Love on a Rooftop – E101 (FINALE)

It’s OVER!  Let’s all move on to another story~



The final episode begins with Do-Jin bringing Chaewon some medicine.  He asks her what is wrong and she answers that she is suffering from love sickness.  She asks if Do-Jin has made up his mind.

Do-Jin answers that he will never give up on Seung-Hye again.  Chaewon asks if Do-Jin is confident this time.  Do-Jin answers that it does not matter, since he will wait until Seung-Hye returns to him.

Chaewon angrily answers in frustration that Do-Jin needs to make up his mind…If he’s going to go after Seung-Hye, he needs to do it proactively…Otherwise, what is she supposed to do but wait on the side for Do-Jin and get hurt?  Do-Jin answers that Chaewon should just give up as he will not end up with any woman other than Seung-Hye.

Seung-Hye calls at this moment and Chaewon asks Seung-Hye to confirm whether or not she would ever return to Do-Jin while Do-Jin is still in Chaewon’s apartment.  Do-Jin steals the phone and tells Seung-Hye that she does not need to worry about anything.  Seung-Hye tells Do-Jin to stop saying stupid things to Chaewon.  Do-Jin answers that he was not saying anything that he does not actually think…

Chaewon grabs the phone again and asks Seung-Hye to drop by after she meets with Mieon…


In the interim, Seung-Ah goes looking for Seung-Hye and finds the brochure about being Kang Sol Foods ambassador on Seung-Hye’s desk.  She goes straight to Do-Jin to ask to tag again…Except Do-Jin has no idea about the program.

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That afternoon, Seung-Hye drops by Chaewon’s apartment.  She tells Chaewon that she does not care for Do-Jin at this time.  Chaewon does not back off and asks Seung-Hye if she is confident that she would be not see Do-Jin ever again.  When Seung-Hye cannot answer, Chaewon accuses her of still loving Do-Jin.  Chaewon notes that it would be easier if Seung-Hye just declares that she is returning to Do-Jin so that Chaewon can give up…

Seung-Hye answers that she does not have the confidence of promising that she would never see Do-Jin again.  However, she is planning on leaving for a year… in the Kang Sol Foods program.


Do-Jin stops by after Seung-Hye leaves.  When he hears that Seung-Hye had just left, he runs after Seung-Hye.  Stopping her, he tells her that he does not want to lose her again.  Seung-Hye answers that she is leaving and her current life does not include Do-Jin.


Random tangent – Sun-Sook is pregnant and Joon-Bae has morning sickness!

Next, Seung-Hye tells everyone that she plans to leave and gets her family’s approval to go abroad for a year with Kang Sol Foods.  Even Dong-Sook is in full support.  She tells Seung-Hye to do what she wants to do for once.


Continuing to tie things up…Sung-Nam visits Dong Rak Dang to find Seung-Ah waiting for him.  She shyly notes that she was only able to become an actress because of him.  They go in to greet her grandmother and things have changed a lot.  Sung-Nam tastes the tea and notes how there are subtle tastes.  He declares that the flavors go well with each other just like he and Seung-Ah. Sigh.  To top it off, Seung-Ah is now making the same jokes at Sung-Nam…even winking back at him!

The next day, Soon-Im asks Seung-Hye to accompany her somewhere.  They head over to Mi-Ja’s mother’s grave where they run into Mi-Ja and Do-in.  Mi-Ja stalks over to where Soon-Im is and Do-Jin stops Seung-Hye from interrupting.

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Mi-Ja walks over to hear Soon-Im confess that it was her fault…That Mi-Ja was correct that Mi-Ja’s mother would not have died so early if she had not kicked the two women out.  She apologizes.

Mi-Ja interrupts to ask why Soon-Im is there.  Soon-Im answers that Mi-Ja’s mother would have forgiven her.  Mi-Ja bitterly answers that her mother also only thought about Soon-Im until the end.  Soon-Im takes the high road and apologizes for not calling Mi-Ja back earlier…From a far, we see Soon-Im patting Mi-Ja and Mi-Ja letting her.

Seung-Hye then stops by Chaewon’s clinic to say her goodbyes.  Chaewon asks if Seung-Hye is not worried about leaving Do-Jin next to her.  Seung-Hye answers that if Do-Jin’s heart moves while she is gone, she was not fated to be with Do-Jin.  Chaewon marvels at Seung-Hye’s confidence and tells Seung-Hye to always remember that they would be friends regardless of Do-Jin.


Next, Seung-Hye meets with Yunho to say her goodbye.  He jokes with her that it was all because he ignored her warning and walked with Seung-Hye along the fated stone wall.  Seung-Hye thanks him for understanding and he tells her to be well.


Finally, Seung-Hye leaves.  She meets with Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae…Then she meets with Do-Jin who tells her that he will wait for her…He hopes that when she comes back, he will be the first person that she wants to see.  Seung-Hye leaves and Do-Jin yells after her that he is sorry…for hurting her and making her suffer.  He promises to never let it happen again….

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Cue sappy music.  All of a sudden, everything is forgiven.  Two sentences is enough for Seung-Hye to forget that Do-Jin promised her the world and then within a day decided to ignore her because she was making him feel guilty…Within a week, break up with her…and then propose to another girl.  Nope, that’s all history because he APOLOGIZED, right?! That’s all that it takes.

Anyways, Seung-Hye hugs Do-Jin and tells him that she missed him.  She even adds that she hopes that he will wait for her. Yeah.


Flash forward, one year later. Seung-Hye returns with a new hairstyle and fashion.  She meets Do-Jin at their bench and asks what he’s doing.  He answers that he’s waiting for someone and she laughs that they are going to start being in love from today. Get it? Love from today?  As for the official English translation of Love on a Rooftop – yup, still no idea what rooftop we were supposed to be talking about.


Min-Kin Choi.  I will remember your name and avoid all of your dramas in the future.  I want a full refund and compensation for my lost time and energy that was dedicated to this trainwreck.  Full disclosure, I do not think I will be doing a final impressions recap about this drama.  This was the last episode and considering how sloppily it ended – I’m through with it!

The only thing positive that I can note is that Seung-Hye’s behavior up until she decided that two sentences of an apology were enough to erase all of the past wrongs seemed right…like, we were going in the right direction.  The girl needs some time and space from everyone.  Good! She’s also telling Do-Jin (and actually meaning it) that she does not want him in her life.  However, the positive aspect was short-lived.

And then?  The writer goes off and ruins it in the last ten minutes.  This drama might have been less of a train wreck if Seung-Hye just decided to be an independent woman who ended up with neither Do-Jin and Yunho.  Sure, I’d still hate her for kicking the perfect man to the curb but at least it would be the lesser of the two evils – the worse being that she ends up with Do-Jin.

I don’t even know what to say other than good riddance.  Congratulations to everyone who stuck it out.  Wondering if we should give the next KBS drama a chance – Everything Will Be Ok.  Unfortunately, the writer doesn’t have a lot to her name (Lee Sun-Hee) to go by…She did pen Air City and Thorn Birds as well as the original hit Romance.  Honestly, I feel like the saying, “burned once, twice shy” towards KBS daily dramas.  YET, I might give Everything Will Be Ok a chance since the writer did pen Romance…Happy Friday!

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