Love on a Rooftop – E98



The family reams into Seung-Jae for not stopping Seung-Hye right before the official meeting of the family. Seung-Jae answers that if his mother had been there, she would not have been able to say those words… He would not have been able to stop his sister even if this had been right before her wedding even.

Dae-Ho wonders if they should reconsider the wedding. Dong-Sook snaps that she’s only considering the best for her daughter who would suffer if she marries Do-Jin!!!


In a random twist of drama fate, somehow Do-Jin is opening his second branch! All of that not working paid off! But Chaewon is too sweet, and she tells Do-Jin that Seung-Hye never showed up for her meeting of the parents.


At night, Sung-Nam shows up a box of herbal drinks. Seung-Ah had told him that she cannot go out because her mother is sick. Sung-Nam interpreted it as Seung-Ah is calling him for his help. He barges in and checks Dong-Sook’s heartrate. He then asks Dong-Sook if she has been betrayed by someone close to her…

Dong-Sook looks surprised and allows Sung-Nam to stay and prescribe her cure. Dong-Sook also asks if Sung-Nam can guess where Seung-Hye went to…

Sung-Nam asks if he can stay and live at Dong Rak Dang if he gets it right. Oh dear, someone sure has tenacity.


At the same time, Seung-Hye finds herself at the end of the bus line. She gets off and wonders why she’s going crazy but still does not call or message anyone.


Yunho arrives at an empty cafe to run into Chaewon. She takes him to a park and suggests that they drink. Yunho buys two bottles of water saying that he needs to be sober if he’s going to find Seung-Hye.

Chaewon tells him that she has to confess. She was the one who encouraged Seung-Hye not to go to the meeting of the parents. Yunho almost yells at Chaewon but she interrupts that it was not her comment that made Seung-Hye skip on the meeting.

Yunho asks why Chaewon is acting this way. Chaewon answers that she wants Do-Jin to be happy because she loves him…She asks if he thinks anyone would become happier due to this wedding.

Cue brooding by everyone… Chaewon calls Do-Jin to ask what he’s doing and lets him know that no one has been able to find Seung-Hye until now.


Do-Jin decides that now that is the right time to get involved in Seung-Hye’s life and gets into his car. Some action packed music ensuing.

At Dong Rak Dang, everyone worries about where Seung-Hye is. Dong-Sook even yells at Seung-Ah in frustration. Seung-Jae gets an idea and then runs out looking for his sister.


With some sorrowful music, Seung-Hye finds herself back at THE BENCH. Full of what memories, I wonder? The same flashbacks that we always see? The camera pans in on Seung-Hye as she looks up and down and even the producer agrees with me…No more flashbacks about the same scenes…
Do-Jin runs over and finds the bench empty.

Yunho calls Seung-Jae and wonders out loud if he’s been pushing the marriage too much. Seung-Jae consoles Yunho that Seung-Hye should be fine and runs off where he sees Do-Jin down the street.


Seung-Jae apologizes for hitting Do-Jin the other day. Do-Jin answers that it should be fine and asks about Seung-Hye.

As for Seung-Hye, she has no friends and runs off to Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae’s place. She apologizes as Dae-Shil yells at her asking how Seung-Hye could create such a messy situation.


Seung-Hye stops Dae-Shil from calling her parents and begs Dae-Shil to give her one night. She cries that she was just so scared, but, now, she’s just so sorry to Yunho.

Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae thinks that Do-Jin is the first person to call instead of Seung-Hye’s family. Do-Jin exclaims that it’s a relief that Seung-Hye is safe and Kyung-Tae snaps that he gives up on Do-Jin.


screenshot_2015-09-01-00-02-09-resized-640The next day, Dae-Shil walks Seung-Hye out and asks if Seung-Hye wants a companion. Seung-Hye answers that she should be fine and walks off alone… But, Do-Jin is randomly parked outside waiting. He rushes out and stops Seung-Hye to ask why she never made it. As if the answer is NOT CLEAR?

Do-Jin asks why Seung-Hye is acting this way.

Seung-Hye snaps back that Do-Jin cannot do anything for her anyways…This is a problem between her and Yunho. She begins to walk away.

Do-Jin tells her retreating back that it is also his problem since he does not think that he can let Seung-Hye go.

Seung-Hye pauses but answers that it is not Do-Jin’s business because it’s over between the two of them. YES. Ya think?


So, Seung-Hye walks back and first runs into Yunho who is waiting in the alley. He asks her nicely and calmly why she would make so many people worry so much.

Seung-Hye apologizes and Yunho tells her that it’s fine as long as she is not hurt. He also calls her family to let everyone know that they don’t have to worry. Like a responsible person. TT_TT

Yunho encourages Seung-Hye to go in as her family is waiting for her. However, Seung-Hye pauses and asks to talk. OH NO. IT IS COMING

Do-Jin comes home to find Chaewon sitting in his studio. She has been in his studio all night waiting for him…not sleeping – -x WHY? She offers to make him breakfast.


At another bench, Yunho sighs that it was his fault. He pushed the wedding too much for her. Seung-Hye answers that she wants to apologize to his parents.

Yunho smiles that they had business in Jejudo Island so they left first. He tells her to go home first and even offers to go with her so that she doesn’t get too chastised. Seung-Hye declines his offer saying that she did something that should be lectured and she’s prepared to face the music.

At the same time, Seung-Jae comes home and tells his family members that they found Seung-Hye so she’s safe… COME ON PEOPLE…She’s a grown woman! What you should be worried about is that she would swipe her way into a hotel and stay the night, what is all the ruckus about?!


Anyways, Seung-Hye comes home and apologizes. Her mother starts to hit her and yell at her for creating such a mess. Her grandmother and father note that they should hear what Seung-Hye wants to say first.

Dong-Sook yells that Seung-Hye should leave if she’s going to continue this way. Seung-Jae yells back that the person who is suffering the most is Seung-Hye so they should try to understand her instead of ganging up on her. He even says that he’s disappointed in her before leaving.

Soon-Im asks why Seung-Hye did this. Seung-Hye just answers that she’s sorry… Her mother interrupts that Seung-Hye should immediately go and apologize to Yunho’s parents.

Soon-Im cuts in to note that she’s confused…When she thinks about how Seung-Hye is reacting, she wonders if this wedding is not right for Seung-Hye. However, after meeting Yunho’s parents, Soon-Im can’t but think that the family is perfect for Seung-Hye.

Seung-Hye promises to think on it.


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