaewon plays cool at first as if she doesn’t care. However, with her personality, she cannot stay quiet.

She finally sighs that Do-Jin, Seung-Hye and herself are all stupid. She saw how the two still felt about each other but could not do anything.


At the same time, Sun-Sook passes over a contract for the rules of their marriage. She tells Joon-Bae that if he doesn’t follow the rules, he would have a lonely night. Joon-Bae agrees right away.

The youngsters meet in Do-Jin’s cafe to discuss the distribution of the tea by Kang Sol foods. All parties agree that selling the tea would be good.


However, Seung-Hye anf Do-Jin both note that the tea should be distributed as a jelly instead of a tea bag. Chaewon pipes up that the two think so similarly and the atmosphere becomes awkward.

Yunho leaves to pick up his parents and Seung-Hye joins him.

That night, Do-Jin heads over to Chaewon’s place for a drink…


That night, Seung-Hye starts getting some major cold feet and even wonders if she should drink with Seung-Jae.


At a nearby outdoors bar (pojang macha), Do-Jin does his signature drunk act about how he feels soooooooo depressed about Seung-Hye going to the meeting of the parents. He notes that this is the main reason he cannot stop Seung-Hye because the wedding planning has gone so far.

Chaewon yells at Do-Jin to just go and stop Seung-Hye if he feels this way.


Morning comes and Chaewon calls Seung-Hye out to a park. Probably still nursing a hangover, Chaewon trips right as Seung-Hye arrives. So they move to a bench where Chaewon asks if Seung-Hye is still planning on going to the meeting of the parents. She tells Seung-Hye to reconsider the decision to marry for both Do-Jin and Yunho’s sake… Seung-Hye should only choose marriage after she forgets about Do-Jin not to forget about Do-Jin.


Seung-Hye starts brooding at home. Then the family takes two cars to go to the restaurant… The adults arrive first with the kids following…

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But when the cab arrives, Seung-Hye pauses and then literally runs away. This all happens while Seung-Ah runs to the bathroom.

Cue random music after a random decision! Yunho comes out to find Seung-Jae alone. Seung-Jae stutters that something came up and Seung-Hye had to leave.


So, two families are left awkwardly waiting for Seung-Hye. After waiting and waiting, both groups agree to push it off. Yunho’s family is amazingly gracious as they saw Seung-Hye the other day and believe something must have come up.


Afterwards, Seung-Jae tells Kyung-Tae the truth – that Seung-Hye ran away. Timing would have it that Yunho overhears.. ㅠㅜ  He tells Seung-Jae that Seung-Hye WILL return.


Awkward timing! Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae dress up to tell the family that they registered their marriage again. Yet, when they walk in and see how everyone is gloomy, they decide to wait for their declaration.


Kyung-Tae goes to tell Chaewon what happened. He gets amazed when Chaewon objectively analyzes the situation and decides that Seung-Hye should tell Do-Jin as soon as possible. She smiles that she knows the facts when they are in front of her and she doesn’t want to fight the facts.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye broods on a random bus.


The writer owes me like 100+ hours of my life back. Seung-Hye’s character is not in line with the reasonable, amazing and bright girl from the beginning. This type of obsessive behavior of loving being in love or being in a forbidden relationship seems more like something Seung-Ah would do. Yet, the writer seems to have made up his or her mind that even if it makes no sense that Seung-Hye would react this way for so long after a brief relationship and like three dates, Seung-Hye has to end up with Do-Jin. Conclusion – KBS owes me a week of my life back and I’m going to check out the dramas from other stations!

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