Make a Woman Cry – E34

Jinan starts remembering everything and piecing together his past with the wisdom of his years.  He remembers his mother, who decides that the best thing for her family is keeping Eunseo with a grandson rather than a mute woman. Feeling pressured, Eunseo attacks Jinhan’s wife with a strong charge.  Jinhan’s wife leaves.


Eunseo has left her mark on both Jinhan and his wife. He keeps remembering the scene of Eunseo crying after him and his wife sits somberly brooding. Jinhan pastes on a fake smile and asks what his wife is thinking about. She hands him a writing pad that says he should return to the family who has been waiting for him all this time. Jinhan doesn’t answer her and just pulls her into a hug…


Later, Jinhan calls Jin-Myung out and waits as he repeats his memory of telling Jin-Myung to back off in their childhood. When Jin-Myung arrives, Jinhan tells Jin-Myung to take care that the rest of his family does not bother his wife as Eunseo has already come by.

Jin-Myung apologizes. Then Jinhan asks whether Jin-Myung asked Eunseo to stay at their house. Jin-Myung answers that it was their father who wanted Eunseo to give birth to Jinhan’s child. Jinhan continues noting that giving birth to a child and giving up one’s life to live with another’s family are two different things…

Jin-Myung asks if Jinhan remembers anything. Jinhan replies that he decided that he decided his memories were not worth remembering. Immediately, Jin-Myung asks Jinhan to forgive him. Jinhan again answers that he does not remember anything… He adds, even if he did, unless Jin-Myung was able to return 25 years of his life back to him, he shouldn’t be asking for forgiveness.


At the same time, Eunseo goes to the hospital where she slaps Hyojung and demands for the head of the department. As the department head arrives, Eunseo demands to know if Hyojung is happy after lying about Kyung-Tae as her brother.

The department head arrives and begins by telling Eunseo that all young people have relationships. However, Eunseo snaps that Hyojung lied about her boyfriend and seduced Hyunseo so that they can get a luxury car out of it. She accuses Hyojung of wanting Hyunseo to die.

Hyojung is unable to answer, because she was stupid and did not come clean when she should have… When Kyung-Tae first said he was her brother, she could easily have said they are ex’s and Kyung-Tae. Is a jokester. Instead, she runs away sobbing.

Someone calls Hyunseo to tell him what happened.


Meanwhile, Jin-Myung asks Eunseo what she had said to Jinhan’s wife. He adds that he thinks Jinhan’s memory has returned but Jinhan still refuses to come home.

At the same time, someone calls Jinwoo to tell him that Yunseo has disappeared. He tells his father who asks if he expected anything else. Yunseo is a human being, just because you ship him off somewhere does not mean he will stay there.

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Eunseo visits Jinhan and asks if Jinhan is angry at him. He notes that she thought he was dead, so who was she waiting for. He also tells her to leave before his wife returns. Eunseo asks if Jinhan is misunderstanding her relationship with Jin-Myung but Jinhan answers that he doesn’t remember anything.

Jinhan’s wife returns and pauses a few feet away. Jinhan leaves Eunseo and pulls his wife away to grab lunch.


Eunseo does not give up and calls out Jinhan’s wife. At a cafe, she tells the wife that Jinhan’s memories have returned and the only thing holding him back is the wife. She warns the wife to leave before she becomes a burden on Jinhan and he starts to hate her for it.

The next day, Jinwoo’s fling eats at Deok-In’s place and tells her about Yunseo’s disappearance. Jinwoo has gone abroad to look for Yunseo and is supposed to return that night.


Deok-In gets worried and calls Jinwoo that night. He goes to meet her and asks what he should do if something had happened to Yunseo… If he can never see Yunseo again. With that, Jinwoo breaks down similar to how Deok-In broke down before…


After he leaves, Deok-In wonders how she understands the pain Jinwoo is feeling. A voice-over tells us that she wants to apologize but she cannot for her son.

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The next day, Momma Kang demands to see Jinhan. She sees a bunch of civil service workers trying to confiscate his cart for illegally selling the pastries on the street. Momma Kang tells at the workers, shaming them for obeying the letter of the law instead of the spirit.


They leave and Momma Kang sobs that her son does not remember her. She takes him to a nice restaurant for lunch. After which, as she turns to leave, Jinhan calls out for his mom. She runs back and hugs him close. He starts to cry as he notes how much she’s aged.

The Kang family holds another meeting at Momma Kang’s demand. She wants Jinhan home no matter what it takes even if both of his women have to live in the same house. Hong-Ran tried to maneuver and asks Eunseo what she thinks would be best in this situation.


Eunseo gets up and excuses herself with Hyunseo following. Hyunseo tells her that they should just get a separate apartment but Eunseo reminds him that if they get a separate apartment, it’s the end for their relationship with this family. This causes Hyunseo to ask how she could treat Hyojung the way she did when she relies on him this much.

Eunseo snaps back that even if she loses the fight against the Kang family, she can still follow Hyojung around making her life miserable. She warns Hyunseo not to go around saying he won’t inherit the company.


Momma Kang also tries to reason with Eunseo but gets surprised when Eunseo takes a strict line. Eunseo notes that Momma Kang needs to think carefully about the future and whose side she will take. Eunseo notes that her son grew up seeing his mother cry and would not leave his mother to rot on the side. Then Eunseo tries to sweeten the deal by noting that she did not commit that big of a sin…she did sleep with Jinhan before her marriage and was greedy for the future of her child but that shouldn’t mean she needs to be kicked out without her son…

Meanwhile, Deok-In tells Kyung-Soo about Kyung-Cheol’s illness. He goes home in a somber mood and wonders off into Kyung-Cheol’s room to snap at his little brother for working late at home. However, he stops from telling his little brother that he knows the truth.


Not realizing that his older brother knows everything, Kyung-Cheol wonders out loud how he has never apologized to his brother. He laughs that his drunken father used to try to beat him up for studying and only Kyung-Soo stood in the way of their father’s rage and Kyung-Cheol…Reflecting on the past, Kyung-Cheol tears up and thanks his older brother. He tells Kyung-Soo that he wants to be born as Kyung-Soo’s little brother in the future as well… Kyung-Soo realizes that it would be better not to say that he knows and just pretends that he has no idea. Even as he wipes away his own tears, Kyung-Soo notes how that he has always been proud of his little brother.

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At the same time, Kyung-Ah obtains her cosmetology license. Jason suggests that they all go to a karaoke place to celebrate and the Hwang family and Deok-In agrees. Haoon sets off the atmosphere by singing first a fun song and even Kyung-Cheol is in the mood as he knows his time with his family is limited.

Deok-In cheers from the side with Kyung-Soo…The two are the only ones that seem to not be enjoying the night as much as the others as they know the truth about Kyung-Cheol. AHHHH. JUST TAKE THE MONEY AND AT LEAST TRY FOR TREATMENT!


Back at the Kang house, Momma Kang decides that she cannot leave everything in the hands of the children. She decides that the resolution is by getting rid of the new wife…If she gets rid of the new wife, Eunseo will live a nicer life since she does not feel like she has to scheme anymore as her husband will be home.

So, Momma Kang calls the wife over to a fancy restaurant. The woman gives a full bow in greeting to her mother-in-law as Eunseo watches politely. Over tea, Momma Kang thanks the woman for taking care of Jinhan and asks in a barely veiled way that the woman leaves so that Momma Kang can see her son return to the family…to Eunseo since Eunseo is the mother of her grandson. Momma Kang even notes that she will pay penance for this sin after she dies.


Jinhan’s wife got the message. She goes home and starts packing away her things. Jinan sees her organizing things and has no idea…even as she reminds him about where their important documents are, he just tells her that it does not matter if he knows where the documents are as long as she knows…not knowing that she’s packing to leave him.

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Instead, Jinhan goes to buy a new pair of underwear for his wife. When he returns, he finds the place clean without any of his wife’s possessions. She was nice enough to leave a letter. The letter notes that she was happy to have been loved by someone like him and to be greedy about happiness. She thanks him for loving her and declares that she loves him as well. She even adds that she hopes that she would be able to hear his voice even if she were born again in the next life…

At the same time, she sends a text to Eunseo with her address. Eunseo takes Jin-Myung and they go off to find Jinhan… They find Jinhan standing in shock outside his apartment. Jin-Myung wonders out loud where Jinhan’s wife would have gone.

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However, Jinhan turns his fury against Jin-Myung and Eunseo. He warns them that he asked them to leave his wife alone…He asks Eunseo what she said to his wife. Eunseo notes that she only said what was necessary.

Eunseo replies that Jinhan needs to face reality and come home. In his fury, Jinhan yells back that he has no reason to return to the house where Eunseo and Jin-Myung are living together. He notes how he reached out for his little brother and Jin-Myung left him to die… He reminds them that they were the reason that he lost 25 years of his life and demands that they help find his wife.


The thing that I like about this drama?  We are around 7 episodes away from finish and I am still excited by every episode.  Every episode develops more of a plot that I want to know more about.  Here, we see that Momma Kang cannot be underestimated even though her screen time was short. She reacts well to Eunseo’s threat by deciding that Eunseo would be an asset to her family and decide to play the evil rich mother-in-law that asks the “sweet” wife of her son to leave for the sake of her son’s future… I was shocked to say the least that this happened.

However, before I could get furious, I was calmed down by how Jinhan responded.  I loved that he went straight to the elephant in the room and accused Eunseo and Jin-Myung of having a relationship more than brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  This was a cold splash of water.  Past Korean dramas have flirted with the taboo of becoming step brother and step sister.  But not many have flirted with the idea of a romance between sister-in-law and brother-in-law…The only thing that I can remember is My Sister-in-Law is 19.

Here, we see how the taboo played along.  We see the wife of the brother-in-law fight back and get cornered by both of the perpetrators’ individual threats that she should let it go or risk being interned in an insane asylum…Jin-Myung both to protect his first love and also practically speaking since his father would protect the family image…Eunseo who would do it manipulatively for self gain if Hong-Ran got into her way… But the best part is that we see there is a hidden card.

Jinan returns to the scene as a wiser man who had to live 25 years of his life surviving a scrappy life.  He has had to deal with limited resources and living off of the kindness of others.  As a result, when he remember his past memories, he perceives the subtle cues that he missed as a brash young man.  It’s so satisfying that the subtle accusations that Jinhan throws gets verified due to Jin-Myung’s and Eunseo’s jumpy consciences.

Finally, I’m glad that this drama has given us at least one pillar of humanity.  Jinhan’s reaction of pure anger at Jin-Myung and Eunseo for being terrible human beings that are focused on their selfish needs was enough to keep me from tossing my laptop.  It was like the dramatic trumpet of “hey, guys…this whole family drama is made up and you just just ruined someone’s LIFE for it!”  Again, great episode!

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