[TEASER] Everything Will BE OK

So what will replace the wonderful trainwreck that Love on a Rooftop was?  Stay tuned for Everything Will Be OK (shortened on DRAMAFEED as “OK”).  Another daily from KBS, this one is written by Lee Sun Hee, who also penned Air City, The Thorn Birds and Romance.  KBS is portraying this drama as a “cook” drama implying that the emphasis will be on cooking.  Viewing the first episode, the implication is supported as the main character (Kayoon) is the daughter of a self-made restaurateur.  The first episode hints that she will get involved in a love triangle or square with the unloved son of a food company.

The main cast will consist of (1) Choi Yoon Young as Geum Kayoon (The Queen’s Classroom, My Daughter Seoyoung, Queen of Reversals, King of Baking – Kim Tak Koo), (2) Song Jae Hee as Yoon Hyunjoon (What Happens to My Family, Only Love, The Moon Embracing the Sun), (3) Um Hyun Kyung as Kang Heejung who is Kayoon’s rival (Blue Bird’s House, Let’s Eat, The Unwanted Guest), and (4) Kwak Si Yang as Kang Ki-Chan the other main male character (Oh, My Ghost, Perservere Goo Hae Ra).




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