Everything Will Be OK – E03

Jingook gets Mansoo’s permission to date Jung-Eun, while Kayoon opposes the relationship out of humiliation.  Meanwhile, Hyunjoon pursues his own crush of Kayoon with Heejung buzzing around in the background.


Ki-Chan walks in to see Heejung throwing his cell phone in anger and crunching her stomach. Ki-Chan suggests that she go to the hospital and Heejung snaps that she’s fine…

Meanwhile, Hyunjoon walks with Kayoon. He asks her about her meeting with Heejung and Kayoon comments that Heejung seemed overly sensitive… As if, she was Hyunjoon’s girlfriend. Ki-Chan immediately clarifies falsely that he has no relationship with Heejung; they just met a couple of times outside.

Then Kayoon changes the topic about her current main worry…she thinks that Jingook likes her! She mentions how Jingook begin to talk about confessing something and waiting for her at home. Hyunjoon just smiles awkwardly as he knows the truth.


Jung-Eun massages Jingook’s shoulder until Kayoon comes home. When she does, Jung-Eun runs up the stairs and Jingook turns mum… However, he loses it when he tells Kayoon that he knew her father opened his restaurant because he heard it from his father-in-law…


Kayoon starts to yell at Jingook for liking her when they are just friends…and her father walks in! He assumes that Jingook pulled a move in Kayoon and pulls the kid by his collar. Kayoon manages to calm her father down enough so that Hyunjoon and Jingook can leave.

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Afterwards, she complains to her father about how all they did was work on the project. But recently, Jingook began to act strangely; he hasn’t been able to look at her in the eye and mentioned how he has to confess something. When Mansoo confirms that Jingook hasn’t done anything physical with Kayoon, he approves.

Kayoon answers that she’s going to turn Jingook down because she wants the perfect relationship. Around this time, Jingook interrupts to ask Mansoo for his permission to date Jung-Eun…

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Mansoo gives his permission and then the father and daughter pair freezes awkwardly remembering the conversation they were just having…

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In a different part of the city, Heejung wakes up to find Ki-Chan sleeping on the floor in her room.


She tells him to go to his room as she’s fine. But the cute moment is ruined when Ki-Chan sighs that he was so worried about his only family… Other than his father whom he visited because he found Mansoo.

At the same time, Hyunjoon smiles as he remembers how Kayoon announced that she didn’t like Jingook because she wants the perfect romance. Jingook interrupts as he slept over.


Normal family life continues as Jung-Eun brings her sister soup. In response to her embarrassment, Kayoon snaps that Jung-Eun is too good for Jingook. This causes Jung-Eun to run into her room crying and calling her father to tattle.

Ki-Chan happily shows up for work to find out that he’s been fired because of what Kayoon did. He asks for Kayoon’s number and gets the message through the general manager of Mansoo’s restaurant. So, she runs off to help while Mansoo calls Hyunjoon. (Adorably, Jingook answers Mansoo’s call by calling him father-in-law!)


Kayoon finds Ki-Chan at the restaurant where he whines that he’s not even allowed to audition because of what she did! The modeling universe is small and human capital is everything. Kayoon promptly apologizes and agrees to apologize to the photographer.


As they walk out, they run into Hyunjoon and Kayoon pulls Ki-Chan away in embarrassment. Thinking that Kayoon is using him to flirt with Hyunjoon, Ki-Chan plays along and snaps at Hyunjoon that Kayoon is with him right now so Hyunjoon should back off at the moment. After Hyunjoon backs off, Ki-Chan smiles and lets Kayoon go inside to meet with Hyunjoon letting her off of apologizing to the photographer.


Having called Hyunjoon into his office, Mansoo asks if Kayoon and Jung-Eun are fighting over Jingook. Hyunjoon laughs but reassures Mansoo that it’s not the case; Kayoon just thought Jingook liked her.

Hyunjoon walks out with Kayoon after his meeting with Mansoo. As expected, he lightly asks her about Ki-Chan noting that they looked pretty close. Not picking up on anything, Kayoon answers that he’s just a model whom she met recently and she was holding on to him because she was so embarrassed from the night before.

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Meanwhile, Heejung finds out that she lost the scholarship because her grade dropped by one point. She sighs that something will work out. Next we know, Heejung is in a maid uniform cleaning hotel rooms while Ki-Chan delivers fish.

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Hyunjoon brings Kayoon to a bar where Jingook and Jung-Eun wait. Jingook greets Kayoon as “sister-in-law” and Kayoon stays firm that she disapproves because Jingook is both a mommy’s boy and too sweet to everyone.

Heejung’s professor sees the group and messages Heejung who runs right over! Job be darned!


Seeing her, Hyunjoon pulls her out. Heejung refuses to leave so Hyunjoon takes out his wallet and smirks. He notes that she can assume her plan failed; he will give her enough money to go buy a bag. Heejung snarls that she will kill him if he brings out money and the scene changes.

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Ki-Chan runs over to an unconscious Heejung. He demands to know if it was the guy from the last time and Heejung sniffs out an apology. She wanted to do well and succeed since she went to college at his expense… But… The guy tagged her number as spam…

Ki-Chan declares that he’s going to go beat up the guy and walks off angrily. Right into Kayoon.


Oh ho! So it turns out that they all went to the same college. My aren’t the strings of fate cruel? While Kayoon gets to bounce around town deciding to do what she wants with her life, Heejung has to clean hotel rooms to save enough for her college tuition. I’m starting to feel a little bit of pity for the girl.

After three episodes, I must say that the drama’s pacing runs a little more toward regular romance than a light-hearted rom/com. There’s undertones of heaviness which may be characteristic of the screenwriter. Even with the sprinkled scenes of cute fun like the father/daughter awkwardness, a couple of minutes on Heejung and all of a sudden, I’m wondering if I’m watching a melodrama.

As usual with dailies, I do like the side couple of Jingook and Jung-Eun. Yet, I’m rarher starting to like Heejung better than Jung-Eun even… This episode showed a completely helpless crybaby instead of a sympathetic side character. My drama senses saw red as I saw a different face of Seung-Ah in Jung-Eun. I really hope that the writer doesn’t go that path because Seung-Ah tested my patience for a long time in Love on a Rooftop before she turned into a decent character… I don’t think I can handle both one of those characters and a scheming but pitiful Heejung.

Finally, the male characters are decent in this drama. I sense a soft and quiet charisma from Hyunjoon, which, ironically I saw when he was a jerk to Heejung. He saw her for what she is, a determined woman focused on his possible monetary background. Then he did the most extreme thing he could to turn the woman away from him so that she does not harm the woman whom he’s interest in. Having just come off of the Love on a Rooftop train where Do-Jin’s wishy-washy character almost killed all of my drama patience, I welcomed Hyunjoon’s decisive behavior as a breath of fresh air.

In contrast, I find Ki-Chan cute but he lacks charisma. I understand that he’s still just looking for his path in life but it looks like he’s not capable of becoming a man who can protect the woman he loves yet… And, thus, I begin to fall into the second-lead ship again…^^

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