Make a Woman Cry – E33

Triple treat to get over hump day!  Deok-In ends up cooking for Jinwoo and his new girlfriend.  The Kang family inundates Jinhan…and Eunseo tries to intimidate his current wife but gets caught by Jinhan himself.


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Hyunseo stares at his father with tears in his eyes while Jinhan stares back anxiously. Hyunseo calls Jinhan “Father” and and Jinhan asks the two to wait for him in a cafe because his wife is coming. He explains that he is shocked and has not told his wife yet.

Eunseo glares while Hyunseo apologizes and pulls his mother away. Jinhan tells his wife to take over the cart while he takes care of business before returning.

At the cafe, he tells the two that he is ecstatic to find his family. However, if finding his family would hurt his current wife, he does not want it. Eunseo asks Jinhan if he doesn’t feel sorry to his son who had to live while watching other people’s perspectives his whole life… Taking care not to anger anyone in a house without his father.


Jinhan apologizes and asks for their understanding. He asks them to leave today and give him time. As they walk off, Jinhan asks to hug his son and apologizes for the state that he is in.

Meanwhile, the new teacher comes in and asks if Deok-In cooked the side dishes that she requested. She explains that she invited the person whom she likes because the restaurant’s food is better than most restaurants.


Jinwoo arrives and Deok-In ends up serving her ex-fiance and his current fling. Ah Deok-In, it is like your fate was to serve others good food.

Deok-In does not show familiarity and Jinwoo stays polite as well. The girl even puts some food on Jinwoo’s rice but relents when Jinwoo comments that he can eat his own food. Unable to take it longer, Deok-In walks out of the restaurant.

After they finish, the girl returns to her school after reminding Jinwoo to buy dinner. Jinwoo asks to talk and they go to the park. Jinwoo apologizes and Deok-In answers that she did not expect him to die alone; and, the girl is cute and bright. She confesses that she doesn’t not feel anything but she wants Jinwoo to be happy.


Jinwoo wonders how they became like this. Wow, a mature couple. Deok-In answers that Jinwoo wanted to do everything for her, but she became someone who cannot accept anything from him. She also adds that she is happy that she can at least see him every day because he comes to the school to see the other woman.

Deok-In gets up to leave. Jinwoo stops her and asks her to leave with him to somewhere else as all he thinks about all day is her. Deok-In responds that he knows those words mean nothing before leaving.


Meanwhile, Hasoon arrives at CEO Kang’s office. She explains that Kyung-Cheol has cancer but can’t even get surgery because they don’t have money… She begins to stutter about the money but then remembers Deok-In’s threat to commit suicide if her mother brings home the money. She gets up.

CEO Kang calls his secretary and Hasoon yells that she did not want the money. She came to let him know that he cannot look down on them just because they’re poor…and she leaves.


At the same time, Jin-Myung meets with Jinhan in another cafe. He asks his brother to return home. Jinhan answers that he will go to give his formal greetings but he cannot go back into the house where his wife will be hurt. Jin-Myung answers that Jinhan’s wife will be welcomed home. But Jinhan stands firm that he cannot leave his wife… Yet, he cannot ask his family to kick out the woman who gave birth to his child. He adds that his wife would be the type to offers to leave if she found out and he does not want to burden her. Finally, he adds that he’s happy as he is.

Jinhan brings his wife pizza and pretends that he was only left for pizza. His wife asks if there is anything going on but Jinhan smiles that nothing is going on.


Afterwards, Jin-Myung demands to know why Eunseo went off to see Jinhan with Hyunseo without giving him time to accept his new family. Eunseo answers that Jinhan will end up accepting the facts that he has a great family, a son and a beautiful wife. She notes that she can easily win over a mute woman.

Jin-Myung asks how Eunseo can act so thoughtless. Eunseo smiles that she is just saying the facts, wouldn’t Jin-Myung return to her over a mute woman as well? Jin-Myung answers that he wouldn’t and warns that she should leave before she is kicked out.

Eunseo smiles that no one can kick her out. As for her father-in-law, he cannot do anything after the sudden accident. Jin-Myung angrily yells at Eunseo for threatening his whole family and she walks out.


That evening, CEO Kang offers to deal with Eunseo so that Jinhan can come home. Eunseo answers that she will not leave without Hyunseo. CEO Kang replies that she shouldn’t think he’s an easy opponent and warms that he has already lived a long time; he has nothing to lose.

The next day, Deok-In prepares lunchboxes for Jinwoo’s picnic with the new girl. The other girl comes and picks up the boxes before leaving with Jinwoo.


Deok-In nods to Jinwoo but the two don’t take time to speak with each other. So, Deok-In begins a voice-over that she has lived another day…where she hasn’t moved and she wonders how long she is going to live.


The next day, Hyojung congratulates Hyunseo on his recession. She tells him that he no longer needs her and leaves.

Hyunseo runs out and yells that there was one thing he wanted to do once he was fully healed. He asks Hyojung to marry her as he doesn’t care if she’s not related to Kyung-Tae.


We don’t hear her answer as the scene changes to Hyunseo speaking with Eunseo. Shocking her own son and us, Eunseo agrees. She tells Hyunseo that she cannot have everything and reminds him that she only has Hyunseo.

Hong-Ran hears that Eunseo gave permission and tells her about how Hyojung is not related to Kyung-Tae. She runs up to tell Hyunseo that she does not approve of the marriage.


Hyunseo answers that he will marry Hyojung and if she stops her, he will tell his grandfather that he does not want to inherit the company. Eunseo slaps him and Hong-Ran runs up to tell Eunseo not to hit his son.


At the same time, Jinwoo meets with Kyung-Cheol and offers to cover his medical costs. Kyung-Cheol answers that he doesn’t want Jinwoo’s money… He is only willing to let Jinwoo run away with Deok-In for Deok-In’s sake.

He leaves and goes to take his brother to a Fantom shop. Some nice product placement for the main sponsor, I presume, while we get to see some brotherly love. Kyung-Cheol forces his brother to try on some clothes as he never bought anything for his brother before.

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At the same time, Eunseo meets with Jinhan and begs him to remember her. She asks him tearfully to return to her and Hyunseo. Jinhan asks how Eunseo could have given birth to his son when he was gone. Eunseo answers that it was because it was his last gift to her and she remembers everything about him.

Jinhan replies that the person that Eunseo remembers is a stranger to him. He even adds that he cannot return to Eunseo even if he did remember her as the only one in his life now is his wife. Eunseo asks what she is supposed to do but Jinhan does not answer.

Meanwhile, Hasoon goes over to Bok-Rye’s place again where she worries about how Kyung-Ah needs to get her cosmetology license and Kyung-Tae should not have quit his job as a manager. Bol-Rye gets annoyed that Hasoon berates Kyung-Tae’s wastrel habits and snipes back that Hasoon should wear less makeup. Hasoon just sighs that she will buy less makeup to save money anyways.

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The next day, Deok-In tells Kyung-Cheol that she wants to tell his family. He tells her not to and stands firm that he does not want to waste money on surgery. Deok-In yells back if he wants her to take the money from the Kang family. She tells him that she will find a way to get the money.

Looking hurt, Kyung-Cheol yells at her back. He tells her that he does not want to die relying on her and stomps off.


Daddy Kang also meets with Jinhan to ask why Jinhan is not returning to the house. Daddy Kang tells Jinhan that they will be kicking Eunseo out. However, Jinhan answers that he cannot live without his wife…but, his wife would not be comfortable in the house. He also apologizes that he is no longer the son that Daddy Kang remembers. Daddy Kang promises to return Jinhan to the bold young man that he once was.

Momma Kang tries to reason with Eunseo. She promises to take care of Eunseo and always remember Eunseo as her daughter-in-law… and asks Eunseo to leave. Eunseo just apologizes because she cannot. Instead, she goes to see Jinhan’s wife.


They go to a cafe where Eunseo tells the wife slowly that she is Jinhan’s wife and the mother of his child. She even hands over a letter with everything written down. The new wife reads the letter and starts to shake trying to process the information. However, Eunseo continues to yell at the woman complaining that she is so frustrated because she cannot make the woman understand.

Fortunately for Jinhan’s wife, Jinhan arrives at the cafe at that moment. He declares that she’s ruder than he expected. Pulling his wife up, he drags her out after he tells Eunseo to leave the both of them alone. He even asks her to think of him as if he were dead.

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Eunseo follows them out of the cafe and sobs his name. As she does, Jinhan remembers Eunseo’s singing the first time that he met her … and his own words to Jin-Myung about whether Jin-Myung was interested in Eunseo.


The scene where Jinwoo and Kyung-Cheol were sitting side by side and wondering about how they ended up in that situation was interesting.  I cannot recall many dramas where the ex’s returned and had such civil relationships with each other, relationships that were not un-subtly focusing on the chemistry between the two.  The only one that I can possibly think of is the drama Alone in Love.  However, even that drama focused on the bickering chemistry between the two.  Here, it is clear that Deok-In and Jinwoo are over for now.  It was very bittersweet.

Jinhan’s choice and actions in this episode were so satisfying!  It might be my own bias but I hate girls who are perfect at pretending to be nice and talented at manipulating the others around them.  Eunseo is the epitome of the girl who smiles even if she hates you, making the Hong-Rans around us first look like the bad person and then the idiot.  It was perfect that Jinhan walks in on Eunseo with her guard down and her real face showing – one of cold calculation and judgment.  Jinhan’s current wife is not someone whom Eunseo thinks is worth her time or effort to even manipulate.

Even more satisfying – this is one of new-Jinhan’s first impressions of Eunseo.  As he starts remembering the angelic facade, he will have this image of her buzzing around in his conscious.  Pure satisfaction ^______^

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