The Virtual Bride – E07

Myungsuk confesses to Inyoung and the two start their awkward and bumbling romance.  Meanwhile, Se-Mi continues to get tempted by her academy head while Young-Ah is told by Junsu that she has to choose the election or him.



Myungsuk gasps out that he wants Inyoung to stay. Inyoung snaps back that Myungsuk is nothing to her so he has no right to tell her what to do.

Myungsuk holds on to Inyoung’s bag as he turns around and declares to the air that he won’t go on any more blind dates while he likes someone else. Inyoung still doesn’t realize that he’s talking about her and continues to snap at him to leave. Myungsuk finally turns around to hold on to her hand and answer that he’s holding on to her now…


Misunderstandings are cleared up as Inyoung explains that she made up her boyfriend so that Choonja won’t worry. Myungsuk, in turn, asks Inyoung to give him some time so that he can figure out a way for her to like him back. Inyoung notes that she never said that she doesn’t like him… When Inyoung’s manager shows up.


Inyoung smiles that she doesn’t want to leave anymore because her horoscope states that she shouldn’t move. She goes back in with Myungsuk and we get another scene where Myungsuk and Inyoung hide in the corner… With Myungsuk basically pushing her against the wall.

In the morning, Soonhee is the only one who declares loudly that the house feels empty without Se-Mi. Choonja eats healthily while the rest of the family quietly glares at Choonja. Soonhee pushes it further by declaring that Choonja should bring Se-Mi back since she kicked her out. Choonja turns to her husband for help but he only agrees with his father who’s already siding with Soonhee.

Myungsuk is on a roll! He keeps smiling at Inyoung and even comes into the kitchen to announce that he’s leaving. Inyoung snaps at him being the only one who understands how Choonja would react if she suspected that Myungsuk likes her. However, she runs out right after to mess up his hair and clothes…

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She smiles after mussing up his style so that he no longer looks snappy and runs back inside. A few minutes later Junsu comes and asks Myungsuk if it’s true that Myungsuk stopped Inyoung from leaving.

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They take the conversation outside the house and Myungsuk smiles that Sangsik (the manager was correct), he stopped Inyoung from leaving because he likes her. Junsu asks if Inyoung reciprocates his feelings and Myungsuk denies it. So, Junsu tells him to curb his feelings since he knows that Choonja would never approve of Inyoung…continuing would only hurt her. What both boys don’t realize is that Inyoung had been listening from behind the door.


Next, Inyoung goes to help Young-Ah in her project to give out food to the elderly. A bunch of Inyoung’s fans show up and Inyoung agrees to take pictures and sign autographs so the fans all help out. At the same time, Mi-Hee goes walking through the local market with her campaign team. One of the market owners ask her how she’s going to save the neighborhood economy without kicking them out and redeveloping the market. Mi-Hee ignores his question and starts singing instead.

Mi-Hee returns to the office exhausted only to find that Inyoung’s fans published pictures of Young-Ah online. Mi-Hee pretends to be happy for Young-Ah but she snipes that it would be a horrible thing for Young-Ah to be disqualified for using celebrities to promote her campaign…


Mi-Hee turns to eating ice cream at home. She pretends not to have an appetite when Junsu comes home but Junsu laughs as Young-Ah has ice cream on her chin… Junsu promises to make sure that Inyoung does not go near Young-Ah in the future. However, Mi-Hee is not satisfied and whines that she had no luck with her husband…so, it’s not surprising that she has no luck with her children.

Junsu realizes that his mother wants something different and offers to send Inyoung to help Mi-Hee out. Bingo! He calls Inyoung to clear her schedule so that she can help Mi-Hee out the next day. Inyoung sighs that she will do whatever Junsu wants since he’s her boss before turning to Myungsuk.


She tells him to stop being so obvious about his feelings or Choonja will kick her out. Myungsuk smiles that you can’t hide your true feelings and Inyoung smiles that Myungsuk has a romantic side. He asks her about herself that other people don’t know. So, Inyoung pauses and then answers that when she was at the orphanage, she was happiest when they played “house.” This was because when they played house, she had a family.

To demonstrate, Inyoung uses flowers to show how they prepared the food. Myungsuk agrees that the breakfast looks delicious but notes that he wants to try Inyoung’s cooking. Somehow this request for manual service gets Inyoung’s heart beating and she runs off to sleep early.


In the morning, Inyoung has everything prepared by the time Choonja comes. She asks if she can prepare breakfast. Even though Haji answers that Choonja never even let Se-Mi take care of breakfast, Choonja agrees. Inyoung prepares all of these dishes…made out eggs! Why you ask? Because Myungsuk likes eggs.

Remembering that Inyoung warned him not to make his feelings obvious, Myungsuk notes angrily that the breakfast table is ridiculous since everything is made out of eggs. He sighs that he will only eat since he does not want to waste food. Inyoung does not realize that Myungsuk is lying and gets hurt.

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Even after breakfast, Inyoung sulks in the kitchen. Choonja smiles and tries to cheer her up that the family ate everything, so Inyoung should be proud. Inyoung whines that she tried her best only to be told that her food is food waste. Choonja laughs and tells Inyoung to go in and rest as they will take care of the dishes. Inyoung walks out to find Myungsuk waiting for her. He offers to take her to the movies in exchange for the breakfast. Inyoung looks at him incredulously and snaps that he can go with someone who doesn’t make food waste.


Next, Inyoung goes to her orphanage with Mi-Hee to volunteer. At every opportunity, Mi-Hee tries to rest or cut things off early after the pictures. However, Inyoung is just as combative and keeps asking Mi-Hee if she only came for the publicity – spurring Mi-Hee to continue her best.

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At the same time, Se-Mi sneaks back into the home to see her son. She promises that she will come back for him soon when Choonja comes in with snacks. She gets furious when she sees Se-Mi and kicks her out again. Se-Mi goes to her office to cry. She barely has calmed down when the head of the academy comes in and invites her to a nice lunch as he’s feeling glum. To emphasize the contrast, Se-Mi gets an angry text from Dongsuk asking why she came home to annoy his mother… =_=

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Coincidentally, Junsu takes Inyoung to a nice restaurant to eat with a drama director. Except the drama director bails because he’s busy. So, Inyoung asks Junsu to invite Choonja. She’s in the middle of preparing kimchi but agrees to come for free steak. The starts are not aligned for a fancy meal for Choonja…

Within minutes of her invite Se-Mi and the academy head come into the restaurant. Inyoung immediately assumes that they are having an affair and tells Junsu to cancel his invitation. He calls Choonja and apologizes that something came up at work. Choonja reassures him that she has not even changed or put on make-up. Just as she starts to take off her outfit, Soonhee comes in to ask Choonja to make lunch for her husband (Choonja’s father-in-law). Choonja snaps at Soonhee to do it herself and leaves.


As for Inyoung and Junsu, they not-so-stealthily follow Se-Mi and the academy head’s car back to the academy building. Seeing the two enter the same elevator, they decide that it’s an affair. They run to Young-Ah and spill everything! As it’s a drama, Dongsuk was there delivering kimchi and overhears. He snaps at Inyoung for lying about Young-Ah and goes home to sulk.


What’s going on in the election, you ask? Mi-Hee gets annoyed that everything she does gets overshadowed by Young-Ah’s deeds. So, she leaves early and goes to a public computer lab to anonymously comment on articles about her. Her ex-husband stalks her there and Mi-Hee enlists him in the online attack.

Back at home, Junsu asks Young-Ah if she couldn’t be more understanding about his mother’s campaign. Young-Ah doesn’t disappoint and honestly tells Junsu that she’s made her decision and he should know that she’s disappointed in him as well. Junsu changes the subject.


Mi-Hee comes home in the morning with her ex-husband and gets caught by Junsu! She pretends to faint and then sulks in bed until Junsu offers helping her get an article written in the newspaper. Mi-Hee perks up immediately!

At the main house, Inyoung waits for Myungsuk until she hears from Choonja that Myungsuk is working overnight. Meanwhile, Dongsuk looks online about ways to find out if one’s wife is cheating…The long night passes with little sleep for the two of them… In the morning, Dongsuk goes to ask his mother for some money so that he can buy flowers for Young-Ah.

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As the reporter comes to interview Mi-Hee, Young-Ah is off doing her work. She randomly sees a grandfather having a seizure on the ground and runs to stop a car from running him over. She calls for an ambulance and goes to the emergency room as the elder’s guardian until his actual guardian shows up.

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At the same time, Dongsuk arrives at Se-Mi’s apartment building with the flowers. He sighs that it’s his fault that Se-Mi is being accused of cheating just because he’s not capable. Then a car pulls up and Se-Mi comes out with the academy head…

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Things are not that calm at Mi-Hee’s place as well. As Mi-Hee, Junsu and Young-Ah eat fruit while watching the news they see the elder’s son giving an interview about how Young-Ah saved his father. Then the newspaper company calls to say that the article got caught. Mi-Hee turns to Young-Ah and yells at Young-Ah to choose either the election or Mi-Hee and Junsu. Wait for it guys…Junsu walks with Young-Ah to their apartment and tells her that he will support her decision but he cannot abandon his mother…THEN HE PACKS UP AND GOES TO HIS MOM’S APARTMENT!

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The only calm is with Myungsuk and Inyoung. He calls her out to the jars and shows her a present. He’s spent the whole night up photoshopping his and Inyoung’s pictures together to create some family pictures for Inyoung because she said that she never had a family. Inyoung looks like she’s going to tear up with emotion and opts to kiss Myungsuk instead.

OMG! I can’t believe that Junsu did this to Young-Ah. More than Mi-Hee’s childish behavior, I am more disgusted by Junsu. That last scene where he tells Young-Ah to choose between the election which could symbolize both Young-Ah’s dream and her desire to protect her family and him left me speechless. My gut reaction? Junsu does not deserve Young-Ah for all that he’s a CEO of an entertainment company. Young-Ah is beautiful and smart. She’s also a salaried government worker. In Korea, once you are a government worker, they rarely fire you. Additionally, you get a lifetime pension. Since they don’t even have children, it might be a good time for Young-Ah to re-evaluate whether or not having a “not-there-husband” is better than spending the time to find herself or a new love. HMPH!

Sigh, not that I got that off my chest. I was happy to see that the drama is maintaining its zappy and fast pacing as well as development of the characters. Other than basically wanting to throw Junsu out of the window, I feel like I have learned a bit more about most of the characters – endearing each one of them as a viewer. Notably, I find myself seeing what Inyoung sees in Choonja. For all of her gruffness, there is this cute naivete and sweetness about her like the way that she happily got dressed to go eat steak or the way that she’s accepted Inyoung even if it’s temporarily – even complimenting her on her cooking.

Since I complained about Myungsuk’s character in the past, I was happy to see his character get some more screen time and storyline in this episode. Since Ryu Soo Young is too old to have the automatic squeal-worthy charismak it’s going to be up to the writing and the acting to carry his character. In this episode, Soo Young nailed the dorky but sweet motel-solo older single nerd. It’s his first real crush because he’s always been focused on making his mother happy. Hence, he has difficulty hiding his emotions to the point where Inyoung is worried about getting kicked out. Then he overzealously pretends not to like Inyoung or her cooking, hurting her feelings – all because he does not realize that he just needs to be standoffish…He does not really need to insult her. The way that Myungsuk’s character has been written and is being portrayed really seems to nail the endearing dorkable type and I’m starting to warm up to the MS/IY ship.

As it’s late, I’ll end my ramblings here. Hope everyone has a happy Thursday! Fighting y’all!

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