Love on a Rooftop – E99



Seung-Ah eats with Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae and wonders how she likes Seung-Hye much better now that she’s off making problems for the family; she looks more human. She also sighs that Seung-Hye should have just given her Yunho if she wasn’t going to get married to him…

Kyung-Tae wonders if Seung-Ah still likes Yunho. Seung-Ah answers coolly that she does not like anyone who does not recognize her charm. Kyung-Tae laughs that this is Seung-Ah’s charm and Dae-Shil laughs that the person who likes Seung-Ah’s charm the most is Sung-Nam. Coincidentally, he calls her out to buy her an expensive dinner and Seung-Ah bails on her aunt to go eat said expensive dinner.


At the same time, Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae tell Seung-Jae that he is the only one who might be able to stop his parents wedding…


Seung-Hye broods a little longer….then she pulls up her hair before going to see her aunt.  Oooh symbolism during a train wreck! She tells Dae-Shil that she doesn’t think she should go through with the wedding…She was not happy at all preparing for the wedding and she does not feel that it’s right to Yunho to continue to pretend that she is happy…

Dae-Shil agrees with Seung-Hye noting that what is not right will not turn right just because of the passage of time.

Kyung-Tae sighs with Do-Jin that he does not know what he should do about his friend…Seung-Hye is considering marriage, it’s no longer a problem between Seung-Hye and Do-Jin.

Do-Jin sighs back that he does not think that he can give up on Seung-Hye. Kyung-Tae snaps that it’s a little late for that thought.


Meanwhile, Yunho takes Seung-Hye to a really expensive restaurant for dinner. He notes that Seung-Hye needs some healing…

Seung-Hye starts by telling Yunho that he’s always been like a Peter Pan character to her…He always shows up when she needs him…but then she apologizes that she is so thankful to him but she is also so sorry to him…She starts to tear up and confesses that if she tried hard and hoped that it would change if she continued to try hard.

Yunho smiles sadly that he knows that Seung-Hye tried hard…

Seung-Hye continues that she does not think that she can do this anymore…She does not want to continue to lie to Yunho and his parents. She apologizes and brings out the ring, placing it on the table.

Yunho starts to get nervous and asks Seung-Hye to take some time to consider this more…Seung-Hye answers that she does not think it would get better with time. Rather, she tells him that she will always remember him and be thankful to him. And then, she runs out AGAIN.

Yunho pauses for a minute before grabbing the ring and running out after her. He walks out just in time to see her get into a cab and he pauses.


The next day, Dae-Ho watches and Sun-Sook try to convince Joon-Bae to go on a trip with Sun-Sook. Dae-Ho agrees that Joon-Bae should go on a trip at least once as he can take care of the chicken shop. Joon-Bae worries about his shop and Dae-Ho tells him that they should go..Sun-Sook’s father had asked Dae-Ho to look after Sun-Sook before he passed away. So in Sun-Sook’s father’s place, he wants to encourage them to go on the the trip.

Joon-Bae agrees to this and jokes about making another honeymoon baby.


Then Seung-Hye comes home and runs into his father. He asks about Yunho and they go to Seung-Hye’s room to talk in private. Seung-Hye apologizes but confesses that she broke up with Yunho.

Dae-Ho sighs but immediately agrees that it’s for the best if she really thinks it’s best. He tells her that he is always on her side and even offers to break the news to the family. Seung-Hye declines saying that she will tell everyone herself. Her father agrees and tells her to rest during the night first and tell everyone in the morning.


In the morning, Seung-Hye tells everyone to their surprise. Soon-Im answers that she feels bad about Yunho but feels like she does not feel like she can see his parents after this. However, Dae-Ho stays on Seung-Hye’s side and promises to take care of the clean-up.


Seung-Ah follows her brother into his room and exclaims excitedly that Seung-Hye always creates such extreme situations. Seung-Jae sternly tells her that she seems too excitedly about her sister’s failed wedding. Seung-Ah calms down but then asks about their mother who seems too calm about the situation.

Seung-Hye goes to talk to her mother who snaps that she cannot do anything if Seung-Hye says that she doesn’t like Yunho. Seung-Hye apologizes and gets up. She pauses before the door and tries calling for her mother but Dong-Sook ignores her.

Seung-Ah calls Dae-Shil and tells her everything. After the update, Dae-Shil tells Kyung-Tae about how Seung-Hye called off the wedding with Yunho.


Seung-Hye gets in a cab and goes to a snazzy hotel. I think this is the same hotel that showed up in Love & Secret? Anyways, she pauses, gathers her courage and knocks shyly. Yunho’s mother answers the door in surprise.

Seung-Hye goes in and tells them the news. Yunho’s father notes how he was worried about how Yunho seemed to speed the marriage.

Seung-Hye falls to her knees in front of the parents and starts to tear up. She apologizes that she knows that she gave Yunho a huge scar…

Yunho’s mother kneels next to Seung-Hye and comforts Seung-Hye that it is fine. Even Yunho’s father turns around and tells her that if you cannot change your mind it is fine to move on. He just sighs that their relationship also ends there.


At the same time, Kyung-Tae tells Do-Jin that this is his chance. He also goes to tell Chaewon that Seung-Hye called everything off with Yunho. He adds that he hopes that Do-Jin will get together with Seung-Hye. Chaewon answers that she understands Kyung-Tae’s feelings but she cannot promise anything.

Chaewon gets interrupted by the single-mother from the last episode because she cannot get into contact with Seung-Hye.

Back at home, Seung-Ah complains to her mother that she cannot find her dress. Her mom ignores her and then finally snaps that Seung-Ah can find her own dress. Seung-Ah walks out surprised at her mother…to run into Mi-Ja.

Seung-Hye then goes to Dae-Shil for some emotional support. She tells Dae-Shil that she wants to focus on work now…All of a sudden? She’s going to have to work with Do-Jin but she doesn’t care. Kyung-Tae calls Dae-Shil who passes the phone to Seung-Hye.


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja tells Dong-Sook not to divorce Dae-Ho. She doesn’t get far because Sun-Sook bursts in to pull Mi-Ja out. Mi-Ja continues. She tells Dong-Sook that she found out that she was pregnant and came back to tell Dae-Ho about the child. However, she saw Dae-Ho getting married to Dong-Sook. She then lost her child with Dae-Ho and fell into despair…when she met Do-Jin’s father.

Sun-Sook demands to know why Mi-Ja showed up again. Mi-Ja answers that she wanted revenge…She wanted to know if Dae-Ho might waver if she showed up…if…Dae-Ho still cared about her… However, when she arrived, she saw that Dae-Ho had completely moved on.


Nothing. = =

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